Thursday, July 12, 2007

For Raindrops on Roses - Pictures of Mr. Steven Segal

Had to add these for . She mentioned in her tag that she thought he was worth looking at. I think she's right. lol These pictures were taken years ago in Florida at my sister's workplace. Segal had come down to do some sort of research or some such for a movie he was planning to do. I'm assuming the movie was done, but I couldn't tell you which one it was. I have never forgiven my sister for not calling me out there that day...


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes he is sooooo cute LOL. Told my husband I would consider an affair with that man given the chance but since that aren't going happen he is not worried ha-ha

  2. I just read your comment on my blog...and YES!! I LOVE Dean Martin...I love all his music...his old show...and all the old movies I've seen w/him in them...he reminds me so much of my dad...maybe that's the connection...they looked alike...of course I always thought my dad was better looking and he was...he could sing some...but he couldn't sing like Dino...we used to dance to Dean when I was a little girl...don't know if that's when I fell in love w/him or not...but it's an affection that has only grown son is a huge fan,too...he and his bride played a lot of DM'S music at their wedding reception...and of course we danced to our Dean Martin song..the same one I used to dance with my dad..."You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" could go on forever....but I must stop for now...Enjoyed your blog...AND YIPEE for your sons impending arrival good ole TEXAS and the USA...and won't it be awesome for Maddy to learn the Japanese language...their minds are like sponges at her age...she'll be conversing like a pro b/f you know it...

    Blessings your way...

  3. Hi Kari

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments. You're always welcome. I've enjoyed my visit here too.

    I know you're excited about your son coming home. That's wonderful!


  4. Hi
    Thanks for visiting me. Sorry about the Harry Potter thing I know that it means that loads of children have taken to reading because of the books but not for me. Now Steven Seagal well thats a different story!!!

  5. oooh ahh, he's GORGEOUS!!!!!


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