Saturday, March 21, 2009

Me and You and a Dog Named Blu

We had Jacob take a couple of quick pictures of us to commemorate our anniversary last night. I had intended to have the pictures taken after I'd gotten ready for our night out, but alas, our children abandoned us before I managed to get ready. Teenagers. Anyway, as Jake was flying out the door, I snagged him to take a picture of us 'as is'. Now check this out... See that big, giant mass of black fur? That's Randey's dog, Blu. Why Randey lets him jump on him like that, I'll never know. Notice my eyes are shut...that's the precursor to my "you'd better get your butt down" speech I give Blu whenever he makes the mistake of jumping up anywhere near my personal space. lol I love that dog, but he's a bit of a lunatic. If you're ever at my house, whatever you do, DON'T try to pet him. Don't even act like you want to. Blu-boy isn't what you'd call "a people dog". But he's a pretty darn good guard dog, which comes in handy upon occasion. I just wish he'd quit trying to dance with my husband when we're trying to get a picture taken!
This next picture is one we managed to get without Blu. Notice my dog, Sydney, there on the lower right. He's much more better behaved than Blu-boy. (And those who know Sydney are rolling their eyes at that comment. lol). It's hard to believe that twenty years have passed since Randey and I got married. There's sure been some hard times over the years...but it makes where we are today just that much sweeter. I can honestly say that snagging him was the best thing I've ever done for me. lol People who know us are always telling me how lucky I am to have a husband as good to me as Randey is. And you know what? They're right! All things considered, I think I just may keep him, after all. :)


  1. You look terrific! Hope you had a great evening with your sweetie!

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  3. What a great photo! Kari, you look fantastic and certainly not old enough to be celebrating a 20 year anniversary!!! You must be married to the right man!

  4. Happy Anniversary Kari & Randey! You both look great. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  5. Wow chick--you look great! And Happy Anniversary!

    BTW--tag!!! Check my blog for details

  6. Hahahaha...we were here last night laughing at the dogs and the expression on your face. We think that one of your dogs looks big enough to eat the other...hope that they're friends.

    You two look great!

  7. You are looking one hot mamma! You hair is looking great and your svelt trim style is showing. Good for you.

    Happy anniversary!

  8. Happy Anniversary, you make a great couple!

    You look fantastic!

  9. Happy Anniversary! 20 years together is wonderful.

    Kari, you look really beautiful in that picture. I'm happy for you all the way around lady.

  10. and look how thin and young you both look !!!sandy

  11. You know I get that same comment about your Uncle Wally...gees, as though I'm so tough to live with! Does Randey get the "when you gettin' your medal speech"? I get pretty yanked about that one, too...they just don't know what we put up with! All that huggin' and kissin', buying us what we want when we want it...a girl could scream! LOL
    Loved this post, and Happy 20th!!!
    here's to 120 more!
    Aunt Sandi

  12. Congrats on twenty years!
    We hit thirty years yesterday - no pictures though, I avoid those as much as possible. LOL

  13. Happy Anniversary sweet friend. You're looking HOT!

    Gosh, I haven't been by in what seems like forever! Between my crazy/busy life and our 15 day vacation, I've had very little time to blog read. But...we're home now and I've sure had fun this afternoon catching up with you.

    Our daughter just got engaged so I'm planning a wedding. HELP!



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