Friday, October 3, 2008

Now tell me again who has a better grasp on the economy...

McCain or Obama?


  1. I don't think either of them do, but I do keep hearing, in my mind, McCain's comment from a few weeks ago about how the economy was strong and in good shape.
    I think they should both have to come buy my groceries for a month!

  2. I knew I was right, lol! I remember when all this was going on...and I'm sorry, but Obama is not what this country needs...
    Aunt Sandi

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  4. Nobody who is in a position to run for president has any realistic notion of day-to-day economic struggles of the middle class. Presidential candidates are privileged and wealthy.
    Neither candidate is an economist. So I would say none of them really know much about the economy. So they hire economic advisors. Who has the best economic advisors? I would say nobody is qualified to answer that. You will probably find very little difference in the economic advice both candidates are being fed. The difference you will find between the candidates is their belief(s) on the role government should play in changing the course of economic events and regulating all things economic.

  5. It's not even a close contest. Obama's economic advisors were previously running the show for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

  6. Again I ask how can one consider the Freddie hugger against a man who drafted a bill to look into this mess?Whata farce and he's taken Florida which was a Rep. state.!!!wowo!!


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