Sunday, July 15, 2007

I've been to Funk City - not a bad place to spend a day or two...

My wicked case of the blahs is pretty much gone...thank goodness! I found that I've been fighting the blahs all wrong 'lo these many years. But now, I know better how to handle these little speed bumps in the road of life. Thanks to my blogging friend Kat, I have been enlightened. I will no longer struggle against the inevitable. When the blah's start knocking on my door, I'm packing my bags and heading to Funk City without an argument. It's just better that way. You see, normally, I try to not give in to the blahs. I tell myself it's wrong! don't do it! put up a fight! Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. No longer will I engage in this futile behavior. I've seen the error of my ways. When I first posted about the blahs coming on, I got this link from Kat. . I clicked on it because...well, because I was nearly comatose with the blahs and, while I held out no hope that this would help, I was still cognisant enough to know that it couldn't hurt to read a little advice. And boy, am I glad I did! It was liberating! I read it once and then read it again. Then...I gave in to the moment. I flounced my grumpy self on down to the store, bought some reading material as well as 3 six packs of Coca-Cola and a bag of Clementine tangerine's plus a pack of Snickers bars. I came home, put on my favorite gown, fluffed up my pillows on the bed, climbed in and prepared for my trip to Funk City. As I had been well on the road to that location, I arrived in basically no time at all. I read my magazines, I drank my cokes, I inhaled my Snickers bars, I munched on my tangerines...I even watched some TV and listened to an audio book (not at the same time...hello - I was looking to relax, not overload). Friday night was gloriously funky! I slept in on Saturday because I could. And then Randey called...he and Kaleb were on their way home. Now I had a decision to make. I could stay on my little vacation to Funk City and greet their return with a "glad you're home - how about grabbing some take-out for dinner?" OR I could get up, sprinkle a little cleaning liquid here and there (not enough to actually clean but enough for Randey to smell it and think I've been cleaning - this is not being deceptive! Well it is, but it's a long standing deception that Randey and I carry on with - we both know it's a lie that I've been "cleaning all day" but we both feel better if we pretend we believe it!). I thought this over for a bit and then realized, I wasn't actually feeling all that blah anymore. I didn't immediately jump up, of course. What if I was wrong? The blahs can do that to you, you know. They can fool you into thinking they're gone and then BAM! right upside your head - they'll take you out again when you least expect it. So I very prudently waited an hour or two. I still felt pretty good after that so I waited a little bit more, just to be sure. Come on! They were driving back from Florida...I had time to decide my path without being foolhardy. I got up, moved around a little. Made a latte'. Ate a Toaster Strudel. And some potato chips. And a little watermelon. Then made the decision. I was back. Funk City was but a memory (a pretty darn nice one to be sure). I got dressed, did my hair, threw on some make-up and was fresh as a daisy and twice as cheerful by the time they pulled up in the drive. Ta-da! All is well. My blahs are gone, my husband's home...and I still got take-out for dinner. Couldn't have worked out any better. Thanks guys, for some great comments, encouraging words (including yours Aunt Sandi - although why you wanted to end my personal little Pity Party is totally beyond me!ha) and sound advice. And while my trip turned out to be so wonderful that I'm almost looking forward to my next case of the's still good to be back.


  1. Glad to hear your blahs are gone now! You are such fun I'm sure you can't feel blah-ish for long!

  2. Glad it worked for you too! Hey, anyplace with chocolate works for me :-)



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