Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Great Adventure is About to Begin!

We're gettin' all geared up for our big camping trip. We'll be sleeping in tents.

Cooking over an open fire.

Hopefully doing a little hard core walking (we'll call it hiking just so we can feel like we're doing something really outdoorsy).

Spending lots of time in the water.

All the while, avoiding those pesky mosquitoes.

And ending our evenings with a little decaf coffee and great conversation inside our little dining tent
while the kids roast weenies and marshmallows over the embers of a fire.

I'm all a flutter just thinkin' about it!


  1. Wow, you make camping sound like fun! :-)

    My experiences: Flooding, being chased by mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds and someone stealing our food.

    Have a great time!

  2. Have a great time! Not my cup of tea - unless that tent has air conditioning, a king size bed, and a flat screen TV.

    Enjoy the family time.

  3. Hey Kari!

    It sounds like you are going to have LOTS of fun!

    We like to go Geocaching! Have you ever heard of it? It's basically hiking, but you are also looking for a cache that has been hidden. You put the coordinates into a GPS and then go "treasure hunting!" LOL! It's really fun to do with the kids. Check out and put in the zip code to wherever you are going. It will bring up a list of all the caches hidden in that area. There are thousands of caches hidden all over U.S. but it's also very popular in other countries.

    You can read all about it at the Geocaching site.

    Take lots of bug spray! LOL!

  4. Mmmm... would you be ashamed of me if I admit I am looking forward to a week at the beach in a real condo?
    I need airconditioning and plumbing!

  5. You're going all out for Maddy, aren'tcha?! I never knew that you were a Grandma-in-a-tent kind of gal. (And Sandi thinks she had an exciting week!)


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