Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not the same "OLD" photo challenge...or maybe it is?

Thanks to Jeanne, I'm back into the Brenda Photo Challenge. I've missed the last several because I couldn't manage to get my photos done on time. While these pics aren't the best, I'm pretty darn pleased to have them anyway...and at least I'm back in the game! The theme this time is "old". Yeah. Not one of my favorite topics either (Thanks Donna! ha!) Especially when I look in the mirror these days (cringe). I tried to get a close up picture of the wrinkles under my eyes - because what screams "old" more than that, right? - but I damn near blinded myself in the attempt so I settled for these pics instead (*smile*).
This first one is a photo of one of my very favorite old movies...It's a Wonderful Life. Who doesn't love this old classic? This next one is a photo of an old homemade toy truck that Randey found at an antique mall several months ago. It currently sits in front of our fireplace and is decorated with mini hay bales, pumpkins and scarecrows.
This picture is of my feet - you might say I'm kickin' it old school. Remember this foot fashion from back in that day? (Susan, I know you're groaning as you see these. LOL) I love these shoes - I even have a pair in yellow.
As a bonus, I thought I'd throw in a picture of a really old guy. Meet Yoda, of Star Wars fame. Okay, so this isn't the real Yoda. Sheesh. This is a life size replica and it's only about 4 years old, but's representative of a 900 year old Jedi...I was going to say he looks pretty good for his age, but...well, that wouldn't be entirely true, now would it? LOL
Thanks for reminding me about this, Jeanne! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.


  1. I loved your photos. That old truck is awesome and what a neat place to decorate for each holiday or season! I also love the room in your header picture!

  2. I hope I won't be to late to join in, but then...I was going to show a picture of Uncle Wallace, but he looks pretty darned good and I don't think he's gonna fit the critique for this one...but I've got lots of old junk hanging around, you an Edison Music that's OLD!
    Aunt Sandi

  3. Good going on it Kari and I think you get the prize for the oldest find with a 900 year old Jedi hehe. Saw a real truck this weekend that looked about in the same shape as your small one, very cool the way you did it up.

  4. Hi Kari, great that you are back!
    Your post about "Old" is great, I love your shoes, too, and I love best that 900 year old Yoda guy. He has probably watched (already as a rather aged guy) the sycamores being planted in Vienna 200 or more years ago...
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. That is one of my all-time favorite movies! We watch it every year, LOL. Love the old truck. Do you use it for your seasonal decorating? And, the shoes, my dear! Stunning! Hahahaha....

  6. Oh my, I LOVE the old truck! Can you imagine the joy some little boy, or girl, had when they played with that?
    Great pictures young lady!

  7. I Love Its a Wonderful Life!! Gotta watch it Every year!!! Great pics!! Well done!!hughugs

  8. ROFLOL! I would love to have seen a picture of you taking the picture of your wrinkles! Sounds exactly like something I'd do.

    Those shoes are the BEST! I've been looking for another pair myself. So comfy!

    Great pics!
    Nita Jo

  9. Those are the best shoes I have ever seen! Now, I am not just saying that becasie I have a pair just like 'em on my feet but hey...great minds think a like and all that stuff. : )

    Love Yoda...oh! I will be posting a scarecrow thingee tomorrow and one of the pictures is for YOU. Drop by and see which one!

    The movie is one of my all time fvorites...

    Now, if I was do this challenge I would have to add a photo of me and that is just not right...*sigh* I am getting older by the minute...*grin*


  10. Hi Kari,

    Love, love that movie. They should be showing it soon. I love all of your "old" I also thought about doing the wrinkles around my eyes since they seem to multiply daily, LOL. Really I look at them and my double chin when I see a photo of me. Your shoes are great, nothing like a comfy pair of shoes to feel great in! Glad you are back in the game.

  11. "It's a Wonderful Life. Who doesn't love this old classic?"

    -deep breath- -ready to run-

    Me, I don't like it and can not stand to watch it. Honest.

    -running, ducking and hiding-


    Miss Mari-Nanci


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