Saturday, October 11, 2008

Preaching to the choir...

doesn't actually accomplish anything, does it? And that's pretty much what I've been doing, I think. Sure, there's been one or two readers of my blog who are on the opposite side of the political spectrum. There's also been more than one or two readers who appear to be downright apathetic about the election process, this election in particular. But by and large, the rest seem to be of the same frame of mind as I am. Although saying "the rest" may be a misleading turn of words as it would imply a "multitude"of readers, which is not the case. I fear I've lost many of my blogging buddies due to my political obsession of late. I've been spending most of my free time researching the candidates and writing about my concerns regarding one candidate in particular. Unfortunately for me, most people don't seem to want to engage in political discussion. Or maybe they just don't want to engage in political discussion with me (perhaps I come off as too right wing? I can see how it would seem that way, although I'm much more moderate than most Republicans or Democrats I know). Either way, Blogland is becoming a lonely place and, although I realize it's a situation of my own making, knowing that doesn't make it any more enjoyable to get up in the morning only to see an inbox empty of comments.
I'm torn as to what I should do...continue to post about this or shut the heck up about politics and hope I can rebuild some of the blogging relationships that I've run off and/or neglected. Believe it or not, this really is a tough decision to make. I'm honestly afraid that this country is on the verge of electing someone with questionable and dangerous associations in his current life, as well as his past... a person who, for 20 years, was a member of a church that espouses contempt and hatred for "white America", a person who has shown an alarming habit of associating himself with the leaders of a political machine that often put private issues ahead of the public good, and a person who is closely tied with Washington politicians and even some CEOs who are directly responsible for the American public suffering the consequences of the greed and willful blindness of those politicians and business people in matters relating to the sub-prime mortgage crisis. I hear the supporters of Barack Obama throw around words like "hope" and "change" and "dreams" like so much confetti. I've seen ordinary citizens on TV telling the entire world that they are voting for Obama because "he's different" or "we need a change". I've seen ACORN workers on TV telling reporters how they have encouraged people to vote for Obama during their "voter registration drives", even though that is supposedly not the purpose of those drives. I've seen video of poll workers telling voters as they came in to vote during the primaries that "this is Obama's house", then asking how many people inside the voting precinct building were voting for Obama (something that is blatantly illegal to do). I've seen video of Obama campaign workers actually having tables set up inside a voting precinct building during the primaries, ostensibly to provide "help" to those who were having "difficulties" voting. I've seen all of these things, heard many more and have read even more than that about matters that should outrage each and every one of us who enjoy the freedoms of this democracy. But what do I hear? I hear "yeah, the whole process is corrupt" or "so what?" or "what difference does any of that make?". Or, even worse, I hear silence. Our democracy is being corrupted every day and we, as Americans, are too damn lazy, apathetic or blind to care.
You know, maybe I'm just more aware of the consequences than the average American. Everytime I see my husband in uniform, everytime I talk to my son who is stationed half way across the world, everytime I remember the good-byes to family and friends as they've headed to the Middle East to fight the War on Terror, I'm reminded forcefully that freedom isn't free and it is, in fact, something that must be constantly and ferociously protected and guarded. Having a front seat to the sacrifices of our military doesn't make me a better American. That is not what I'm saying. But maybe it makes me more cognizant than others of the price paid for freedom. Maybe it makes me question our leadership a little more because the lives of my husband, my son, our friends and other family members depend on who's leading us. I'm not looking for hope and change and dreams in my president, as pretty as those words may sound. I'm looking for freedom and integrity and progress. If I could believe that Barack Obama could deliver those things, he'd have my vote. But after having done hours upon hours upon hours of research, I've come to believe that he simply is not qualified for the job, nor is his "vision" of America anywhere near the same as mine. His past, as well as his current, associations and connections are with people and groups who have worked, and are still working, to undermine the very values of America that set us apart from the communists, the fascists, the dictatorships and the socialist governments around the world.
I don't want or expect anyone to take my word for anything I've said in these political posts. I would have a hard time respecting anybody who did. We are (or at least we should be) responsible for our own research, our own conclusions and our own votes. My problem comes in when people declare their support for a candidate without doing that research. What is that about and how can you justify it? Do you honestly believe that using words like hope and change are enough? I guess you do. Okay then, I'm willing to give it a shot goes: I hope you change you mind and do in-depth research yourself, if you haven't already. I hope you get the stars out of your eyes and the cotton out of your ears and start listening and seeing the very real issues in this election. I hope you, along with me and others in this great country of ours, start demanding that our so-called "news" outlets change their policies of being part of the news and go back to simply reporting it. And finally, I hope the change you're hoping for isn't one that signals the end of a democracy and the beginning of a socialist government.
In the meantime, while we're all hoping and changing and dreaming and scheming, I'll be taking a few days off. Got to decide what this blog is for...talking about the things on my mind (of which politics is the main focus these days) or simply reaching out for friendship here in cyberspace. I don't think either purpose is wrong...but I do see where they might be in conflict. Before I sign off, I do feel compelled to throw one more political plea in here...please, please, please research the candidates. As important as voting itself is, it's even more important to cast an informed vote.


