Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Haul

This is some of the stuff I bought when shopping with Jodie, my daughter-in-law. Hobby Lobby was having a ribbon sale so, naturally, I had to buy some for Christmas, right? And then Jo-Ann's Fabrics had a few items on sale so I had to stock up there and see that bright pink half sun in the upper left? My dad and Wendy bought that for me - it was marked 75% off at Jo-Ann's. I don't plan on leaving it that color, but I love the shape of it. It's actually a door topper - I'll probably put it up in the spare bedroom. Maybe. Or maybe I'll paint it bronze and use it downstairs. Who knows? First, before I do anything, I've got to go through this stuff and get it organized. That's the problem with power shopping - you shop so much so fast that you don't get time to put everything in it's place! And since most of this stuff belongs in the spare bedroom (aka The Scrapbook Room), and since Nick and Jodie were staying in that room, I was stashing stuff all over the house until I could put it away properly. As I lay in bed last night, I noticed the 5 rolls of Christmas gift wrap I'd stacked next to the armoire. (Tuesday Morning is having a really good sale on last years paper!) I think I may have even stuffed some bags under the my shopping frenzy aftermath has turned into work! lol How'd that happen?

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  1. Yay! And Hoorays for sales!

    I have a whole cabinet the size of maybe 7 feet tall full of supplies and ribbons, etc ;-)


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