Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And the Darwin Award Goes To.....

ANONYMOUS #3!!! Congratulations, Anonymous! You've just won an all expense paid vacation to a place of your choosing, provided you can pull your head out of your ass long enough to navigate your way out of that padded room you must surely be living in!

I have received 4 comments from 3 different "Anonymous" commenters regarding my political posts of late. One, regarding my last post, said this:
Kari, I have to admit like Vee that I voted for Carter--what a diasterous, weak president. American prestige in the world took a nose dive -it is what will happen IF a Obama person wins (I HOPE not)!!! If the American people elect Obama, they will get what they deserve. I'm only afraid that we who did not support him will suffer along with them. He will NOT stand up to aggressors, he will try to "understand" them-- VB

Okay, so it won't shock anyone that this is actually a comment I agree with (lol). VB, this Darwin award is not for you (and not just because we happen to agree, but also because you explained your reasoning behind your comment). I thank you for taking the time to say your piece. Also, just as an aside, this technically isn't an "anonymous" comment since you did sign your initials, eh? Thanks again for weighing in.

Another comment, also regarding today's post, said this:
oh sorry, I had to laugh out loud when I read Vee say we were a prosperous country until the democrats took over 2 years ago LOLOL!! You women are hilarious and I sure as H*L* don't know where you been livin!!!

Huh. Us women, eh? Well, golly, I'm not sure if it's okay for me to respond to this condescending ass. Wouldn't want to overstep my boundaries, being one of the dreaded "you women" of which this person speaks. Hey, by the way, you are one popular person on my blog today, Vee! I know you're laughing just like I am to have gotten a reaction like this. I won't waste anymore time on this particular putz, except to say this: We women (I think I speak for you here, too, Vee. If not, I apologize!) have been living in the United States of America, where we have been safe from terrorist attacks from 9/12/01 forward, thanks in large part to the actions of President George W. Bush. I don't know where you've been living, buddy, but I hope it's just as safe there for you, too. Hate to say it, but this Darwin Award is not for you either. Not that I don't think you're worthy, but rather I've got someone even more worthy in mind.
Now enough of this woman's time has been wasted on you. Let's get to today's big winner...
The next two anonymous comments I got are from the same person and they're the ones that really burn me up (hence the reason I've declared this person the winner of the previously mentioned Darwin Award!). This first comment was in response to my "Preaching to the Choir" post. Here it is:
Hello, I don't have a blog but enjoy reading them! I would like to point out something, this ACORN mess is voter REGISTRATION fraud, NOT voter fraud! There is a huge difference! ACORN pays their workers by the number of people they can sign up in a day, thats why they commit fraud, so they can make bigger bucks, IT WON'T affect the voting process! Please understand that, thank you!

Uhhhhhh, okay. Excuse me. It's Voter REGISTRATION Fraud, which is like totally different from Voter Fraud, right? I mean hel-lo, dudes! That's like not nearly as bad, right? Hardly worth mentioning. Well golly gee, boy howdy, I feel like an hysterical, hand-wringing ninny, let me tell you. Well, okay, so that's not really how I feel. No, I feel more like a person of superior intelligence compared to ANONYMOUS because I think it is abundantly obvious that ANONYMOUS doesn't have the sense God gave a goat. Understand this, ANONYMOUS: the voter registration fraud that ACORN has committed has already affected the voting process. Let me walk you through it. First of all, think about the sheer expense to the states as a result of ACORN's actions. Election board employees are having to work extra hours, hire extra help and devote untold man hours to determine which registrations are genuine and which are suspect. In most states, that is done by sending out verification letters to the people who have registered so they can verify that the address given is correct. (Can anybody say POSTAGE FEES = EXPENSE?????). If there are multiple addresses used for one name, they still have to send a verification to each address. If the address is verified, fine - that person's name is added to the voter rolls. If they are unable to verify a person's address, (in some states) that person's name is not added to the voter roll, but is put aside in case that person shows up to the polls to vote. Should that person show up to vote and their name isn't on the roll, they are referred to the other list. If they are on that list, they are given a ballot, but that ballot is not counted unless and until their registration information can be verified. Imagine standing in line behind just a few people who have to be processed in this way. So you're right, genius, just because a person registers to vote 72 times does not mean they will get to vote 72 times. It does, however, mean that by virtue of registering multiple times, that person has effectively and needlessly cost the election board in funds and time and if enough of these people who registered multiple times show up at any given voting site, they could slow down the voting process enough to discourage lawfully registered voters from actually casting their votes. So you keep on believing that Voter REGISTRATION Fraud is nothing more than a silly ass game played by some low-level flunkies who just happen to work for ACORN. Way to soak in "the big picture"! I can tell how well you actually think issues through, ANONYMOUS. 'Course, I was able to ascertain that by your next comment (left on my Voter Fraud post), which was:
Dear Lord, please please read my comment on the post before this one, I said, VOTER FRAUD IS NOT VOTER REGISTRATION FRAUD!!! Voter fraud is what happened in the last 2 elections where Bush stole the election! YES HE DID!!!