  1. Oh my Dear, I know exactly what you are going through. I know. I know.

    We both probably began this particular phase of our blog life, wanting to join in what I refer to as "Pretty Blog Land." A place where every day life of a homemaker, is chatted about.

    All different types of homemakers, of course. Different ages and different interests and etc. Some love cooking. Some love baking. Some have little kids. Some have teens. Some are now empty nesters. Some have Grands. Some love to decorate. Some love to craft. Etc. Etc. But most all, wanting to add to and chat about, the homey joy of life.

    Then, Real Life gets front-and-center in our head. And we try adding one of our particular 'peeves' into our main blog. And... It doesn't float with all our usual readers.

    We are a bit hurt, but we know that not all of life is always fair, to us. So ~~~~ We have to make a decision.

    1) Will our main blog be just "homey" things?

    2) Will our main blog be both "homey" things and an occasional rant on something we are concerned about? Both in one, I mean.

    3) Or... Will we choose one over riding topic for our main blog? Soft...

    4) And maybe start a second blog, where people can read, if they want to see what's on our mind.... But not the soft stuff?

    5) But! Even that doesn't completely solve the problem! This Second Blog has to be shaped. Will it be an occasional/mild rant?

    6) Or will it be no holds bared? A place where we really let loose with all things which are important to us, and on our mind?

    Ding-dang blogging! >,-) Why does even this, have to be so much &*^%$#*&^%$*& work?!?

    If anyone reads my stuff, they know that I opted for 'Smilnsigh' to be all gentle, warm, cozy. And another blog to be heavier stuff.

    But, I totally burnt myself out in Live Journal, with real controversy and so.. even this blog is very, very mild.

    So, I wish you well with your pondering.

    Gentle hugs,
    Miss Mari-Nanci
    P.S. Even if you don't get many comments on your {this} entry, my comment is so long, that you can count it, as 3!!!!! -giggles-

  2. Kari, I hpe you'll continue blogging about current topics (political or otherwise). But I'm a member of the choir. I may reside in flyover land, but I VOTE. I'm picky where I get my news these days and continue to research. I'm 99.9% sure where my vote is going.

    I'll be interested to watch the show that Sen. Obama will present in a few weeks. I hope Sen. McCain will do the same. I want to hear from their mouths what they plan to do re financial situation of the USA, health care, taxes, etc. SPELL IT OUT FOR ME, gentlemen! DO NOT TELL ME TO GO TO A WEBSITE! I WANT TO HEAR AND SEE YOU SAY WHAT YOU INTEND TO DO.

  3. Kari

    I love your honesty. I love your passion. I love your love of America and all we stand for. I love your heart. Heck, I love YOU.

    As an American...Thank YOU God! have the freedom to say what you feel. How wonderful is that! This freedom that so many have fought for including your son and husband.

    Do not apologize. Do not stop until you are ready.

    Hugs sweet friend!

  4. I came from a military family. My father, every uncle from both sides, were military men, my oldest daughter served in the Army reserves. This doesn't make me feel any different about my disgust for politicians who make up our government. I've researched, but what can you believe? Who can you believe?

