Friday, August 14, 2009

If it weren't for bad luck...

My good friend, Lynne, from over at Lynne's Little Corner of the World recommended a series of books on her blog. They are called Royal Spyness and are written by one Rhys Bowen. As some of you know, I prefer to read books in hardcover rather than paperback and I prefer even more to buy those hardcovers on the "bargain" rack. I proceeded to search for at least the first book in that series somewhere, anywhere, at a discount price. No go. I looked in bookstores here in Texas and waaaaay over in Florida. Not happenin'. But. I did manage to find another book by this author. It's called Evanly Bodies and, up thru page 84, it was an excellent read. So what happened on page 85 to "lessen" my reading pleasure? Hard to say. Since there was no page 85. Yeah. Pages 85 through 116 were missing. Not torn out, not purposefully removed in any way...just missing. Bummer.'Course, I only paid $2.95 for the book so it wasn't a crushing loss, money wise. Still, it was a good story and I would like to have finished it! Back to the hunt...I've now expanded that hunt to include just about anything written by Rhys Bowen. I found another book from the Evan series, called Evan Blessed, yesterday at Half Price Books in Ft. Worth. I eagerly snapped it up, doled out my cash and brought it home...after first checking to make sure all the pages were there. lol Thanks for the recommendation, Lynne. I truly do enjoy this author's style (kind of reminds me of Dick Francis) and can't wait to read everything she's written! (You hear that publishers? I mean everything. No more removing of the pages, eh?)


  1. I hate when that happens!

    When I was in high school....oh no here she goes again...a well worn copy of Peyton Place made the rounds. There were a few pages missing, before it was over with. I don't know why, but your story made me think of that long ago book! I reread it, a whole copy, as a seasoned adult. By that time, I wondered what the fuss was all about.

    I'm going to see if I can find out more about your book.

  2. Kari - As soon as I get past this new carpet fiasco and get my life back to a semblance of normal, I'll put the 3 Royal Spyness books in the mail to you. I got them from a book club - it's the only place I could find all of them in hardcover.

    Also look for her Molly Murphy series. They're good. I got them all at the library, or else I'd send them to you too.

    I haven't read the Evan series but I'm sure they're good. I really like the way she writes.

  3. Good grief, did you throw the book across the room (as I have done on a number of occasions when I found the ending middle or beginning not to my liking!) But I see your wishes are going to be answered by Lynn...good for her!
    Aunt Sandi

  4. Oh dear!
    I had that happen once too. The book sounds good and I`m sure I`ve read one of those and really liked it. Glad to see above that you will be able to read those missing pages afterall :)


  5. Yes, that is a bummer...Never heard of this series and will look it up.


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