If I didn't realize you were a blithering idiot before, I surely understand it now. Thanks for the clarification.
I have had it up to here (picture my hand scraping across my forehead) and two feet over with blatant stupidity and/or willful blindness. I don't mind that someone might have a different opinion than me. Hell, I even welcome it. I have to admit, I'm fairly easily bored and it gives me something to do when someone points out a differing view. We can open up a dialogue and exchange views and ideas back and forth. Good times! Happened just this morning with Brenda, as a matter of fact. She pointed out what she felt were fallacies with my Obama Tax post and, thanks to her, I was able to get a broader picture of some things. It was great learning from her and while I still have the same opinion over Obama's Tax proposal, I'm more clear as to the specifics. That was exciting stuff for me. I love to learn - sometimes I love it more than at other times (particularly when I realize I've been wrong about something), but nevertheless, learning is always welcome. This ANONYMOUS, however, was not attempting to open a dialogue. This ANONYMOUS was seeking to lay down an opinion as fact and then just skedaddle on off my blog without so much as a scratch. Think again, dufus. ANONYMOUS, you apparently suffer some deep-seated resentment regarding George W. Bush. I sure do hate that for you. Now get over it. You truly need to because your resentment of W runs so deep that you seem quite willing to overlook and/or ignore a terribly vicious attack against our democracy, i.e., Voter Fraud (the Registration kind, of course). ANONYMOUS, you probably couldn't explain one iota of either candidate's stand on any given issue, other than to say who is the Democrat and who is the Republican. For whatever reason, you seem to think that by trivializing the actions of ACORN and their personnel, it somehow makes their actions "okay" or even "inconsequential". To that I say, DON'T BE AN IDIOT. More to the point, if the sanctity of our electoral process means so little to you, then why in the hell are you even commenting on my blog about it? There are innumerable ways you can show your ignorance without cluttering up my blog. Go give one a try, eh? And do yourself a favor and seek therapy over this W fetish that seems to have such a grip on you. It's not healthy to live like that. (Yeah, okay, that was a cheap shot. I'm just pissed to be confronted with so much ignorance out of one person. In the words of that great American, Senator John McCain, "it's remarkable".)

Okay, I'm done with that. For now. It burns my butt to no end to hear someone say something so ignorant about Voter Fraud. Like even a little bit is okay. Geez.

Okay, I'm really done now. Let me change the subject before I pound my keyboard into oblivion. On to other things...oh yeah, I got pretty good news at my Weight Watchers meeting. I'm down another 1.6 pounds for a total of 44.6. It was much better than last week, when I lost a whopping 2 ounces. Two ounces...good grief. I probably lost that by wearing a different watch or something. But no matter - this week was better so I'm feeling pretty good. I gotta tell you, though, this last bit of weight seems to be the hardest to get off. It's like trying to whittle a chunk of oak using nothing but a feather. It's hard to make much progress! lol


  1. Great weight news! I enjoyed our email discussion today too, for sure it blew out some of those cobwebs that had taken up residence in amongst my few brain cells.

    Now, get a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and calm down (if you can while watching tonight's debate!)

  2. Congrats on the Weight Loss! After that rebuttal, I think you've probably lost another 1.6. Way to go!

  3. Yay on the weight loss. I'm losing absolutely nothing right now. It might have something to do with the bags of Mary Janes and Carmel Cremes I just ate.

    Don't you just LOVE stupid people!! Just want to smack them upside the head and try to knock some sense into them. But it looks like a hopeless case with Anonymous the 3rd.

    BTW, I love your son's senior pictures. Very original! He's really cute!

  4. Hi Kari ! I found you via Vee's blog. Keep up the great work on losing weight! And thank you for your stance on McCain. Did you watch the debate tonight? I think he totally knocked the socks of Obama! But what has me seething is the total liberal media saying Obama ranked high. Go figure! I would rank O low in his demeanor and body language and obviously he was so untruthful - it was so obvious!! Anywho...thank you for your views!!


