Sunday, August 5, 2007


Once again, I may have proven what a dork I am. lol It wasn't until I was reading Teresa's blog at that I realized I had been given this award by Kat at I mean, I knew that Kat had mentioned me as a good Schmoozer in her blog (because I read it every single day that I have access to a computer!), but I didn't get that she was "awarding" me for it. Pretty cool, though, isn't it? Even if I am too dense to know when I've been given something. Thanks, Kat! Sorry for being a little slow (I blame the menopause. Actually, as you already know, I tend to blame the menopause for everything. That's just how I roll these days!).


  1. Congratulations from one schmoozer to another!

  2. Congrats Kari!!! How's your sewing coming along wink-wink, nudge-nudge?!!!

  3. Me again-just online and read your comment about England on my blog! Why don't you twist your hubbies arm and have a vacation to England one day? You could stock up on Cath Kidston goodies, and drink cups of tea to your hearts content...!!! Not to mention our lovely rainy English weather...

  4. We are certainly a schmoozie bunch aren't we?
    I love Kat's 'Minnie Pause' posts. She cracks me up!

  5. crack me up! I'm a schmoozer, you're a schmoozer, we're all just a bunch of schmoozers!


  6. Yea!!! I am so pumped to be in such a fabulous group of schmoozers!! I just want the whole blog world to know it AND I don't know how to post little muscle man's arm on my sidebar...HELP!! I want to be an all the time schmoozer!!



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