Sunday, September 7, 2008

Everything comes in chocolate...except tomatoes

I'm having a rough time these past two weeks with my weight loss plan. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing, I'm staying within my points, we've been walking 4 times the past week (which is 4 times more than we went walking the past two weeks!) and I still can't seem to get past this spot on the scales. It's starting to wear on me a bit. As I've been ruminating on this dilemma, I've come to realize that America is not a weight loss friendly place to be! Just about everything in our society is geared towards getting us to over consume, in one way or another. Ad execs aren't stupid. They know that we Americans love our food like no other place on the planet so food is what they use to sell their products. Okay, so they use sex, too, but that's not the point of this post so we'll leave that for another time. Back to the food issue. Have you ever noticed how many products use food names to attract us?
Take paint, for example. Check out some of the names given to various paint colors:
whipped strawberry
sweet melon
hint of cherry
raspberry sorbet
pumpkin custard
buttercup squash
golden butter
top banana
fruit compote
lime burst
sonic plum
rich chocolate
smoked almond
chocolate raspberry
sugarcane pink
My gosh, after having looked at those color choices, I'd have to take a lunch break just so I could focus on my decision! Then there's clothes. Clothes "colors" are just as tantalizing. How about a lovely sweater in a color called:
pale ale
berry crush
Godiva (that's just WRONG!)
candy pink
You could even pick up a coat to complement your sweater or shirt. Coats come in colors like:
Yummy, right? You can even dress your bed as deliciously as you dress your bod. Sheet colors come in:
And bath towels! Just as tasty. You can have, I mean colors, like:
real pecan
chocolate truffle
toasted almond
lime zest
lemon twist
Starting to feel like maybe your furniture isn't good enough for your life's menu? Try buying a couch with one of these color fabrics:
salt (yes, I said salt!)
and the ever present
You can even have your wooden furniture finished in stains called:
You can have curtains and window shades in colors called:
chocolate (of course)
wine red
Feeling kind of unappetizing yourself after you've lavished all that yummy goodness around the house? Don't fret. You can color your hair is all manner of tasty flavors like:
chocolate mousse
cherry cordial
caramel kiss
iced mocha
spiced chestnut
caramel glaze
chocolate macaroon
cinnamon stick
almond rocca
french eclair
butterscotch creme
toasted coconut
iced meringue
dulce de leche
creme brulee'
'Course, once you've done that, you'll need to find the perfect lipstick to complement your new color scheme. Try one of these:
peach luster
raspberry ice
juicy apricot
candied apple
cherry desirable
Will the madness ever end?? It seems like I can't turn my head a quarter inch without encountering something that's been given a name geared to make me salivate! It's no wonder America is fat. And since I've sat here and typed out all these delicious food names, I now feel the need to go visit my kitchen. Wonder if I can convince myself that the bowl of cherry tomatoes I'm eye-balling is actually a box of Godiva chocolates? Yeah...I didn't think so.
At the behest of Shabby in the City, I am entering this post into Scribbit, Motherhood in Alaska's September's Write Away Contest . I hesitate to do this, as I have read Shabby's entry and mine simply doesn't compare. I'm telling you now, her post is outstanding. Actually, forget my post...head on over to Shabby's and read hers. She's managed to turn the subject of color into a world of envisioned wonder. Go read it - I think you'll see what I mean!


  1. No wonder we're hungry all the time!

    I've had a bad week also. Really, a bad couple of weeks. No gain, but no loss.

    Here's a hint to break a plateau - called the Wendy Plan. Basically, you eat your normal points for a day or two, then the next day, eat way over your points, then the next couple of days, eat below your points. You wind up the week eating the same number of points, but you shake up how you eat them. Kind of fooling your metabolism. You can probably Google Wendy Plan and find out more. It used to work for me; I don't know if it would now or not.

    I just need to move more and eat less - simple!

  2. Kari,

    Don't worry about getting stuck, you will get over the plateau. I was stuck for six weeks at the same weight when I went to WW and then suddenly I began losing again. It had nothing to do with what I was eating because I continued to use the point system. It will come. Just try to be patient. Losing weight isn't easy.


  3. Kari! You have to go enter this post in Scribbit's contest on color! kitchen is painted in Hot Chocolate and Birthday Cake...and my waistline reflects it LOL!!!

  4. OK, I'm ready to raid the fridge now! You are so right!!!!!!!

  5. But I have to say your title is the best I've read yet--or should I say the best I've red yet? :) Sorry, bad pun.

  6. After reading all those yummy names- I think I need a lunch break! I so admire you for dieting, I just buy a bigger size!

  7. Sooooooooooo true! Sad, but true! Keep it up, you will lose!


  8. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for stating that you are still a fan of the W! I am too. I don't care what they say about the past 8 years, I am proud to have him as my president!!

    I'm so leary of what the next election will produce -- either way!!

    Have a great week! I'll be baking and thinking of how I'm saving you from overeating, what with being in OK and you in TX!!!

    Ha ha ha

  9. Loved this post! So true about all the food names, why is that? Subliminal maybe? No worries you will start losing again, you actually made it a good way before hitting that plateau. Just keep it up and it will pay off!

  10. Whoa, you are so right. And after coming back from vacation, my pants are hardly zipping. Darn.

  11. Sweetie, this was gold! You are so funny and wow. It does deserve to be recognized! So funny, so true and just plain delightful. You are a wonder!

    Love, Sue, who would love to show Kari all the antiquing 'round this part of O.H.I.O!

  12. At least crayons go for healthier foods like melon, salmon, watermelon, wild strawberry, granny smith apple, apricot, neon carrot, almond, tangerine and orange. hehe

  13. Just trying to catch up...and I'm here just in time to wish you luck with this!

    Lovin' that gray, girlie... :)


  14. This is so true Kari. So wonder I am hungry and eating all the time. LOL I'm not doing too well here in South Carolina with my diet but hopefully I'l be back on track when I return. Keep it up sometimes you just hit a wall for no reason, it'll pass.

  15. I love this!! And it is true!!

    As for the weightloss... Have you ever tried the metabolism blast thing where you seriously increase you calorie intake for two days and then decrease it A LOT on the third? It is like some kind of jump start.

    Just hang in there!

  16. Okay, that is just TOO funny!!! I've never thought about it, but you're right. We do sorta live in a food-obsessed culture, don't we? (I guess it's good I love food so much! lol)

    (btw..I love your new banner pic. That is so cute!)

  17. So true, so true. No wonder I always feel hungry!

  18. Love your post!!!!! My husband is a paint contractor and he recently painted a kitchen in "chocolate sundae", and it did look good enough to top off with cherries and whipped cream!!! :-) And naming anything that is not Godiva, "Godiva" is just sinful! My 2 year old daughter starts many days of the week asking for "chocolate pips" for breakfast, which I have never given in on that but bless her little heart, she continues to check with me and ask! Chocolate is the most wonderful thing!!! and your post was delicious!!


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