Friday, August 22, 2008

Political Correctness Be Damned and More WW Recipes (how's THAT for a strange combination of topics?)

What qualifies as "Politically Incorrect" these days? Lots of things. Lots and lots and lots of things. More things than I could possibly count. Personally, I'm so damn sick of being told what's correct and what isn't, that I could just scream. People don't want you saying "Merry Christmas" anymore because it might offend someone. Instead, you're supposed to say "Happy Holidays". I've got no problem with saying "Happy Holidays". But rest assured that if and when I do say that, it'll most likely be followed up with a loud and hardy "Merry Christmas Everyone!". Why? Because December 25th is a celebration of the birth of Christ, that's why! So while I surely do hope that any and all holidays you may experience be as happy as can be, I further and most assuredly hope that your Christmas season is full of joy, love, merriment and laughter. And I hope my saying "Merry Christmas" to you gives you just one more reason to reflect on the whole entire meaning of life and what we're suppose to accomplish while we're here in it.
Another Politically Incorrect thing these days is "racial profiling", specifically at airports. Yeah. We're not supposed to be suspicious of anyone of Middle Eastern descent simply because they are of Middle Eastern descent 'cause it might offend an innocent person of the same race. Huh. See the thing is, each and every one of the murdering jackasses from 9/11 were of Middle Eastern descent. Sorry, but that's a fact. I darn sure wouldn't want to offend an innocent, really I wouldn't. But then again, I don't want to be taking a header into a national monument while snugly encased in a 747 just because no one had enough cojones to eyeball the terrorist sitting 6 rows ahead of me. You know when I flew to Florida from Texas in 2005 for the birth of our grandson, I was pulled out of line and searched. Why? Because I had a one way ticket in first class and only carry on luggage. All red flags. Cool. They "wanded" me, they patted me down, they took my shoes, they searched my luggage and my purse. No problem. I understood. I mean I was only in first class because it was the only ticket I could get and I only had a one way ticket because Randey and the boys were following by car so I was going to ride back home with them, but okay - I got that I met certain parameters that said "SEARCH THAT PASSENGER". But if I'd been wearing a burka, do you think they would have searched me then? I honestly doubt it. Why? Because I might have screamed "Racial Profiling!" and no airline wants to be accused of that...simply because it'd be Politically Incorrect. HORSE. PUCKY. Middle Eastern people tried to kill us. I hate that for us and for the innocent people of Middle Eastern heritage. But screw that "racially insensitive" crap and keep us all safe, if you don't mind too much. And if saying that induces you to call me a racist, then you're calling me a racist only induces me to call you a willfully blind and woefully ignorant idiot.
One other example of Political Incorrectness...all these people out there all across America who are going through foreclosures. They all blame Bush, the economy, the oil companies, the 3rd phase of Venus, whatever. And yes, some people truly have been victims of circumstances beyond their control, i.e, those who lost their jobs, etc. But I know for an absolute fact that a number of those people who have lost or are losing their homes to foreclosure are suffering because of their own damn stupidity. Back when real estate was booming, many of these people took out larger mortgages. They suddenly had all this equity in their homes because home values skyrocketed. So they borrowed against the "new" values of their homes and lived high off the hog. Woo-hoo! Ain't life grand! Then that "creative financing" that they were so thrilled with earlier became unaffordable. They found themselves with ginormous mortgage payments and no way to pay them. Well, I hate like all get out that those people made poor financial decisions based on current conditions without so much as considering the future, but that's hardly anyone's fault but their own. And yeah, I know it's extremely Politically Incorrect to say things like that, but I. don't. much. care. It's simply stating a fact. And by the way, I'll go even further to say that those ill-planning, whining ass bunch of morons who got greedy without giving one thought to the future have made it even tougher for those who genuinely have suffered because of the downturn our economy is experiencing. And for the love of Pete, stop your crying because you've lost your home due to your own greed. Suck it up, start over and learn from your mistakes. Thank God Randey and I have never lost a home due to our own idiocy, but we have suffered through financial hardships in the past brought on entirely by a syndrome known as "Living Above Your Means". It's a syndrome that affects a lot of people in American today. And it's not a condition that can be cured by the federal government.
So - why the big rant over "Political Correctness"? Because...I want you guys to understand that I know what that term means. And I'm as fed up with it as the next person. Truly I am. I could rant and rave about it for the next 24 hours solid and never even begin to scratch the surface of just how much it irritates me that we are supposed to tip toe around everyone's feelings because it'd be so flippin' horrible if we offended someone. I received several e-mails from very well meaning friends telling me that I had done nothing wrong when I "reviewed" the movie Tropic Thunder and I didn't need to apologize to Michelle like I did. I beg to differ. The reason being this...a person of a different religious persuasion can express those beliefs to me if they get offended by my "Merry Christmas" greeting. They can tell me all about how it offends them because they don't believe in Jesus. And I can tell them to get over it. Why? Because they can actually get over it. A person of Middle Eastern descent can get all kinds of ticked off at me for thinking people who look like them should be given extra scrutiny at the airport and I can also tell them to get over it. Why? Because they can. A person who's driving a Hummer that they bought with the proceeds of their home equity loan before that loan went belly up can get indignant and cry because I've expressed my belief that they've brought their tragedy upon themselves and they, too, can get the heck over it. None of these people have to agree with me, none of them have to accept what I say without debate. They can all fight back, in other words. The mentally handicapped can't. They are a segment of our society who are totally and completely innocent and free of guile. When I said that people who are "easily offended" should skip that movie, I lumped people who have no control over their condition into the same category as those who do. And that was wrong. I still say that was a funny movie. But I hate the thought that something that gave me so much laughter could, at the same time, cause pain and humiliation to innocents. I wish to heck that Ben Stiller had used a more worthy target for his lampooning. There's plenty other segments of our society out there who could use a little poking fun at. Again, I don't think that Stiller and company set out to make fun of the mentally disabled, but rather they used language that is hurtful to the mentally handicapped, as well as those who love them, in their efforts to illustrate the ridiculousness of Hollywood itself. That hurtful language was unnecessary and uncalled for. And that has nothing to do with being Politically Correct or Incorrect. It has to do with being a caring and thoughtful human. Michelle did not try to pressure me into retracting my endorsement of the movie, nor did she chastise me for being insensitive. She merely made a comment on my review because she felt that we were good enough friends to do that. I'm so very pleased that she was comfortable enough with me to express herself without fear of being snubbed or mocked. Her comment was well thought out, it came from personal feelings and experience and it was a point of view I hadn't truly considered. I felt terrible after having read it. Why? Because I knew that she was right. Yes, it was a funny movie, but it was also hurtful to the innocent. The defenseless innocent. That's why I answered her comment as I did. Because it came from the heart. NOT from any pressure to be Political Correct. I thank all of you for your kind words regarding this issue. It's been very much appreciated. It's one more reason why I love being part of this community!!

