Sunday, June 24, 2007

Is it really still 6 months until Christmas?????

It's started! It happens to me every year around this time. I'll see something, smell something or maybe even hear something that makes me think of Christmas! We were at Hobby Lobby yesterday and they were putting some Christmas decoration stuff out (I'm assuming for a "Christmas in July" sale). Man oh man! I love that bright shiny stuff. In the words of my very best friend, Susan, "if it ain't gaudy, then Sissy don't want it". She's such a charmer, that one. But she's right. I love the glitter and shine. I love it like nobody's business. Just seeing all the pretty ornaments and sparkly d00dads is like...well, as weird and backwards as it sounds, it's like a balm to my spirit. It makes me feel peaceful and happy and like all is well in the world. Forget the buying of gifts and the frantic list making - just give me a room full of tiny colored lights, a bunch of brightly colored ornaments, knick-knacks and thingy-ma-bobs and maybe a big mug of hot cocoa and I'm...content. I'm getting all dreamy eyed just thinking about it. So I guess I'd better stop. Randey is an extremely kind and tolerant husband, but I don't want to test the limits of that and much more Christmas talk and that tree's coming down out of the attic. I walk a fine line between Christmas lover and Christmas crazy. And, quite frankly, sometimes I find it hard to stick to the path!


  1. I have a room that is "Christmas" year round. It has snowmen and miniature Christmas Trees. I can not wait till Thanksgiving so I can start putting up Christmas lights. I love my lighted Reindeer and would leave them up all year if Uncle Wallace wasn't such a grinch...
    thanks for prodding me to get to work lol...I finally finished one about reading that I started on June that is where it can be found, wayyyy back there ya
    Aunt Sandi

  2. I love this idea of Christmas in July... what's that all about? (And can I do it here?)


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