Friday, September 26, 2008


Help me out here. I realize that I'm only an "uneducated/stay-at-home mom type" (that was a side joke shared with Vee from A Haven for Vee), but I don't understand a few things about this whole economic crisis. Barack Obama has said that he intends to see that no American loses their home. Soooooo....does that mean that the people who bought houses they couldn't afford using financing agreements that couldn't be met will get to keep their homes even though they can't now, nor have ever been able to, afford said homes? How does that work? Should Randey and I rush out and buy a much larger and more expensive home with the full knowledge that we can't afford it, but with the comfort of Obama's reassurance that we won't lose that home? Oh. We left it too late, you say? Should have done that months ago before the shady dealings of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wall Street banks and the money-grubbin', do-nothing congress banking committees came to light? Figures. Once again, we seem to have missed the boat, I suppose. At any rate, can someone please explain Obama's plan of keeping all Americans in their homes? Will we all have to continue to pay for our own homes or will our tax dollars take care of those mortgage payments for some of us? Or is Obama just doing what he does best; talking smack. I'm sorry, all you Obama supporters, I really am. I don't mean to sound dismissive of your candidate, but I honestly don't see any substance to him. What has he done in his political career that indicates he could or even would be a good president? Okay, so he makes "profound" speeches. Big whup. Ever heard that saying, "Talk is cheap"? It's a cliche' for a reason, you know. Pretty much all politicians can talk. I prefer the ones who will act on their convictions and not just talk about them. McCain comes out and declares that he's going to Washington to work on this bailout proposal for the good of the country. He seems to think he should be focusing on the biggest crisis to hit our shores since 9/11. Obama's response? "Let's issue a joint statement". Wow. Thanks. Really helpful. He further says that the leaders in congress "can call me if they need me". Here's a thought, Barack. Get your butt back to the job you were actually hired to do, roll up your sleeves and help save all us little people from the mess our financial sector and our government leaders have allowed us to get into. You are the man for change, right? So what change were you referring to? A change of scenery? A change of pace? A change of venue? What? He and his camp say things like "we need a leader who can chew gum and walk at the same time". Well, first of all, I'm going to have to say, you're slipping a little on that whole "profound" talk you're so famous for and, second of all, I personally think we need a leader who can identify and focus on an issue when that issue threatens the entire well-being of our country. I heard yesterday and this morning how Democrats are blaming McCain because they were "close to an agreement" until McCain showed up and injected "presidential politics" into the deal. Too bad no one told the Republican leaders they were "close to an agreement". I heard Harry Reid say again this morning that they didn't need "presential politics" brought into this. Well, Harry, what do you need? I only ask because you sure as hell don't seem to be solving the problem with the current group of people you've got working on it. Although, it is my understanding that the Democrats do have enough votes to pass the bill in both the House and the Senate, they won't do it without Republican support. Not because they want to include Republicans in that bill, but rather because they don't want to face the blame alone if the bill doesn't do what it's supposed to. What ever happened to standing up for what you believe in? If these people believe that the bill, as it stands, is the best possible route to take, then stand up for it and get it passed! Personally, for once I'm glad for their cowardice actually, because I don't believe this bill should be passed in its current form. I don't get how us taxpayers paying out money to buy these so-called "toxic mortgage loans" can be in anyway beneficial to us. Something needs to be done, that much is evident. But I don't think Bush's plan is the right thing and I don't believe that our elected leaders in Washington are working towards what's best for us. I think there's still back-biting and trying to put "party" ahead of "country". There is one person who has shown over and over again that he can and will work with sensible members of both political parties and that is Senator John McCain. He's proven it time and time again. So why have certain politicians (Harry Reid anyone?) as well as certain media outlets (damn near every one out there, but MSNBC in particular) labeled John McCain's willingness to suspend his campaign and focus on this crisis "a political ploy". Washington game players are so freakin' warped by their "party is number one" way of life, that they've forgotten what they were sent to Washington to do in the first place. And the fringe element (media, etc.) is just as bad. I'll point out that Democrats aren't the only ones guilty of partisanship either, so don't get too smug my GOP brethren. Case in point: Rush Limbaugh. The man couldn't stand John McCain because John McCain has had the nerve to work with Democrats in the past. Now that McCain is the Republican nominee, however, Rush has managed to jump on board and become a loud and proud McCain supporter. Has he suddenly had an epiphany and decided he and McCain agree on the issues? Nah, not so much. It's because "party" matters more than issues to people like Rush. And people like Chris Matthews. And Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and well...I wanted to add some more Republicans in here just to show my true disgust at the whole Washington community, but after researching a bit, I'm unable to find any that are more partisan than most Democrats. I would think they must be out there, but then again, if they were, I'm pretty sure the media would have publicly tarred and feathered them by now. Regardless of party affiliation, however, as a taxpaying citizen of this country, I want you people to work together, stop whining because a member of the senate has returned to Washington to do his job and FIX. THIS. DAMN. PROBLEM. you know, sort of like you're paid to do.
Our country is facing a crisis of epic proportions and we have one presidential candidate rolling up his sleeves and working towards bringing both parties together and we have another one who says things like "call me if you need me", "let's make a statement" (with words only, of course), and "this first debate must happen and it must happen on schedule because the American public deserves that". Whoa there, little Buckaroo! As a member of that American public, let me put my two cents worth in...I'd much rather see our savings, our homes, our income and our credit ratings protected first. You can debate about your "views" once you've saved us from this crisis. Although - quite frankly, your actions have already spoken much louder to me than any words you could possibly utter.

