Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Lighthouse Base

How great is this? Donna, and Wally made this lighthouse base, too! Isn't it beautiful? This first picture shows a view as you look down into the top...the words Love, Hope, Charity, Family, Joy, Faith are written there.

The second picture shows it with our bugzapper as the topper. We could also use a birdhouse or a light fixture or basically whatever we wanted to for the top, but I think we're going to place this on our back patio with the zapper.
How great is this lighthouse, though? Thank you Donna and Wally - you know I love it and am so pleased to have it! You guys do great work!!

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  1. Sissy, you twit...lighthouses are meant to SAVE lives...only Moonrackers set up a trap to take innocent lives! Girl I KNOW I raised you better...bug zappers go far out in the garden where you don't have to confront things like death and mayhem'
    love ya tho
    Aunt Sandi


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