Thursday, October 2, 2008

The trouble begins when supporters become followers...

Have you guys heard this yet? It disturbs me like nothing else I've seen (or heard) so far this political season. Children, ages 5-12, singing bizarre and hope-filled praises of Barack Obama while displaying blank expressions on their faces as their glassy eyed parents look on with unfettered and rapturous pride. Remember those horrific images of the Hitler Youth from the '30s and '40s? Innocent children being indoctrinated into a movement that they couldn't possibly have any understanding of. I'm all for teaching your children your views and positions, I'm all for showing your children what you think is the best, most moral, ethical and hopeful way to live. What I'm not for, however, is using your children as props in a campaign to demonstrate to the world your near orgasmic love and adoration for a politician. Every single adult involved in this little exposition should be ashamed of themselves for turning innocent children into puppets for their cause. If you support Obama, that's all good and well. But use your own voices to sing his praises, not those of your children. (Never, in the history of mankind, has it been a good idea to teach your children to worship a mere politician. If you need evidence of that, look up the use of children in North Korea, China, Iraq...and the aforementioned Hitler Youth.)

What do you guys think of this? Harmless "song for change" or just plain disturbing? Let me know your views.

For information on the origin of this song, you can go to the group's website: Sing for Obama. (Notice my restraint in not calling the group a "cult", despite their apparent veneration of the Junior Senator from Illinois.)


  1. I agree that politicians shouldn't use children to push their campaigns.

    Gosh, I'm so disgusted and tired of this election already.
    Let's just all vote for Robin Williams. :-)

  2. I'm getting really tired of all this political stuff too - not your posts, Kari - those I love, but all the media stuff in general.

    I voted this morning, so now I'm not listening any more.

  3. Disturbing? It's dangerous. I especially am disturbed by the sound of the piano in the background, that piano that sounds the chords for hymns to God (and even once did so in schools)...I have chills listening to this...
    Aunt Sandi
    notice at the end the children sound a bit crazed...

  4. I just saw this on the news! Holy cow, what is America coming to?

  5. Thank goodness someone else saying what I so feel. My mother called me about it and it prompted a friend to remind us all in an open email letter about Jim Jones. Thank you for expressing it - SandiMc Bride devotee, Sandy Kessler

  6. Pushing your children for politics is not the only outlet that adults (and that's a questionable term) are using their children for. Pro-life, just makes me think that these adults are unsure of their own "strength in presence" and use the kids to draw extra attention to their cause. I mean, they can't possibly think anyone would believe these kids know what they are singing, do they??

    Then again....

  7. Chillng. Terrifying. Another drink of the communist koolaid. An abuse of children.

    God help us.

  8. My heart is so troubled for my America today....... I believe in my spirit man that this is the most important election we will have in our life time....... It is well planned and orchestrated with props and children and sweet songs...... It is a Hollywood script with images and visual effects....... it programed for not the choice of the right man but for a mini god that is feeding the masses with pretty words and flashy smiles.........

    Ok...... there you have my opinion... I believe that the God of this beautiful country is calling HIS children to :

    2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    Do I believe that John McCain survived the hell of the POW camps...only to go away quietly into the night? NO ..... Do I believe that Sarah Palin who came up from the nothingness of yesterday to stand on the platform as VP of this Nation .... Born again,spirit filled, full of God and the love of Christ for the unborn babies that are massacred each day in the nation...... to go back to her home state only to be called a looser....NO....... I believe that we as Christians are being called by the Creator of this great nation to PRAY!!!!! TO FAST........ To cry out to the Father to heal our land!

    Ok..... you asked ........


    You are welcome to delete this comment if you find it over the top..

    Hugs.......and nice to meet you....

  9. Hi ... I found you through my dear friend Sandi

    I wanted to say that I saw this on aol and read the article about it....

    I used to be Democrat until Obama was nominated... it is frightening to see the way this man has been so idolized... his image everywhere.. MOL like Hitlers was.. the way people are falling all over him like he some sort of god... it is disturbing...

    I dont care for him or his wife and I was appalled when I saw this footage yesterday...

    I was a Hillary fan and I did feel she was a strong person who could have done some good to clean up Bushs' mess... (sorry to all you Bush fans but seriously ... history has now declared him the worst President ever)

    Do I think Mc Cain is the answer and will bring change.. not sure...I do like Sarah Palin however and do believe he made a wonderful choice for VP

    I am scared for our country.. truly scared..

    May the Good Lord protect us during the years to come


  10. This was a sick video...I did not even make it to 1 was absolutely unbearable. To exploit children like that pisses me off.

    I am seriously concerned for this great nation, but my belief in God is who will lead my decision. Any person picking apart the bible and laughing at this Holy book, mocking us Christians, will have someone greater than I to answer to later.

    I pray...we all should.

  11. My view is yours.

    That adults read all there is to read, to find which candidate they want to vote for. Then stump away, if the adults so wish to.


    Not children.

    THANK YOU for having the guts to post this, in "Pretty Blog Land."

    Gentle hugs,
    Miss Mari-Nanci
    {who will now read the other comments here.}

  12. What do you suppose the reaction to this same video would be if it supported McCain?

    This is the first I've heard of it and it just creeps me out. Especially the ga-ga looks on the parents. Really.

    Add me to the list of people sick of the whole thing. There really should be a limit on when a campaign season can begin, don't you think?

  13. Read the other comments. They give me hope.

    Wish I was the lady who already voted. And can now, not listen to any of it.

    I know how I will vote. Nothing I hear, will change my mind. Soooo, why am I listening to any of it, hu?

    Duhhhhhhhhhhh me...

    Thanks Keri and all you ladies, for pointing that out to me, loud and clear.

    Oh... I have a friend who insists there will be an "October Surprise" though. Yeah, that's it. One more thing I need to 'turn off.' Because I can't do anything, anyway, about anything... except vote.

    Gentle hugs,
    Miss Mari-Nanci

  14. Debated weighing in on this since my voice is very obviously in the minority here but here it is anyway, I think muchado over nothing is being made. How often at various events are kids paraded out on a stage(not just someone's living room as this appears to be) to sing some song for the event? I'm sure we've all seen them on tv at the various inaugurations for Presidents, Fourth of July celebrations, Christmas, etc. And I'm sure in the audience moms and dads are gazing lovingly at their offspring singing so beautifully. I look at their faces and see nerves at performing. Any search on YouTube or any online search engine will I'm sure tag enough fodder for both sides to carry on about. No matter which candidate is the ultimate "winner" of this contest his plate will be quite full of the legacy of the last resident of the oval office.

  15. I totally agree with you! Way to go girl!!! Children should never and yes I said never be used in this manner. Good post...m..

  16. My stomach hurts. I love what your reader Denise said. But I am trusting in my Savior not any human being. His grace thankfully is sufficient!

  17. Hi Kari,
    I haven't seen or heard of this before now and I got to say it creeped me out big time. Thanks for showing it. Okay I am still processing this video, it might take me awhile, creepy........

  18. I forgot to send you a photo of my t shirt. I'l try to do that before I forget again. I wore it walking at the park the other day and people were running by me yelling go McCain. LOL

  19. It looks like something you would see in a church worshiping the Lord. Oh wait, what am I saying? He think's he is GOD.


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