Friday, August 3, 2007

I've been given an award! Can you believe it??

I can't believe this. Tea (at has given me an award! I'm shocked and embarrassingly flattered. What the heck was she thinking? Everybody knows I'm boring and wordy and, most recently, totally and completely consumed with menopausal angst. But hey - it's too late now. She's given me this award and I'm keeping it. No, no - I mean it. You can't have it back! But I will do the other right thing (I'm pretty sure the first right thing would be to decline the award on the basis that I'm simply far too unworthy, but we've long since established my selfish and dramatic streak so forget that). The other right thing is to award 5 other bloggers the Creative Blogger Award. Anybody who has read my blog knows that I have a lot of favorites. They're all listed on the left side. Look over there. See 'em? Long list, right? But these people give me great joy and entertainment and yeah, even some companionship as I blog my way through life. I love reading all of them, for many different reasons. I could cheerfully and honestly present each and every one of them an award of one kind or another. So while I feel like I'm slighting some people by not passing on this award to them, I'm not. I'm merely passing this on to those bloggers I think personify creativity. (That's a really, really, really polite way of saying I'm green with envy whenever I see the stuff these people have created). So here we go:

First, Sandi (at So what if she's my aunt? Doesn't mean I'm showing favoritism. Really! It doesn't! The fact is, she writes beautifully. She manages to tell you a complete story in the fewest possible words (a skill I am quite unable to master). I love reading her stuff. Mosey on over there and see what she has to say. You won't regret it.

Next is Kim (at I'm not even sure how I found her blog. And I'm not sure how long it took for me to realize that she has two blogs. The other one can be found at I enjoy them both. Kim is one of those people who can look at an old, ragged out piece of furniture and see the hidden beauty. Amazes me. Oh yeah, and she also tells a pretty good story. And she shows a great appreciation of her fellow crafters' work. (In other words, she doesn't suffer from that pesky crafter envy that I'm so famous for).

Next, I give you Gabbie (at She does fantastic scrapbook work. I love how she can tell a complete story with one little ol' scrapbook page. Once you read her blog, you can just tell she's a happy, creative soul. She's very real, very straight forward and always insightful with her thoughts. She always seems to be looking ahead with excitement instead of gazing behind with regret. Gotta love that quality in a person.

Next is Heather (at I don't think I even need to explain further. Head on over to her blog and check out her cakes. I mean really. Who has that kind of talent (besides Heather)? I darn near licked my screen when I saw some of her culinary creations. Yow-za!

Last, but in no way least, is Debbie (at Gosh. Pretty, pretty stuff. Fancy, creative stuff. Beautiful, interesting stuff. Name a flowery adjective and her work will cover it. It's that nice. See for yourself.

Okay - those are my choices for the Creative Blogger Award. I hope you all visit their blogs - I know you'll agree with my choices once you do. And thank you Tea, for choosing me. It's more than a little humbling to think that anyone even reads my blog, much less likes it. It's because I told you I was in love with Elvis the Dog, isn't it? That's why you like me, huh? I'm okay with that. I am in love with Elvis. He's one good looking animal and I will continue to haunt your blog in hopes I'll catch further glimpses of him! : )


  1. Congratulations!

    ps...glad you're back at blogging

  2. Thanking you so much for the appreciation of my manic ramblings! It sort of makes writers block worth the angst lol...and I am so glad you have finally gotten back into blogland, we have all missed you and are longing for more stories of your adventures with the change of life...that really is a stupid way of putting it, huh? Must have been thought up by some ya Aunt Sandi

  3. It's well deserved - your posts are always fun toread!

  4. Congratulations on the award and thank you for passing it along. I am going to get to work on my blog - it was a busy weekend here. Thanks for thinking of me!


  5. You deserve this award and the other one, (the big smoocher??!! not sure how to write it down, LOL)too. You have the best sense of humor and your creativity writing always bring a big smile in my face! You rock!!!


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