    Certainly not our elected officials.

    Keep on with what you do so well, we can either agree or agree to disagree.

  5. Please don't stop blogging! I read all of your posts - political and non-political. If that is what you feel you should be posting about right now - it is your blog, say whatever you want. Sorry I don't usually leave a comment on the political stuff - I just don't usually discuss politics in a public forum - but I have read everything you have written and I can tell you have done a lot or research. It has nothing to do with which side of the fence I am on - I just learned a long time ago that it is better for me to keep that to myself. Now if we were sitting in the same room having a discussion, that would be different but as hubby worked for the city for over 20 years, we learned early that you keep that stuff to yourself. We don't advertise our politics. (I even work for the mayor's wife and refused to put a campaign sign in the yard for him. That has always been our policy and we stick to it. Even though hubby no longer works for the city, political contacts are still a part of his job. (we have had friends running for office too - and still don't do signs)
    I will vote - for one thing, I firmly believe if you dont' vote, you have no right to complain and I want to preserve my right to complain if I don't like the way things are going - even if that means I have to be mad at myself for the decision I made.
    Hang in there girl. I'm sure there are a lot of people who (like me) read and just don't comment.

  6. This is your soapbox. Do with it whatever makes you happy and serves a purpose for you. Those of us that care will always be here...I mean if we saw each other every few days, this would all be a part of our "face to face" conversations, right? So you are writing it down...what's the difference? Certainly among friends some gatherings are more serious than others and who would ever try to put out the passion light that another is carrying? Blog on dear Kari...can't imagine not talking to you. :)

  7. Kari we don't see eye to eye but I've keep coming back to see what you're saying. I'll tell you gal I'm not enjoying your blog these days and that's just being honest with you. But don't change on account of anyone's opinion. You gotta look yourself in the mirror and be able to sleep at night with your own concience. I'm not ostrich burying my head in the sand or someone with stars in their eyes either. I'm as terrified as you no matter who gets elected. I'm also cynical about anything I read online, in the papers or watch on the news. You gotta know that the media can spin anything anyway. Right now there's a lot of desperation out there that's making people pretty ugly. Including your candidate. He and his vice-presidential choice have incited some of the ugly comments coming out of the crowds at their rallys, especially her. His choice of her lost the respect I did have for him. I don't care if you hold a different view but some of the things being said are downright hateful and racist. I'd hoped this country had matured more than that, but unfortunately not.
    You're not going to change my mind about who I'm voting for. I truly believe he has my best interests at heart. We're not well off people. We're part of that working middle class, getting by paycheck to paycheck. Struggling with health care costs and unable to get all our health needs met.
    And I know you're voting for the candidate you truly believe has your best interests at heart. Maybe we have different interests, who knows.
    But one thing is for sure this country is in one deep world of trouble and it's going to take more than one term or one man to fix it, if it even can be fixed.
    So you do whatever is right for you, here on your blog, cause it is YOUR blog not anyone who happens by it; and you do what's right for you in that voting booth.
    I don't read blogs to keep up with whats going on in the world I've got eyes and I'm out there working everyday, filling my gas tank, going to the grocery store. I can see what's going on for myself. I like reading blogs for inspiration creatively, seeing someone else's view from where they live, comparing notes about favorite books, tv shows and the like. The world out there is gloomy enough without spending my 'relaxing' time reading about it here. Like I said do what's right for you Kari and I hope we can still be friends. {{HUGS}}

  8. Thank you for your opinions...I sit in the choir as well and appreciate hearing a song that sounds good to me. Sometimes I think if I hear the word "change" again, I'll explode. I long for the words common sense, reason, pride, and safe. Every new president brings change...not every new president brings the other things.


  9. Kari, I read everything you write, whether political or not. One reason I do is because you are a gifted writer. No matter what your subject, it's interesting reading.

    Keep blogging!