  5. They were saying Obama won before they even had the debate.

    I love this statement.. it gave me a good laugh for the morning:

    ANONYMOUS #3!!! Congratulations, Anonymous! You've just won an all expense paid vacation to a place of your choosing, provided you can pull your head out of your ass long enough to navigate your way out of that padded room you must surely be living in!

    Thanks! LOL

  6. Maybe anonymous comments shouldn't
    be allowed(verifiable addys needed to comment). If you're not big enough to stand behind what you say, it's probably a good indication you should just shut up.

    Congratulations on your continued weight loss. You are my hero!!

  7. weight watcher yay yay yay

    other subject. The media as usual says Obama won the debate this morning.Which debate were they watching??If you write Obama's promises in the last 10 months - all vague say nothing. I've decided there are lots of uneducated people in this country who just hang on to promises- promises he cannot deliver without further killing the economy, and he knows diddly about military How could he??He has not served. His life has been grooming himself for the presidency. The frontline show this week compares the 2 - no comparison whatsoever. 1 personal ambition- one dignity and honor. It's too simple. That's the problem , the American people are allowing themselves to be duped again..If it happens, I'll say what I said the last 8 years , I told you so--- Do your research people, do your research ..

  8. Hahaha, the "you women" comment by Anonymous #3 is very telling. #3 is communicating that he is a very insecure man who has a host of personal issues. All those years with his head stuck in a dark and smelly place has obviously affected his logical reasoning and his way of interacting with the female gender of humankind. And, you astutely observed that he has bitterness issues over the last two elections. I hope that the future confiscation of my wealth for his welfare will help him afford to get some badly needed therapy.

    LOL, thank you for a wonderfully entertaining post. And, congrats on the weight loss! Keep on going!

  9. LUV ya!!!

    And I agree with Vee, that you must have lost another 1.6 pounds, with the calories burned up, reading these "duffffffus" Anon Commenters!

    I'd say, don't allow Anon. comments. But that would cut down on your calorie burning. And you know, *WE WOMEN* are ALL about *mindless/silly* stuff like improving our health, with loss of weight and such. Hahhhh...


    Miss Mari-Nanci

  10. Brilliant Idea coming here!!!!! -drum roll, please-

    How about grabbing that *sweet* Commenter's term of "YOU WOMAN"! And taking it for ourselves...

    We who dare to _think_, can become the "YOU WOMEN"!

    Would serve him right, the pompous nin-com-poop! And you just KNOW that if I didn't know I'd offend some sensibilities here, I'd call him EXACTLY THE TERM I'D CHOOSE, MYSELF. And it would NOT be nin-com-poop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    A Proud Member of "YOU WOMAN"!!!

  11. Please read the following, while you still can.

    Please read here.

    Miss Mari-Nanci

  12. thanks for the award ladies!! BTW, I'm sure you know and defend the republicans when they commit voter fraud by dirty tactics at the voting booth, OR even BEFORE citizens even get to the voting booth!! Yes it happens in the battleground states, its happening this year in Ohio and many other states! But you will see, God frowns on deceit, Obama will win on character, intelligence, and running a clean and honest campaign! Have a great day ladies!!

  13. Voter fraud was committed already by Obama who is this delusional character. Obama even got scared and said little Acorns go -= ha Micheele Obama in the white house first lady - that should scare everyone !!

  14. wow I am proud of you and quite sad I did not join in earlier so i could be there w/ you the politics is .... well i am not in it to battle but it is distressing to know where we are headed

  15. I love Michelle Obama, shes going to make a wonderful first lady, yes she is a LADY, unlike the likes of Sarah Palin, OOOOOHHHHHH YUK!!!

  16. First congrats on your weight loss Kari. That is so great. I was here last nite but the comment thingy wouldn't come up for me again. Great post again Kari. I actually felt my blood boiling this morning when Sam Donaldson said the election is pretty much over and Obama has already won.

  17. Why are you ladies so afraid of Obama and his wife Michelle??? Hmmm, what could it possibly be?

    Look at our current economic state... it's a pure "republican" mess! McCain has no plan. He is solely focused on bashing Obama. He is an old windbag full of hot air! Obama is more than capable. Why do you think he is where he is today?

    McCain is a pure idiot. He had the nerve to say that he was in favor of a spending freeze... and then less than 10 minutes later said that he was in full support of programs for special needs children. News Flash McIdiot... PRORGAMS COST MONEY!!!!

