Monday, July 16, 2007

The Serenity Pool ?

I've been thinking...yes, it does happen occasionally ...and I've decided that, considering all it can do for a person, shouldn't a bathtub have a better name than...bathtub? That just sounds so...I don't know...Little House on the Prairie-ish. Like washtub. Washtub, bathtub...both sound like you're supposed to get whatever's in there clean and get it over with as soon as possible. That's not what a bath should be about. I enjoy a nice hot bath...I mean I really enjoy it. I can, literally, spend 2 hours a night soaking in the tub (there's that word again!). Before you start raising your eyebrows and shaking your heads, you have to understand, I come by this honestly. My mother's a big tub soaker (and I mean that in the kindest possible way, Mom). Why, due to her record of water consumption per month and the industrial size bottles of VitaBath she used to buy, she's long been declared the Cleanest Woman in North America. And while I certainly enjoy a good soaking, I could never hope to live up to the standards she has set. But back to the point at hand. Shouldn't a bathtub be called something better? Like "The Serenity Pool" or maybe "The Lagoon of Luxury" or even something as basic as "The Water Haven". Wouldn't it just sound better to say "Hey, I'll be soaking in The Serenity Pool for awhile!" instead of "Yo, I'll be sittin' in the bathtub for the next hour or so."? Yes. Yes, it does sound better. Uhhmmmm. What a second. On second thought, it also sounds like something one of those bald-headed, flower carrying, orange sheet wearing guys who used to hang out at the Los Angeles airport would say, doesn't it? Maybe I should just stick with calling it "the bathtub". It's a simple, boring word, but I guess it'll have to do.


  1. Hi Kari..

    Good Monday morning to you! You know once you really think about it "Bathtub" doesn't sound too inviting.
    Oprah, is another who enjoys her bath. She always states it is one of her favorite treats... By the way I love your hair!

    Have a lovely day


  2. Kari your hair looks fab!!! So shiny and a gorgeous colour!! And I am envious of your spa-like bath!!

  3. Hey..Kari...thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comment about our grandmothers and their flair for being great cooks! I've been by your blog before...but came back to it today...enjoyed your comments...about "bathing"...I dare not call it any other thing...I want to keep the serenity thing going...ya know!

    By the way...I love your new do...and I think it makes your beautiful eye color "pop" even more...I know what you mean about hubbins disclaimer at the end of his my guys...but sometimes they need to know when enough is enough...or worse yet...when they don't reply w/anything...such as a question about....oh I don't know..."did you see how much weight so and so has gained...I hope she's not ill...AND I hope I'm not looking like that...??? You know you're really asking a question...but they don't hear or get it...and then "Silence" you mistake that as OMGOODNESS...I am getting bigger!~ Geez...we think too much...they maybe think too little...well...that's one observation...

    Come by and see me anytime...I'll keep checking in w/you...



  4. Thanks for looking at my blog. It's all new to me but I'm enjoying it. PS I like the new do and especially the color as my daughter is also a redhead!

  5. Hi Kari! Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you'll visit again! I'll definitely be back to yours again & again. I've giggled so much ~ you & I are a lot alike!

    My mom has red hair, & I grew up listening to her Dean Martin albums. In the Misty Moonlight is one of my fav songs of his!

    I'm a big GWTW fan, going to have a week showing off my collection of that soon, so I really enjoyed your Star Wars room.

    Cute hair do, too. Love your pets!

    Angelic Accents

  6. Oh I love a long soak...with a good of wine. Sounds like a plan. Bye. Gotta go.



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