Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Family Visits the Museum

I have come to the realization that we are a family of geeks. One of the hi-lights of "the visit" was our trip to the Star Wars Exhibit at the museum. The good news is...the world is apparently full of geeks because the exhibit was fairly crowded and it was during the middle of the week. The bad news is....I don't think any other group of people in attendance knew quite as much about the Star Wars universe as did ours. (I knew watching those movies over and over and over again would come in handy for something.) Above is a picture of our group (sans me, the photographer) before we entered the museum. Left to right is Jacob, Kaleb, Nck, Jodie, Randey and Moose. Pretty group, aren't they? Yeah...pretty goofy anyway.

My three sons.... You know, as I was loading these pictures, I actually took the time to read Jake's shirt. My youngest son, my baby for Pete's sake, has been walking around with a shirt that says "Your Lucky Day". It's not even like it's a new shirt either. Heck, for all I know, I probably bought the dumb thing for him. I thought it said "Lucky Charms", as in the cereal, you know? I'm really going to have to start focusing on my children a little more. Mustn't be such a bad mother. Next thing you know, one of the kids will be walking around with a bottle of tequila and a cigar, singing "Roll out the barrel".
Here's a picture of Maddy Moose and R2-D2. Isn't she perfect? The very first book I ever bought her, back when she was just a baby, was a Star Wars book that came with a little bitty R2 figure. In other words, this poor kid as been immersed in all things Star Wars for her whole entire life. Lucky kid, isn't she? : )

Here's Jake, Kaleb, Jodie and Nick waiting on Maddy and Randey. They (Maddy and Randey)wanted to go check out the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. The rest of us just wanted a coke and a rest. We definitely got the rest (those two took forever and a day going thru all the cowgirl stuff) and, finally, just as we neared the point of absolute dehydration, we got the drink, too.

And here's the family as we were leaving the museum. Loved the Star Wars exhibit, wish it hadn't all been behind glass. Guess it's best it was, though. I might have been tempted to touch the Wookies if I could have reached them. : )

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  1. Just got thru laughing my ass off, and yes, we are a family of geeks...Wallace Jr.'s claim to fame is that he has seen each and every Star Wars movie a MINIMUM of 20, really. His Star Wars IQ is 225...I think he may even write the next one. Maddy is a beauty, please refrain from calling her Moose...have been packing your Christmas Care Package for two days...make sure to look in the round box


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