    He also spoke of not taxing anyone. Hey that's great idea McIDIOT!!!!! Great, but unrealistic! Businesses who are earning more that $250,000 a year should be taxed. Why tax businesses who are making less??? Who do you think keeps those businesses in business????? Large Corporations??? I think not!

    McCain is an elderly idiot with no common sense whatsoever! He chose Sarah "Trailer Park Trash" Palin as his running mate. She is totally incapable of running her own disfunctional household let alone a country!

    You women need to wake up and get pass a few minor issues that you are having with Obama and his wife. We ALL know it is not his level of intelligence or capability... it runs deeper... skin deep, deeper!!!!

    An Obama Supporter

  18. From one ANONYMOUS to another... You are an IDIOT and a racist. Go log into MSNBC. Come back to when you can get "pass" your issues.

  19. Dear Anonymous (the Darwin Winner) and Anonymous (the strange one who seems overly focused on Obama's wife),
    I’m so very flattered that you two have felt the need to leave comments on my blog. It feels good to know that I have given you this format to help you vent and I think it’s absolutely wonderful how strongly you express your opinions. However, let me give you a helpful hint here, just in case you ever want anyone to take you seriously: Nobody pays much attention to people who go by the name “Anonymous”, other than to point at them as objects of laughter and/or contempt. You see, in order to be taken seriously, you must demonstrate that you fully feel the power of your convictions without shame or embarrassment. In other words, you must use your name. Now you may be saying, “Kari, you just did a whole post about Anonymous comments” and you’d be right. I did. But only to poke fun at one person’s misogynistic stupidity and the other person’s total and complete lack of understanding regarding the sanctity of our electoral process. See? As I said, I was pointing at you Darwin (and the other Anonymous person) with laughter and contempt. I would make fun of my new Anonymous Blog Stalker, too, but quite frankly, I feel rather too sorry for you to poke fun. You obviously have much bigger issues than I could ever possibly address. I will say this much and then I’ll stop feeding both of your delusions of importance by responding to you: I have not expressed, nor will I, an opinion regarding Senator Obama’s wife. As far as I’m aware, she’s not in, nor is she running for, public office and therefore is not a part of my political discussions. As for your opinion of Sarah Palin: be careful. It’s not healthy to harbor that much hate for someone. That kind of hatred can rot a person’s soul. While I disagree with just about everything Barack Obama stands for politically, I most certainly do not hate him. I reserve my hatred for asinine concepts – like ignorance and racism, not for people. And finally, I will say but one thing about your obvious racism…it is my belief and it is one I have taught all my children from their birth forward that we are all just different shades of brown. Nobody’s really white, nobody’s really black, nobody’s really red and nobody’s really yellow. Each and every one of us is simply a shade of brown. Unfortunately for you, I can explain that belief to you, but I can’t understand it for you. That’s something you will have to work on for yourself. Unless you just want to wallow in hatred and racism forever, that is. That's on you.


    P.S. To the latest "Anonymous" commenter - you give me hope that not all "Anonymous" comments are without humor! Thanks! :)

  20. "Pass" Ooohhhh you got me on that one. (LOL) What makes me racist? My only issues are IDIOTS like you posting nonsense like this...

    Have a lovely evening!

  21. Oh Jibberish! You are an idiot! A racist idiot!

    Good Riddance!

  22. Kari darling, I have to commend you for allowing this blithering idiot to keep turning up to show his ignorance. My hat's off to you girl! Sure wish you'd been here with us on the 15th to help celebrate our 40th...we decided to keep each other, in case you hadn't heard...but I'm tired now, your post wore me out...I'm sure you need a nap too...
    love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  23. Dang it. I had the coolest comment and blogger ate it! Sorry you're infested with trolls, I do enjoy a good butt kickin' though :-)

  24. Kari, since you've switched to the pop up system for blog comments, you should also have checked the little box that gives you the ok to see what has been written before you approve it for publication. I've kept several people who mentioned "god blog! Liked it much. My blog is"
    Spelling and grammar copied from one such "posting". I just order this kind of thing to begone and, lo, Google does its magic act and the thing is gone. Helps keep my blood pressure down.
    Just one thing, please, ma'am: Whenever I visit your web pages I get a little red hoss leading my cursor around and about. It surely would pleasure me if you could let me know how to get rid of the little feller since he distracts me from your golden words.


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