Tuesday, July 17, 2007


As some of you may already know, I have a few...obsessions, I guess you'd say. Like Christmas, Star Wars, Harry Potter, my bathtub...er...Serendity Pool (an object totally and completely unrelated to the Hare Krishnas, despite how it may sound). I also kind of have a thing for watches. I really don't know why, but I do. The watches pictured here are just the ones I was able to grab within 30 seconds...I could dig up more, but I think you get the idea from just these, don't you? I love watches. It's not that I have a compulsion to know what time it is...and it's not even that I like to wear jewelry. I just like watches. But only when I'm not at home. I get ready to leave the house and I'm looking for a watch to go with whatever it is I'm wearing. I return home, step through the door and the watch, along with all my other jewelry (except the wedding band) comes off. I have gold watches, silver watches, black watches, stone watches, Christmas watches, flower watches...I even have a Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat watch. Years ago, I coined the phrase "trash watch", meaning that these watches weren't to be taken too seriously and they should never, ever cost more than $20. I have them because I think they're just a fun accessory. And let's face it...anybody can coordinate shoes and a handbag to match an outfit, but how many people out there actually try to coordinate their watch as well? Okay, the truth is, the watch is probably the only thing I do coordinate. Well, that's not strictly true...I do think your shoes should work with your outfit, even if they're only flip-flops or sandals. In fact I have this gorgeous pair of flip-flops that are a to-die-for apple green glitter I bought the last time I was in Destin...but that's another story. We're talking watches today, not shoes. If there are those of you out there who have yet to discover the beauty and fun of a good trash watch, I implore you to rectify that. You won't regret it. Now get to shopping...I'll be "watching" you! (So sorry, so very, very sorry for that pun. I just couldn't resist. I tried. I really did.)


  1. Hi Kari,

    Thanks for another entertaining post! I can't claim to be into wristwatches at all - I break them or lose them as quickly as I buy them - which is for me the reason I always ensure that they cost less than €20 and are waterproof... I am much the same with glasses (spectacles) and shoes.

    A former housemate of mine has an obsession with telephones and has built up a collection of over 500 different phones - some antique, many more simply novelty phones (she worships at the altar of Ebay).

    She did however find a small museum in Switzerland that was very interested in exhibiting her phone collection - who knows, you might find your collection of wristwatches similarly desirable to some museum out there.

  2. Love your watches. I collect all those cartoon watches. Usually get them at yard sales for a buck or two. I had to stop cause I started getting deeper and deeper into coca cola(as you know) I only look that way now. But I still have several ,well maybe a dozen or so.I don't wear but maybe 5 or 6 of them. Love the coordinate idea, I try to do that too. montgal40

  3. I know what to get you for Christmas anyway!
    Aunt Sandi


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