Monday, November 3, 2008

Tomorrow's the Big Day

God willing, we'll have an end to this election by tomorrow night.
Who'll win? John McCain, a moderate Republican with a stellar reputation (recent slurs from the left not withstanding) of service to our country? Or Barack Obama, a person with no record of service to our country?
Before the Obama fans start screaming, I'll concede that Obama does indeed have a record of service...service to Chicago, to the Chicago political machine, to the Reverend Wright, to ACORN, and to his radical friends. Still...all that service doesn't really measure up to John McCain's record, does it? But I wonder if it will matter? Will people vote for the person with a plan or will they vote for the person with the misty promises of "hope" and "change"? What will the future bring us here in America? It's no secret to anyone who reads my blog...I, personally, dread the thought of an ObamaNation. But I know there are those of you who dream of that possibility.
Strange how our political views divide us here in Blogland. I thought to open dialogues and discussions when I first took to writing about politics. I wanted to understand the draw to Obama. When I didn't hear anything to convince me of his worth, I started posting about why it is that his views concern me and why it is that I don't think he should be elected. I contrasted the differing views on abortion, as well as the support of women's rights. I talked about ACORN and the massive voter fraud and the extended effects of voter registration fraud. I talked about the media bias and the brutal treatment of Sarah Palin by the media. I hi-lighted the Obamas' apparent lack of pride in our me, it seems like they only feel proud if Barack is in charge. I talked about all manner of things in this election that interested me and, I hoped, would interest any readers of this blog. I thought a dialogue would be productive. In retrospect, I think I may have been wrong. It's a funny phenomenon in this country (and maybe worldwide, for all I know), that the more we talk about our differences in politics, the more set some of us become in our ways. I may have been somewhat snarky at times in some of my writings about my lack of understanding for why people support Obama. Mainly because I could never get an answer to some of my questions. I'd ask about this or that and the response would be "I want change" or something equally as intangible. I thought there would be more "meat" out there to explain the support for the man. And when I didn't find any meat, I questioned the reasons for the support. It simply did not make sense and still doesn't.
This has been an interesting "journey", if you will. The back and forth between me and those who have left comments has been quite revealing. Since I started writing political posts, I've been called a racist (among other not-so-nice names), I've been sniped at by those I thought were my friends, I've been called a lover of the rich and a hater of the poor...and not one of the people who has said and done these ugly, hateful things has ever asked me about why I support John McCain. No one has ever said, "Kari, look at McCain's record. How can you vote for someone like that?". No one has ever said anything even remotely in that vein. Rather, the only concern has been that I have had the audacity to question the viability of The One. To those of you who have felt the need to call me names and put labels on me, to you I say this: You are damn right I question the viability of Barack Obama. I am an American and that is my right. It was your right to respond, if you so chose. And for those of you who chose to respond with hateful and pissy comments, I believe it speaks volumes about your fears and your attitudes and your inability to articulate any coherent arguments for your candidate. I wanted to hear your views, your opinions, and your thoughts on the candidates because the discussion of politics matters to me. Instead, some of you felt the need to give me your views, opinions, and thoughts on me. I was saddened whenever I received a comment that was tinged with spite and I'm equally saddened to know that I've lost friendships by openly stating my feelings about something such as politics. It brought to mind the realization that some friendships, like politics, are measured not by the differences we can bring to each other, but rather the sameness we can use to shore up our beliefs that we are "right". But, as sad as it was to realize this, it's still good to know for it has been a very valuable lesson to have learned.
Now that the end of the election is in sight, I'd like to say happy voting, America. Let's let the chips fall where they may, eh?


  1. Amen Kari!!!!!

    Guess it's good to find out about people. -wry smile- Not always pleasant, hu? But.... life isn't always pleasant.

    I too fear for Our Beloved Country tonight. Because of all we {and many}, have articulated. We have said why we fear an Obama Nation.

    But if it comes, will we still be able to say things hostile to his administration?????

    Will we???

    Will we???

    Or will little ol' us, be in the cross hairs of Democratic/Liberal stifling of counter opinion?

    Scary, isn't it????

    Well, might as well begin signing my name... the following way.

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    "Shoot if you must, this old gray head..."

  2. Hopefully tomorrow, when this election is over and the winner declared, all the name calling and disruptive remarks will end. This country will have to unite behind whomever is elected, even if it's not our candidate.

    I only hope that everyone can get along and work together to make, and keep, this country safe and strong.

  3. I'm praying big time!

    Come see my post today when you get a chance. It's adorable.


  4. Kari, you've done nothing wrong to attempt dialogue. You've left your comments on; I close mine whenever discussing anything political. You've clearly stated your position and you've been more for Senator McCain than you've been against Obama; not so on either count for me. I've clearly said that McCain was not my first choice and I find nothing redeeming about the other candidate. We don't know enough about him. He's a closed book on the one hand and, on the other, he's telling us all along just what he'll do. It's a sad day when people can not discuss the issues because they don't know enough to discuss them. They are operating on emotion and not from reason.

  5. Kari, I want to thank you for trying to have a dialogue with Democrats. Unfortunately, from what I've observed in my area of the country, it's almost impossible to engage people in a civil discussion about politics anymore. If you're not with them, you must be against them and not worth talking to. Really, I call that just plain lazy and probably ignorant. A lot of voters are backing a candidate just because they've been told to. Problem is, they haven't been told WHY so they are unable to converse about the subject.

    At this point, I'm ready to dig in and hang on for the next four years. I'm also praying Republicans can hang on to their spots in Congress and the Senate. We definitely need checks and balances in Washington.

  6. I am dismayed as to how intolerant some people are about questioning and evaluating the issues. I too have been called many unfounded names, and I worry about conservative bashing that will continue unabated if that man is elected. God help us in the days ahead.

    I admire and respect you and what you attempted to do. Now you know that when they speak of a "common ground", that is double-speak for us agreeing and bowing down to them and their viewpoints only.

  7. Hi Kari,

    I am sad that differences of opinions have made you lose friends. I cannot understand that. I am praying and waiting and voting and that's about all we can do now. You did a good job my friend of getting info out there.

  8. Unless you've deleted them, I haven't seen a comment that should be upsetting to anyone. Did I miss something?

  9. You haven't lost a friend in me. In our country, we can be of different factions and live next door to each other. And transfers of power from one regime to the next tend to go smoothly (2000 comes close to being an exception).
    Now my father-in-law is so radically right wing of late that it is scary. He's literally ( know how you hate that word being misused) buying more guns and extra ammunition for the apocalypse/anarchy that will ensue if Obama is elected. And he is a "normal" business man, not some shack-in-the-mountains militia man. That is the kind of person that will not give it a rest. He needs to let everyone know where he stands on Obama 24 hours a day with no time to reflect on other topics of discussion. That's the kind of guy that should lose friends. He was also for Mr. Clinton just a few years ago.
    You are expressing your thoughts and being honest and that's all I've ever asked of any friend of mine.

  10. I'm afraid it's not looking good, but through it all as always Mc Cain was honorable and Presidential. I shudder to think of the other..

    It's a shame Mc Cain had the baggage from this president- although he really is so far away from this man . but then who does research ?? not enough. Praying for a miracle


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