Monday, January 12, 2009

The Merriest of Merry Times

I'm about over my "fit" of this morning. I'm still disgusted by what passes for "news" in this world, but I'm working through my feelings of anger and frustration. That's my New Year's work really hard at not popping a blood vessel over the abject stupidity of so-called "journalists". Yeah...looks like I may need to work a little harder at that, eh? promised, here's some of our holiday pictures. This first one is from Thanksgiving. I only show it because it's me, in an apron, smiling. It bears posting, believe me. This is not a common sight, nor do I really ever expect it to be. Since I've joined Weight Watchers, I'm learning more and more about how to cook, but it's still not my greatest joy in life, that's for sure. Here's my three gorgeous granddaughters together. That's Skye on the left, Maddy Moose in the center with Kara on her lap. God, I love these three girls.
Here's Moose again, showing off her candy cane striped socks. She's such a character...born to put on a show.
This was taken Christmas Eve. Everyone was playing Skip-Bo. That's Skye smiling at us, Maddy concentrating and Russell (Skye's daddy), discussing Kaleb's next move.
Here's Moose again, showing us the gift she was going to open on Christmas Eve.
This is me with the three beauties again.
That's Jake opening his gift, while Nick (holding Kara) looks on, as does Randey there on the right.
This is Jodie opening her gift. There's a story behind those pajamas. Jodie loves gingerbread men - always has, as far as I know. She also calls Kara "Monkey" (yeah, well, most of us do...she kind of acts like a little monkey sometimes. lol). When Randey and I saw these pajamas at Target, he insisted that Jodie had to have them. They're sock-monkeys shaped like gingerbread men. The look on Jodie's face says it all. lol But she was a great sport and wore them that night.
Here's Kaleb, holding his Christmas Eve present.
Here's Nick, helping Kara open her gift.
This is Randey, holding up his present.
Here's Skye, showing off her Thomas rug (she loves trains). That's Russell sitting behind her.
Here's Skye, helping Kaleb open his gift.
And here's Skye, helping me open my gift.
And now here's Skye, helping Randey open his gift. Skye really loved unwrapping things (and she was pretty darn good at it, too!).
What holiday is complete without brothers wresting, right? This is Nick, showing Kaleb some brotherly love.And here's Maddy, acting like she was going to scratch Nick's face off in an effort to get him off of Kaleb. It didn't work. Nick just kept showing that love.
Here's Sydney the Wonder Dog...exhausted from all the Christmas Eve festivities.
Here's both trees and a big portion of the presents for everyone to unwrap Christmas Day.
This Christmas was, without a doubt, the greatest Christmas I can ever remember having. It was just perfect. And it would have been just as perfect without all those presents (although I think we all got some pretty cool stuff!!). Just having all the kids there and the 3 granddaughters was wonderful. Getting the group picture was fantastic, going shopping with Jodie was tons of fun, holding Kara for the first time, watching all three girls interact and enjoy each other....the whole entire thing was beyond perfect. Speaking of perfect, let me share this picture of Nick (he "adjusted" my computer so that this was my desktop background. lol).
That's my baby, in all his military glory. I can't begin to express how proud I am of this kid, really. I know what went into him earning those medals he wears on his chest. I know how much he's grown as a man and as a member of the greatest defenders of freedom on the planet. And I know what an all-around great person he is. (Do I sound like a mutha who's proud of her son? lol)
And finally, let me end with this little gem. It's my senior picture from high school. Talk about a blast from the past. I came across this a day or so ago when I was getting some things moved around in the guest room. I just started a page on Facebook to reconnect with some friends from high school so running across this picture just seemed fated. Check out the hair and the serious expression. Eeeeck!! LOL
Okay, that's probably enough pictures for now. Don't worry. I've got tons more to bore you with later (although no more of me in my youth, thankyouverymuch!). Happy January, everyone!!


  1. Great pictures! I can just imagine how wonderful your Christmas was. You have a right to be proud of your son.

    Now about your HS picture. The hair, the serious expression - but what's with the "grass" drape???

  2. I don't blame you one little bit in wanting to brag about Nick. He's a hero, not only in your eyes, but mine too. And...he's a cutie pie too.

    I can see why your Christmas and Thanksgiving were special. Just having our loved ones around is enough to make our day. No gifts are really needed. Right? Great photos.

    Loved seeing your HS photo. I can't imagine you being that serious though. Very pretty.


  3. Nick is a cutie! So are all your kids and grandkids. I can see why you love those girls so much. How adorable!

    Your HS picture is way too good. I can tell I would have liked you in HS, anyone who can look that serious but act like you do would have been a perfect partner in crime with me!

  4. You have such handsome sons and beautiful daughter and grand-daughters! My goodness! Thanks for sharing all the pics. I will never post my hs pic, you can rest assured. The 70s were a rough decade for me, : )

  5. Such a beautiful family! Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!

  6. What? I didn't leave a comment? Well, I knew that I got interrupted...

    Your son is so handsome and no wonder you're proud.

    Would you believe that I found my graduation picture yesterday while packing up sis's stuff? Yup, buried in a drawer and I do mean buried. I took it out and handed it to the hubby with a "the bloom is off the rose" comment.

    What wonderful family really are a bunch of cutie pies. And your granddaughters are as cute as can be. What a special joy this Christmas was for you!


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