Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This is what I feel like today...

A nervous wreck. LOL It's this blasted election doing it to me!! This is what I look like (that's my sister on the left, me on the right):
See how this election is turning my hair gray????? (Oh okay, so actually, I'm just letting the natural gray grow out. I've declared my freedom from Ms. Clairol and her friends. ha!) Yeah, sure, I look all relaxed and happy, but in reality, I've been gnawing on my fingernails and wanting this election to be done (and successful for John McCain!). And by the way, yes - the wind was blowing pretty good. That's why Sherri and I both look like we're modeling new hairstyles from Mars.
Sherri was in town with her husband Ken and our brother-in-law Andy. (Sherri and I are sisters who are married to Ken and Randey, respectively, who are brothers). Yeah, that seems a little confusing maybe but that's not the point. The point is, they were all in town this past weekend so that Randey, Ken, Andy, Kaleb and Jacob could go to the Nascar race at Texas Motor Speedway. Here they are before the race:
What a motley looking crew, eh? I don't get the whole Nascar thing myself, but these 5 seem to think it's the way to go. Sherri and I took advantage of their "need for speed" and went shopping while they went Nascar-ing. I had a great time and I'm so glad she, er....I mean, they came to visit. lol (My checkbook, however, is still whimpering in pain.)


  1. Nothing like shopping with a sister! Glad you had a good time. Sending you a cyber-hug from the North :-)

  2. Y'all look great! Any excuse is a good excuse for fun with sisters!

  3. Me, I had to take Tylenol at 10:30. I have to take more Tylenol now.. 14:34. And no, I am not watching TV.

    Are we having fun yet? -yish-

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    "Shoot if you must, this old gray head..."
    From an old poem

  4. Yes, I'm taking the pledge not to watch any network television today. I think we'll get the Boston Globe tomorrow and take our news from there. :D

    I'm not spending any more time in CBS's, NBC's, ABC's, or CNN's camp. No Fox news either...nothing.

    Is your sister still there with you? (You, two, look a lot alike. This now makes me wonder if the cousins all look like siblings. Okay, I'm easily distracted today.)

    You're getting so skinny! I love white hair. OOps, distracted again.

    Anyway, take care and stop biting your nails.

  5. Hi Kari...you are lookin' good!

    We voted at the famous L.County Fairgrounds, this morning about 10. We had about a 15 minute wait, only because we were in the A-L line..hardly anyone in the M-Z line. We sat side by side on folding chairs at a folding table. These are used for serving dinners and other fair events. We used paper ballots. I took photos of the fairgrounds. Not sure if I'll blog them.

    We did our homework and made an informed decision. Just because we're rural folks, doesn't mean we aren't informed! Just a little election day levity..we could use some!

    We spent the day buying a new fridge for J's bar and talking to the kids on the phone. Home now and nap time. I'm relaxing..we've voted, now we'll see what happens next.

    Hope you are relaxing by now!

  6. Kari,I hope that you are having a great day today!

  7. Hopefully the election will turn out the way we want. It's out of our hands. We voted - that's all we can do.

    BTW - you look great!

  8. I swear I got up thinking about you! Hang in there ;)

  9. You look mah-ve-lous darling! Very cute photo. Your nails looks too pretty to gnaw.

    I'm a bit nervous myself. Praying hard!


  10. What pretty gals you two are! Glad you had a good excuse to go shopping, LOL!

    Yes, I am worried sick about the election outcome, but I am resigned to whatever happens. Just got to know whether I should start hiding our money under the mattress. I told hubby today - they may try to redistribute our money, but they can't ever redistribute our brains! Hahaha!

  11. Hi Kari,
    Shopping sounds like fun. Don't you just love sisters? And you are looking great! Quit biting those fingernails! LOL

  12. I am sorry about the election. Nothing to do now but go on and try to win back the country in 4 years!

    I too am tired of dying my hair. I mean, do I really need chemicals that close to my brain every 6 weeks? I have enough problems! LOL
    I think I am going to start by putting in "highlights" the color of my prettiest silvery/white hair and then maybe increase the number of highlights in a month or so. The theory being that as the natural color grows in I will have those natural "highlights" as well. And I won't have to live with a two tone head as the colored hair grows out!

    Hope the family had a good time at the race. Joe likes that stuff...too loud for me! Give me a good horse race instead! LOL

  13. Well John Mc Cain gave the most honorable, dignified concession speech I've ever heard. A class act..Here in Florida they let him down for sure- not I /praying

  14. I only get excited with racing cars if there are blue lights and sirens involved. Occupational hazard. But shopping doesn't have to have anything but me, my money and another person involved to be fun. Well, the other person isn't always necessary...specially if it's a man better left at home..or at the track.
    love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  15. You look Great in Grey!! I'm really enjoying not dying my hair every six weeks and it's taken on a nice shine (a real shine, not the one you get the day of a colouring).


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