Oh and one more thing. Speaking of those debates. I keep hearing about how much planning has gone into these debates and how important it is that they go on as planned and how many man-hours have gone into the planning and how many "millions" have been spent on them. I did some research on these debates and, while I'm sure they took quite a bit of planning and and quite a bit of man-hours and quite a bit of money, I gotta say, if these people have actually spent "millions" on getting this done, they are not much better than those bankers who made all those worthless loans that have helped cause the crisis our nation now faces. I think they may be guilty of a bit of bad money management because, honestly, it just shouldn't cost that much to get these things set up. I'd love to see their budget breakdowns and their financial statements. Also, these debates are not the free-wheeling debates of the past. Since 1988, they have become far more orchestrated than they should be (in my opinion). Do a little research on the process. I think you'll see what I mean. If Obama and McCain want to give us American citizens a chance to hear their views as well as their answers to important questions, why not do a series of town hall meetings across the country? Why are these massively preplanned and basically "rehearsed" debates the end all and be all of presidential politics? Hey - it's just another question from me, an "uneducated, stay-at-home mom type"....


  1. Oh-oh! Don't get me started on this one. (What an odious little man Harry Reid is.) Okay, I'd like to know where Sen. Obama stands on this "deal" hammered out between the President and the Democrats. (Now that's weird enough.) He hasn't said, has he? Anyway, the thing is, the Democrats have the votes. If they think it's such a great solution, they could push it through without any problem. I think now that the phones are ringing off the hooks in Washington with citizens calling in, that perhaps wiser heads will prevail and this will all be revisited. Let's hope so!

  2. I hear a lot of this from Matt, I, like you, am a stay at home type and probably don't have sense to know what's going on around me... but I am frustrated for many of the same reasons you are. I don't like either candidate. AND I totally agree about the speeches and planned debates. All that shows is who has the better writers. UGH.

  3. Ok Kari, look. We have got to get you out of your shell and teach you how to speak up for what you believe in ;-)

    Can we print this post and plaster it all over please?

  4. I agree with everything you've said except that I feel that way about BOTH the Democratic and Republican candidates. Undoubtedly, both sides feel that people in their lofty positions don't commit crimes. The CEOs of those companies falsely manipulated financial statements. That's theft, plain and simple.
    Do audits.

    If found guilty make them play restitution (clear out their bank accounts to the tune of those billions, and sell their freaking assets).

    Put them IN jail, that's where persons who commit illegal acts belong.

  5. Very good post. What ticks me on this thing is Bush is saying "taxpayer money" will fund this bailout. Umm as a taxpayer could someone please tell me what that means to ME. Not the mortgage companies, not someone who took on more debt on a bigger house than they could afford, not some CEO, not some presidential candidate. ME.

  6. Can I vote YOU in for President?! :)

  7. Hi Kari,
    Like you, this SAHM wishes people that were elected did what was best for the country and not for their political careers! The infighting just aggrevates me and like any SAHM with rowdy kids I just want to turn them over my knee, spank them and tell them to go to their rooms until they can behave! Enough already! Do what's best for our country! for it's people!! Okay, enough ranting from me for today!
    Have a wonderfully blessed day and PRAY for our Country!!

  8. Right On Sista!!!!!

    Two comments---why does it matter if a candidate can walk and chew gum at the same time--is THAT a sign of intelligence??? Someone should have told Einstein!

    And---what about all those student loans that have been defaulted on over the past decade---so many have gotten away with this is nauseates me! While I (responsible person that I am) scrimp each month to help my son pay his off without late fees!!

    OK--another comment--have is ever EVER been recorded that in the middle of drastic talks, congress makes the statement "let's make a call to____" and see if he/she can help???? Get Real Obama! It's like "call me and we'll get together" "call me if you need something" "call me if you have some extra time" Empty words!

    AND---hey you corporate stooges---quit making credit so accessible! Like get rid of the enrollment on college campuses, quit raising limits each time one makes a payment on time---and quit sending out the thousands of forms a week inviting us to "sign this check". Some can't resist.

    Thanks Kari---you rock again!

  9. I just saw my retirement account take a HUGE nosedive today because of inaction by Congress. I, too, am sick of the lack of personal responsibility in this country. I pay my bills and follow the rules. Who is going to ever bale me out? Nobody. But that's OK. I can take care of myself better than the government ever could.

    You have a LOT of wisdom for an uneducated, stay-at-home mom type!

  10. Preach on Sister! Love your header picture and fall blog template. SO pretty!

  11. ummm....are you standing in the closet and listening to me and Uncle Wallace (Mac to me) gripe about the direction this whole mess is taking? You are right on line with our feelings (almost word for word...spooky)
    love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  12. I am scared scared that only so few of us see this - what does it say about those other bloggers I thought were pretty darn intelligent. Do they read the votes , do they realize this man has voted present most of the time as he was groomed for presdient, so as to not make anyone angry..Does his 123 days surpass 4 years in a box in Viet Nam?Meanwhile today a friend sent a picture of her son working for John Mc Cain..Meanwhile here in Fl the O bama campaign has garbered 300,000 votes. Noone else is going door to door.AND THE rEPUBLICAN STATE OF fLORIDA IS SLIPPING AWAY DAILY!!


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