Friday, July 24, 2009

The Trouble with Not Blogging for Ages is

that the people who used to visit you on a regular basis have forgotten that you're around anymore.I'm sure that when my blogging slide (for lack of a better term) first started, visitors checked in more often. Checked in and quickly checked back out because there was nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to laugh or cry about. And who could blame them really? I mean, we all know it's boring when you never get any news, right? It's just downright dull to see the same old stuff over and over with rarely any new content added. But then it got even worse than mere boredom. Horrible tragedy struck and I couldn't seem to make myself post much and that which I did post was steeped in sadness and heartache. Let's face it, it's kind of a downer when a blogger only seems to post bad news for months in a row. A severe lack of joy and sunshine can start to wear a person down after a while, eh? And what happens when you wear your blog readers down?
They stop coming around, that's what. Perfectly natural, of course. Doesn't mean it's not a bummer, though, 'cause it is. So somewhere between boredom and sadness, I've managed to chase away many of the blogging friends with whom I used to "converse" on a regular basis. Admittedly, all completely my own fault. So many people reached out and I couldn't bring myself to answer. I was just too down and depressed. Took awhile to work through that. And now that I have, I've been making an effort to post almost every day, trying to get back to my old self. Plus I've been making a bigger effort to visit my fellow bloggers and read up on what's going on in their lives. And yet, while I know for an absolute fact that I have been an awful blogger and blogger friend almost this whole entire year, I still can sit here, look at the dearth of comments on my posts and ask myself "why doesn't anybody read me anymore?" I am the very definition of hypocrisy! I assure you, I really do understand the concept of "cause and effect". Just not as it applies to me, apparently. It's all a give and take and I've been taking far more than I've been giving in recent history. Understanding all that, however, isn't keeping me from feeling...a little left out, I guess. I miss sitting down at my computer and seeing several comments at a time. You know what that makes me, right? A comment junkie. Eeeck! I thought I was over all that. I thought I had grown. I thought I was blogging just for the sheer joy of it. Well (*blowing a big raspberry*), perhaps I have a little more work to do before I can honestly claim that because I sure miss hearing from everyone!
Which brings me to what this post truly should be about...thanking those of you who are still around...Vee, Lynne, Joan, Kat, Terri, Mary, Sandy, Sandi and Sandi, Kari and Pat...thank you, ladies, for stopping by and saying hello as often as you have. I appreciate your friendship and thoughtfulness. I hope to be seeing much more of you all in the future...especially on your blogs, where I've been so very lax in visiting up until fairly recently. I finally figured out that Blogger Follower thing and have hooked up with most of your blogs so that I can know when you've posted something new. (This is a great feature. I feel like I've been out of the neighborhood for a few months and all the cliques have moved on without me! Now I can catch up a little better. lol)
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and - any of you intrepid souls still hanging around reading this - brace yourselves for a slew of camping photos to be posted next week. We're off into the wilderness this weekend! See you guys soon! (God willing and the skeeters don't carry us away!)


  1. RSS and Atom feeds are the best. I look at the list. If someone has posted an update, I can tell right away. I can read it right then or take my time and get to it. Wonderful thing the internets...

  2. Ok, lady. I've had you on my Google reader so I always see when you post something new. I just became a follower (thought I already was). Have a wonderful time camping and hiking! Can't wait for the stories to follow!!

  3. You know I'm here! Have fun camping - I'd say I wish it were me, but unless you're in a high class hotel with all the conveniences, that wouldn't be exactly truthful!

  4. That is the great thing about having google reader,I know when some one posts and does not post.When I see a posting I'm over to read it.I may not post a comment.but I am reading the posting.

  5. I've still hanging around and checking in on you! I've had to let my blog slide for the past month because of my knee surgery. It is hard to pick it back up afterwards, I know! And yes, we are ALL comment junkies. LOL. We want some assurance that our writings have connected and touched someone's heart or mind.

    Just pick back up where you left off and see what the bloggy world will bring. Surprises will happen along the way...

  6. Well thank goodness you brought that in for a landing. I was beginning to feel like chopped liver. Say, my sweet gal, you keep on blogging and everyone will be back in short order. I suppose it helps to go visit others, but only if that's really what you WANT to do. I love visiting blogs. I don't even have to post and I'm okay just visiting. Yeah, let me hang out at your house and drink your coffee and if you have a Danish lying around toss it my way.

  7. i could never forget about you! you touched my life in a kind nice way and i am deeply thankful to you but what i think can happen is the business of life getting us sometimes apart but never in thoughts because i always think of you and read your posts in my feeds.
    hugs and muau!!!

  8. Unfortunately, due to some ugly minded people, I have had to make my blog private but I hope you will stop by and see me. It doesn't show up on the Follower thingy. Maybe one day they will figure out how to create an RSS for private blogs. In the meantime, I AM SO HAPPY to have you back!

  9. I am so sorry sweetie. I have been bad about commenting. But i will never leave you!
    And i can not be sad about Summer';s end of it means Fall and Kari's visit!!!! Whoo Hoo!
    I am so glad you are back with us here and am always thinking about you!! Much love and many hugs.

  10. Post when you want, visit when you want...blogland friends will be here when you need matter! :)


  11. Kari
    I'm still here!! I still read you--sometimes it's at 2 am--life has just been crazy busy. No excuses, I just got caught up in the "taking" part also. I read alot of blogs--now I must let them know they are appreciated. And believe me, your family has been in my prayers this past 6 month. I hope things are leveling out. And, DON"T STOP POSTING!!! Love to you!

  12. Kari!

    You are not alone. I think EVERYONE really likes getting comments on their blog. You want to know that people really ARE reading it.

    I know that I am glad you are back.

    Have fun on your trip!

  13. My first visit here - I followed your link from Sandi McBride's blog.

  14. Hi Kari,

    Glad you are back in action. You know I have always loved reading your blog but completely understand how hard it is to blog sometimes. Hope your camping trip went well and I am so looking forward to your visit this Fall. Hopefully you will see some great colors on the trees.

  15. You are an amazing woman. You have NO issues with blogging honestly and I love that about you. I don't have to read between the lines or wonder what you are trying to say because BAM! You say what you are thinking.

    This summer has been the pits for me as far as reading and commenting. I feel guilty about my absence from Blogland. And I, like you, always see a difference in the amount of commenting that I am doing within my own comments section.

    I am glad that you are back at it Kari.


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