Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's only hair!

These are pictures of my youngest son Jake. When Jake was a baby, he had beautiful curly hair that I just couldn't bear to cut. Unfortunately, his father could bear to and did. Away went the curls! Randey shaved his head almost bald. Poor thing looked like a little monkey. I was crushed. Didn't see those curls again for years and years. In fact, from about the age of 7 until just 2 years ago, Jake kept his head pretty much shaved. That's about 6 years of near baldness for my baby. But then we moved to what I like to call "civilization". Buzzed heads just aren't all the rage here. So Jake started growing his hair out - day by day, week by week, curl by curl. Much to Jake's surprise, it would seem that girls dig the curls. So now it looks like the boy may never cut his hair again. This doesn't bother me. Mainly because he's not old enough to date just yet. His father, however, is near frantic. Nick, his oldest brother, is threatening to shave Jake's head while he sleeps. His cousin, Megen, is threatening to assist by holding him down. What the heck, people? It's only hair! What's with the hair anger? He keeps it clean and shiny - what more do you want (the picture on the left was taken after he'd mowed the neighbor's yard - that sweatiness doesn't count!)? Personally, I think his curls are perfectly adorable. And I will continue to think that...unless and until the girl situation begins to get on my nerves. Then we'll probably be shavin' him bald...again!

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