Friday, October 10, 2008

Evidence of Voter Fraud Uncovered....but don't worry...those who fuss about this are just being "hysterical"

Yeah, that was actually what a Democratic strategist had to say on the subject of voter fraud. He said people were acting "hysterical" when it came to groups like ACORN not only being accused of voter fraud, but in many instances actually admitting to it. Ummmmm....I'm just spitballing here, but shouldn't the issue of voter fraud be of paramount importance to America? Are we not a democratic society that prides itself on spreading democracy around the world? Do we not monitor free elections all across the planet in an effort to insure that the process is free from corruption? what point did voter fraud in this country become so acceptable that speaking of it would get you labeled "hysterical". Are the inmates now running the asylum or what?? (Never mind. Don't answer that.)
I first heard about this latest round of voter fraud when someone called me and asked if I'd been watching the news day before yesterday. I hadn't been. Boy, was I missing it! Seems like there's been allegations of recent voter fraud all across the country. Being somewhat outraged about this, I asked where this person had gotten their information. They told me Fox News was reporting on it. I tuned into Fox and caught part of the story. Very interesting. However, not wanting to depend on one source only, I scanned the other news networks as well and guess what? I didn't hear a peep about it from any of the other so-called "news" networks. Strange. So I turned to the internet. CBS had a story on it, but it wasn't on their front page. I had to type "voter fraud" into their search engine to find the story. Same with ABC. Why these guys don't have it on their front pages is totally beyond me. Voter fraud is, or at least it should be, a huge issue! I went to and couldn't find a story about it there, either. I clicked on their "MSNBCnews" button, which led me to another page where I could see the word "politics". I clicked on that, which conveniently enough, led me to a list of political stories. The sixth story down was titled "Mo. officials suspect fake voter registration". Two questions...why was it not featured any higher or more prominently than that and why not just come out and say the word "fraud" in the title? Because it was just too painful a word for them or what? But hey, as an added bonus, does still have that wonderful old picture of Sarah Palin wearing her beauty queen crown up on their "politics" page, 'cause that's real news, right?

CNN, however, was the absolute worst offender in this "let's ignore the voter fraud" game. I went to and found nothing on the voter fraud stories. Nothing. Nada. Zip. I clicked on their "politics" page. Instead of voter fraud stories, these were what they considered of the utmost importance for the American public to learn about:
Poll: Half concerned McCain wouldn't finish term
Treasury eyeing stake in banks
Questions candidates should answer
Colin Powell at Stevens corruption trial
Beck: Anti-Obama vote doesn't make you racist
Brown: Race-baiting wrong, so is overreaction
Bloomberg gains support on term-limit law changes
Todd Palin submits answers in trooper probe
Palin on SNL? 'All in good time,' producer says

Nothing, not one word, about the voter fraud currently being investigated all across this country. Did you know that it is being investigated in over 10 states?? Doesn't that seem like a substantial story? All depends on your priorities, I guess. (**Note: CNN did finally have a story titled "Voter registration forms faked, officials say" located on their "politics" page, posted this morning - 2 days after the story first broke.) By the way, most if not all, of these fraud cases involve Barack Obama's old friends, ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). I would urge all of you to do your own research on this organization. They are frequently referred to as "extreme left wing" and have a history of committing voter fraud. They have used strong arm tactics in the past to get what they've wanted (things like mortgage loans for people who actually could not afford such loans). And Senator Barack Obama has a rather long and involved relationship with them. In fact, his presidential campaign has paid ACORN more than $800,000 for voter registration drives during this campaign. Read more on that here. There's also a story in The Washington Times on this payment, but I couldn't get the link to work. Google it, though, if you'd like to read more.
There's plenty more out there, too, if you'd just take the time to investigate. I think every American should be aware of this. Don't be lazy, don't be naive and don't be blase' about something that means so much to so many. It is your job to be informed. Do it now before "Vote Early and Vote Often" becomes our national motto.


  1. And please don't, for goodness sake, let us wring our hands and wail about the contentiousness in politics today.

    There's so much news and so much coming to light that it can be mind boggling, but it's no excuse for not doing one's homework. The media is firmly in the Democrats' camp and so we hear only what they are willing to tell us three days later and on the sixth page, if ever.

    Some say that the media is completely unbiased. To that I always ask which newspapers or networks are unbiased and report fairly. Point me to one. Just one. No one has been able to answer.

    Thanks for your scholarship and for following those leads, Kari.

  2. Oh yeppers! That's the answer. Hysterical. Or smearing. Oh yeppers! Sure.

    What are rugs for, but to sweep dirt under them, right? Sure. Oh sure. Oh yeppers.

    But hey, it's wayyyyyyy to hardddddd for Americans to go digging on their own! Sure it is. Surrrre it is.

    So many Americans just don't have the time.

    So many don't want to be bothered.

    In the words of one blogger; "I'm so tired of hollering Fire in a theater. People in the theater just want me to be quiet, so they can watch the movie."

    Thank you Kari! Thank you for being someone who bothers to dig. It's a lonely occupation. I know. I know.

    I am tired. I got tired a couple of years ago and stopped hollering. No one wanted to listen. -sighhhhhhhhh-

    You're young. You still have the strength. Stay with it!

    When our beloved Country is too far gone, down a terrible path... At least you can say; "I TOLD YOU TO LOOK AND DIG! I EVEN DID DIGGING, FOR YOU!" BUT YOU WOULDN'T LISTEN..."


    Miss Mari-Nanci

  3. Another great post, Kari.

    I'm so tired of this whole political mess right now. "He said" - no - "He said." Never getting the whole story. Cover-ups and lies. Negative campaign ads. They're all guilty of it. I just want it to stop.

    It's really a shame that you need to go digging to find information that is so vital. All the media should be following this story. This isn't something that should be buried on page 6.


  4. Oh course since this is CNN's spin on the issue it will probably fall on deaf ears, here it is anyway

  5. one lady voted 72 times don't worry the media will white wash it . I do not trust the entire Acorn organization. Taking a picture of my yard for you . I am so ashamed of people going against a man who served his country versus someone who has done nothing- absolutely nothing

  6. Every time I turn on the TV or read the paper, my blood pressure soars. It's unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Bias in the media? Sure not?! Haha, it's been there for years and years. It takes a lot of time and trouble these days to stay informed, and most people don't take the time and trouble. So they get misinformed or not informd at all.

    The voter registration and voting scandal is downright shameful. If the election was "in the bag", why would you have to resort to such dishonesty? Or is it because of these tactics that the election will be "in the bag"? Honesty seems to be a rare commodity these days.

    Thank you for your research and passion!

  8. Is it November 4th yet? I am ready for the crap to really hit the fan. lol I don't think I can take much more. How do people get away with this stuff? Lord help us all!

  9. Dear Lord, please please read my comment on the post before this one, I said, VOTER FRAUD IS NOT VOTER REGISTRATION FRAUD!!! Voter fraud is what happened in the last 2 elections where Bush stole the election! YES HE DID!!!


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