Now - to lighten up a bit - how about telling me some of the "Politically Correct or Incorrect" things that drive you insane?? I'd love to hear about them. It really gets my blood pumping. LOL


Finally, here's a great idea for a low point Weight Watchers breakfast. This comes from Joan over at Joan's Journeys. Joan has been eating 3 egg whites (just the whites, people!) every morning and has been adding vegetables like mushrooms and broccoli. Three egg whites count for only 1 point on the WW system and in fact, if you were feeling particularly hungry, you could have six, count 'em SIX, egg whites for just TWO points. Not bad, eh? And of course, small portions of most vegetables don't garner any points. Joan says you can even add half a bag of the WW shredded cheese for only 1 more point. She also enjoys a half cup of Sunfresh Del Monte Red Grapefruit because she says they taste so sweet (can't wait to me some of that up the next time I go to the store - I luvs me some sweet grapefruit!). Great breakfast ideas. Remember everyone, it's very important that you eat breakfast every morning. I know it seems like the less you eat, the more weight you'll loose, but if you don't eat on a regular basis, your body starts storing absolutely everything you do eat because it thinks it's starving. So feed your body regularly and do it with mostly healthy stuff. Also remember this: A treat isn't a treat if you give it to yourself everyday! Save those special things for special times. Fuel your body with the healthy foods day to day. Your body will thank you!
Here's a little factoid that surprised the fool out of me...did you know that a "normal and healthy" portion of chicken breast is only 4 ounces? The average chicken breast (raw) is 7 to 8 ounces. I was appalled when I saw that most WW recipes called for only 1 pound of chicken for 4 servings. What the heck? Who could live off that? Well, apparently - anyone! It's the size we should be eating. While I don't always adhere to this portion size (but I try!), it's truly not a hardship to adjust to eating healthier. And I promise you, it gets easier over time, too. Now check out this recipe which is made with only 1 little ol' pound of chicken breast meat:

Crock Pot Chicken Parmesan
4 servings 6 points per serving

Olive Oil spray
6 Tbsp seasoned bread crumbs
1 tsp garlic powder
1 1/2 oz reduced fat parmesan cheese
1/2 cup egg beaters (or 3 egg whites)
1 cup Paul Newman marinara (if you use a different brand, check it for calorie, fat and fiber count!!!)
2 oz part-skim mozzarella cheese
16 oz boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Spray bottom of crock pot with olive oil Pam. Combine breadcrumbs, garlic powder and parmesan cheese. Dredge chicken in egg beaters or egg whites and then dredge in breadcrumbs mixture to coat chicken. Place chicken in crock pot. Sprinkle chicken with mozzarella cheese and pour marinara/spaghetti sauce on top of chicken. Cook on low 6-7 hours or high for 3-4 hours.

