Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Pics Part Deux

Here's some more of our holiday pictures. This first one is Maddy Moose. Check out her bed-head. lol My three sons (Nick, Kaleb and Jacob) all lined up on the couch Christmas morning.
Nick and Kara, checking something out. The look on Kara's face just makes me smile.
But this look really cracks me up. She was fascinated by this little Snow White baby doll. She pressed her little face right up to the package to try and get a closer look at it.
Here's Kara and Jodie, working on unwrapping something. Just look at Jodie's hair...should anyone really have hair that looks that good first thing in the morning?? lol
This is Kara with the Elmo doll Nick and Jodie got her. She LOVED it. I've never seen one so young get so excited over a toy.
Now check out the look she's giving Jacob.
This is a favorite of mine: Maddy wearing her Harry Potter glasses (and her Harry Potter Time-Turner necklace). She was opening up the last of her gifts while Sydney the Wonder Dog supervised.
Maddy loves Texas so Randey and I had to get her this shirt when we saw it.
This is Maddy crawling up under the tree to dig the presents out Christmas morning.
This is me with the Darth Vader statue Nick and Jodie got me. Way too cool. Love it. (And what granny wouldn't, eh?)
This picture cracks me up...Kaleb and Jacob, first thing in the morning. Not looking too spry, are they?
They started perking up the more gifts they got to open.
Kaleb's "big" gift this year was a GPS system for his car. That boy could get lost in his own backyard so this was a darn good gift for him. Jake asked for an X-Box 360. I had no intention of getting him one of those...Kaleb already has one and so does Randey. How many 360s should live in one household, I ask you? Apparently three, because Randey thought getting Jake one was a primo idea. And, I have to say, Jake was sure surprised. He really didn't think we'd go for that particular wish. I told him he really had his father to thank (or to blame, depending on your point of view. lol).
Here's Sydney the Wonder Dog supervising Randey's gift opening technique.
Finally, Desiree', Russell and Skye arrived, laden with gifts!
Here's Skye, opening her Batman toy from Nick. Nick thinks every child should have superhero toys. lolAnd here's Skye opening one of her barbies. She was so thrilled with everything she got. It was just precious to watch her excitement.
And finally, here's Sydney the Wonder Dog enjoying his Christmas dog biscuit. (How cute is this little guy????)
Okay - I guess that's enough with the holiday pictures, eh? I can't wait to scrapbook about this holiday. It was special like no other one has ever been.
Tomorrow we'll talk Weight Watchers. Yee-haw!


  1. Thoses are great photos Kari. Love the one of Kara and her Elmo doll, it looks like she's talking to him. And Maddie with Sydney sitting on her is too cute. And little Skye's face is precious. Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday.

  2. You've got a great looking family!

    Tomorrow Weight Watchers??? Oh, no!!

    Can you tell I haven't been doing too well???

  3. And I want to see the scrapbook, too. Yup, you're going to have a blast with that project.

  4. I love all the pics. I will have to order some soon. I just ordered pics from my trip to Florida so I have to wait a while to order some more. Go check out my blog I posted pics of Kara's tooth!! Scrapbooking all of this is going to be so much fun, now for the time to do it!! It was a great Christmas, let's do it again in a few years, okay? :)

  5. I love peeking in on your family! The grandgirls are totally adorable! I am looking forward to the WW post... I need some motivation!

  6. Great pics!
    I have a pic of Iz the Christmas before her accident (may 04) with her and her dancing elmo. She danced and danced and was so excited! I will never forget that.

  7. Your family is so beautiful Kari...and so are your shoes! *laugh*


  8. that little baby and cheeks so cute-- commenting on your weight- so wonderful to start the new year with that satisfaction and on the housing post-Funny Mr. Obama is so concerned over finances and his first hire was Johnson!!Tells me a lot!!


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