Thursday, July 12, 2007


Nicholas, my oldest, is coming home for a visit!! I'm so excited. I haven't seen him in a little over a year. He and his wife, Jodie, are stationed overseas right now. He'll be coming home in about a week. Jodie's already in the states, visiting friends and family. She and my granddaughter, Maddy, will be joining Nick here in about 11 days. Maddy's going to live with them in Japan for the next year. Granny and Grandpa (that's me and Randey) are not happy with this development. Oh, sure, Nick's a great dad and Jodie's a great step-mom and all that yadda, yadda, yadda, but this is seriously interfering with our "grandparent time"! Kids today have no consideration. It's all about them, isn't it? I'm kidding, of course. Maddy's going to have a blast overseas. She's 7 years old right now - can you imagine the stories she'll have to tell her friends when she gets back next summer? Anyway - everybody yell and be happy - my baby's coming home and that's reason to celebrate!!! : )


  1. I am so happy for you. I know how it is to have your kids leave the nest and think they have the right to leave the state! And wow, Maddy going to Japan...just like her granny...we'll call her maddyskywalker
    Aunt Sandi
    psm the word verification word looks suspiciously obscene it's uofnkn

  2. I went to live in Taiwan when I was about Maddy's age~ what an experience.
    You will just have to go visit~


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