  10. I'm part of the choir, but I love to read your thorough analysis and see your passion. It is all part of who you are and there is no reason to apologize. I visit some blogs that present opposing viewpoints and have been offended by some of the hateful things that are being said against conservatives (like the racist card that is now being played if you happen voice your opposition Obama - it's funny how that charge doesn't work if someone voices discontent with our Secretary of State). However, we enjoy freedom of speech in this country (so far), and it is wonderful that we can exercise that freedom on blogs! And I find it interesting to see how people have come to their conclusions (via thin air or through analysis).

    So I would counsel you to keep rolling on about your passions. This blog is yours, and you decide what you want to accomplish. You will always have readers, my dear.

    There are times that I am tempted to get up on the proverbial soapbox on my blog, but I decided at the onset what my blogging goals were. I spend quite a bit of time fighting political battles on a local level, so that is where I concentrate my civic responsibilities.

    I totally agree with your final plea. Responsible citizens should take the time and effort to keep themselves informed and make their political selections wisely!

  11. Yesterday 2 Obama workers came to my door and made fun of my choice until I threatened to call someone and refused to open the door, which I did and my cat got out . i am sick to death of their pushiness.. sk

  12. Kari - It's your blog and you're free to post whatever you want.

    If the political issues are important to you now (which they are), then you need to post about them. If others don't want to read your views, then they can pass your blog that day.

    I happen to agree with most of what you say and I enjoy reading your thoughts. I also like reading the comments, including ones that disagree with you. We're all entitled to our opinions and should feel free to comment.

    Your blog is one of the most honest blogs I've read. What you write is you and how you feel. I think you're great!

  13. Kari, Kari, Kari---if you feel you have some blog friends avoiding you, you are wrong! I, myself, have been soooo busy that I read but don't comment.

    But I feel so strongly about your research and committment to truth that I have referred your blog as "recommended reading" to persons I know are searching themselves for answers.

    You are quite important out here in blogworld, and if friends can't allow you the right to express your views, well, are they really friends?????

    Keep it up girlfriend!! I enjoy your blog---don't leave us!!

  14. It is your blog Kari and you should be able to do as you please with it. We may or may nor always agree but I will always love you...truth be told, I assumed you had decided to stop visiting me! I haven;t seen you 'round my blog in ages! : )
    I come here several times a week. Don't always comment but I am here.

    Bill and I have done mega reserach. Have for over a year. We always have...we read and watch and listen. Then we make our decisions based on our info and what is in our conscience and heart.

    I have chosen to not do political postings for my own reasons. You DO them for yours.

    I obviously lost some for other reasons (If Mari Nanci sees this, I have not seen her visit me in eons! I have missed her. Can't leave a comment on her blog to say howdy either! *sniff*)...who knows?

    Whether I agree with you or not, there is no reason to forgo a bloggy friendship, or any friendship. I have friends and family all over the map politically. I only look askance at those who remain apathetic. That is decidely NOT you!


  15. I love your blog! Why? (you may ask) Because you are unpredictable, fun, smart, upbeat, and wise. Because of you I am spending more time on the candidates and not just voting democrat because my grandfather did. I am sorry you are taking some time off because I need your expertise but hey, that's selfish so I guess I will share you with the rest of the world!

    See you!

  16. You should write about whatever you are thinking about at the time & I can imagine that most Americans are concerned with elections at the moment. I always find people's opinions interesting even if it is not in my country.

  17. Hey Kari,

    Don't stop being honest, that's exactly what I love about your blog. It doesn't have to be all about one or the other, just go where you are led. I haven't been around much because I've been busy or taking care of sick ones(not fun). And I meant to respond to your email but things got a little nuts around here. I am so glad you liked the key chain. The colors just reminded me of you. I'm still working on my them to make them look a little cleaner in the finish product and maybe something just so different then anything out there. Hey when are you moving up this way? We could really get in trouble. LOL

  18. Hello, I don't have a blog but enjoy reading them! I would like to point out something, this ACORN mess is voter REGISTRATION fraud, NOT voter fraud! There is a huge difference! ACORN pays their workers by the number of people they can sign up in a day, thats why they commit fraud, so they can make bigger bucks, IT WON'T affect the voting process! Please understand that, thank you!


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