Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The (Now) Dreaded Hummingbird Moth

Randey was outback (as in our yard, not Australia!) last night, when he saw what he thought was a hummingbird feeding on the Dayturas. He came running back in the house and grabbed the camera to take some pictures. These are what he got.
I downloaded them this morning and, once I could see the pictures up close, realized that...this was NO hummingbird. I did a little research (and I mean a little. It's early and I haven't had near enough coffee therefore I can't be devoting hours on this right now merely in the interest of total accuracy. Besides...does it really, really, really matter if I'm completely right on this one? No.) My dab of research led me to a website devoted to Butterflies and Moths of North America. Who'd have thunk they'd have something like that? Well, I guess I did on some level or I wouldn't have been looking, huh? Anyway, their picture and description have led me to believe that Randey has captured (on film anyway) a Pink-spotted Hawkmoth. It's kind of pretty, kind of freaky, and more than a little bit odd looking, if you ask me. And if I'd known last night that Randey was dragging me outside to check out a giant moth instead of a petite hummingbird, it would have changed my whole attitude about the situation. Hummingbirds are darling...moths are something from The Silence of the Lambs movie and are not to be trifled with...at least not by the likes of me...


  1. Ha! I should probably not then tell you that I am raising a small family of oleander hawkmoths in my office at work (and yes, I tend not to get many visitors to my office...). I have seven caterpillars in various stages of development now...

    Great pics those by the way!

  2. Moths make me think of that movie too - ugh!

  3. Hummingbirds...natures delight...big gross moths...natures fright...I'm with you on the whole Silence of the Lamb and moths scenario...just not quite as appealing as hummingbirds...so sad, too...they probably have mothers who love them...but I'm certainly not wanting to meet any of them!

    Enjoyed your post...


  4. Hi! I followed your link after you visited my blog! Are these flowers moon plants? thats what i've always called them and have NEVER seen anyone else with them. I'm still going from one original plant from 10 years ago! (i collect the seeds each fall and re plant them)I'll stop by again soon!


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