Friday, March 20, 2009

Home From Florida...

We're home from Florida and I AM EXHAUSTED!! You know you've had a good time when you have to come home just to catch up on your rest. lol We shopped our brains out - I bought 3 sundresses, some jewelry, a few things for my daughter's wedding, a little this, a little that. I think it's safe to say I got some fun shopping in. And didn't find one single pair of shoes that I just couldn't live without. Can you believe it? It wasn't from lack of trying, though, that's for sure.
Today is mine and Randey's 20th anniversary (and people thought it wouldn't last. LOL). We're going out to dinner and a movie, just as soon as I get off this computer and go get ready. Just wanted to take a minute to say hello (I've done 2 whole posts this week - hate to stop now and ruin my streak. ha!).
I've got more pictures from our trip, but I'll save them for another day. For today, I'll leave you with a picture of my oldest son from his last deployment. Nick is the 5th one from the left (the really handsome and hero-y looking one, don't-cha-know). That gray haired fella that's second from the left? Some of you might remember him from the Reagan days. His name is Ollie North. Randey pointed him out to our 18 year old, Kaleb, who had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. Funny how fame differs from one generation to another, isn't it? Okay - I'd better go dig out my make-up and try to make myself presentable for our evening out (this may take some time. ha!).


  1. Happy Anniversary! Have a great evening.

  2. Welcome back and happy anniversary! Love the pic with your handsome son and Ollie!

  3. Happy Anniversary! You sound wonderfully happy. Thanks for the pic of your son and that handsome gray-haired guy what's-his-name. Hope that you have a fun evening out!

  4. Happy anniversary to ya! Hope you had a wonderful evening out.

    Monday will be #30 for us.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Cool. Matt loved Oliver North, he used to have a t-shirt that said something about him? Can't remember. Happy 20 years! Ours is in June. Can't believe it either :). The shopping sounds fun!

  6. Ollie north what is he doing now??


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