Sunday, August 5, 2007

Be Careful What You Ask For!

Can anybody tell me what this is? Just kidding. I know what it is. This is the sewing machine I begged for...about 2 1/2 years ago. I just had to have it. It's nothing fancy, mind you. I knew I would probably only ever use it to sew a straight line. Maybe hem a curtain or make a tablecloth. Something very, very basic. I'm making huge progress with this machine, too! Last year (?), I took it out of the box. Woo-hoo! (Rolling right along). A few months ago, I took it out of the closet. (No stopping me now!). And, if I could only remember where I put the instruction manual, I would now probably make an attempt at threading a bobbin. Yeah, I know. I've got to learn to pace myself. I'll burn out if I keep it up like this. (wink, wink) Everytime I look at this machine and see how far I've come with it, I have to tell myself "Hey, slow down, little lady. What's your rush?".

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some pictures from last Christmas - hey, it's my blog, I can post when and what I want! - and I showed some stockings that I had "sewn" for my family. Jayne (@ ) commented that she thought I'd said I didn't know how to sew. Jayne! I wasn't lying. All those stockings came in a kit and the only sewing was by hand (and really, really messy up close!). Sewing on a machine is something I've only done sporadically over the years and usually with less than stellar results. But, since I've put this blasted machine out on a table where I have to look at it every day, I'm getting closer and closer to actually figuring out how to plug it in. Right now, I'm off to find the instruction manual. I know I put it somewhere safe, somewhere I wouldn't lose it, I'm pretty sure it's in a place close by....Oh well, wish me luck! If I don't sew my fingers together (provided I figure how to thread the machine first), I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. My God, I'm afraid I have to tell you that apparently someone stole my baby girl at birth...your adoptive Mother, Betty was apparently skating through the hospital and grabbed you when I wasn't looking! I bought my sewing machine ten years ago. I now have it in what Uncle Wallace laughingly calls the sewing room...along with the antique sewing cabinet...I learned how to thread it and refill the bobbin last year. I still haven't sewn anything but a straight line to make sure I had it threaded right,(and I did that on an old hand towel) but Christmas is coming, maybe this year I'll make that stuffed tree, afterall!!!!
    Love you, your REAL MOM
    Aunt Sandi

  2. Haha! I have one of those whatchamacallits and it is on the floor in the family room. Somebody stepped on that one part of it and it snapped off...which doesn't really matter because I don't know how to string that string thru all of those little holes and slots and cracks and ugh!!! It says Kenmore on it but I don't really want MORE I want it to just get up and leave. It doesn't like me.

  3. I gave mine away. It was just gathering dust anyway. :-)


  4. Too funny! You really do need to pace yourself...girly...after all you are in the throws of menopause and we wouldn't want an all out collapse on our hands...I HAD to have a sewing machine a couple years after my lovin'hubbin'and I were married...I took sewing classes at ??? but I remembered they had a sewing maching JUST LIKE the one my mom had... they had lay-a-way, too...I of course informed my lovin' hubbin' if I in fact had this "said" machine (which by the way was used...aren't I the frugal shopper) that I could save us SO-OOOO much money on all the things I could make...he was so proud of what I had accomplished in my sewing class...mind you w/o a sewing machine (yeah I know I'm good...thanks to my mom for lending me hers) he went and purchased that little babe for me for Christmas...I just sewed till my little heart about popped...and I tell you only about 1/3 of the things I sewed were even wearable...much less giveable...but of course I convinced my sweetie that if I had a "better" machine...then I could do all the things I really needed to do w/a new one...well....being the sweetheart he is...he let me trade my first baby in on the new improved second baby...she was a dream...made decent button holes...was rather simple to thread and bobbins were a breeze...but for some reason the old habits I had developed were not getting a LOT better in the world of sewing...I REALLY needed one of those computerized gizmo sewing machine that took all the guess work out of sewing...of course it does help if you can read a pattern and sew a straight line...but me "being the spoiled" child my MIL thinks I hubbin to agree to purchase one of those, too...a trade in of course...but then NO I couldn't trade it in b/c I may want to hand down the old new machine to our daughter when she started showing an interest in I got me the new-fangled computerized gizmo...that also happens to be an embroidery machine, long story short...ooopps it's too late for that!...I think you just need a more expensive know to collect dust...and all will be right with the world...that's my story...and that's all I'm going to say!! LOl

    Actually I do a few things...embroidery manly...I really love doing that...but of course they have a new embroidery machine out now...that replaces my new older I guess I better start getting my speech ready for hubbin'

    Spoiled and blessed!! Of course this has all happened over a period of 30 I guess a new machine every 10 years or so isn't all that BAD!!

    Oh! and the second machine that was the first new machine...that I was going to hand down to my daughter...well I didn't...I kept it...b/c when I'm embroidering...I can't I need a back-up sewing know to collect more dust...I purchased my daughter and daughter-in-law a sweet little computerized model for them when they got their first know so they wouldn't have to go to all the trouble I HAD to go to convincing hubbin' I needed the computerized version of the first machine I ever had!! LOL...I just see it as my way of contributing to their domestic bliss!

    Loved your story...and it is ALL because of menopause...I'm sure of it...


  5. LOL

    I love mine, I have two!!!
    I love to sew.

  6. I don't know, but am mighty worried about Teresa, who thinks embroidery is manly...think we convince Uncle Wallace that all he need do is take up embroidery to become even more macho than he already thinks he is?

  7. I'm looking to my left at your list of favorite Christmas movies and I can not believe my where in that list do I see A Christmas Carol, the most bastardized movie ever taken from a book...Scrooged? I am sure this is an oversite that will be amended post haste!!!
    Love ya anyhoo
    Aunt Sandi


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