This is a fantastic recipe. I've never made chicken parmesan in my life until I used this recipe. It's so easy - and my family was so impressed - I darn near declared myself a good cook after the first time I served this. (And before I get an e-mail from Aunt Sandi, let me state that calling myself a "bad cook" is no exaggeration nor am I putting myself down by saying it. I don't normally like cooking, I'm not terribly good at it, and I'd just as soon leave the cooking chores to someone else. I have no shame and/or embarrassment about my lack of cooking skills. It's just how I roll.) Anywho - this recipe almost made me change my mind about the Joys of Cooking. It gave me hope that I could make something quick, easy, healthy and full of good taste without resorting to carry-out or a nervous breakdown. I serve this with a side portion (2 ounces) of Ronzoni Smart Taste thin spaghetti (discovered through my friend Susan! Check this stuff out - it's even better for you than whole grain pasta!) and a 1/4 cup of marinara - for an additional 4 points. I also make a lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad (o points). This meal is a lot of food for 10 points, and it's one my family thoroughly enjoys eating.

Here's one more recipe, courtesy of Vee over at A Haven for Vee. In her own words, no less!

Peel slices from one apple into pan with artificial sweetener of choice and cinnamon to taste and water. Stew until apples are softened and water is nearly evaporated.

Place one slice of American cheese (lowfat, if you insist) on one slice of whole-wheat toast. Add apples on top and broil until cheese melts. Yummy!
(I've been eating this for forty years whether dieting or not.)

I ran this thru the WW Recipe Builder and it comes to only 3 points. Yippee!


  1. I totally agree that this political correct business has gotten out of hand and downright stupid! I have no problem with profiling, because it is based on statistical probability. If someone approaches me on the street and they look like me (middle-aged plump female), I am not going to be on edge. Make it a big burly guy with a scowl on his face, I am going to cut and run, LOL! We are all guilty of "profiling" and there is nothing wrong with it, IMHO. And don't get me started on the whole fiscal irresponsibility topic! Debt is at an all-time high and personal savings rate is at an all-time low. Lack of discipline is appalling. And it is not my responsibility to bail someone out of their stupid choices. I could go on and on, but I'll pass the soapbox on to someone else now. LOL!

  2. Political correctness, my royal behind!I'll say Merry Christmas If I want to and every body that does not like that can as the saying goes:"go pound salt!"
    Great recpie. Hugs and God's Blessing.Mike G.said that(It's an A.A.thing of mine)

  3. ahhh, I love your rants. I just want to shout "amen!" all the way through this one. and in case I forget to tell you later, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  4. Amen, Kari!

    And thanks for the recipes :~)

  5. Preach it sister! A big AMEN!

    I've GOTTA try that chicken parmesan crock pot recipe. Yum-oh!

    Happy Friday!


  6. P.S. My grandchildren will get in more trouble for making fun of someone who lives daily with challenges by their words or gestures than they will for saying the worst swear word they could come up with. And I'm still unsure of the reason for your apology. Course I'm as dense as a wall of bricks.

    And that's all I got to say about that.

  7. I just LOVE when you rant! I'm with you all the way on this one.

  8. Kari-you rock! And you are absolutely correct in your tirade against Political Correctness. Except for one area--short people. You see, I am 5' and maybe 1/2", maybe not. Short people get the shaft!! We have to hem pants made for the general population of "average height" people, we have to adjust every stinkin car seat because they are set for "average height" people. I could go on and on. Why nobody has taken us "short in stature" people into the politically correct school of thought I don't know~~~ ha ha ha Gotcha!!!

    But, hey--if we're going to tippy toe around one group, let's tippy toe around all. Then the whole population will be equaled out with toe cramps!!!

  9. I couldn't agree more. We weren't allowed at the Credit Union to say Merry Christmas, but we all did it anyway. Now the celebration here is something like the Winter Carnival, rather than the Christmas Carnival. Get real people, Okinawa doesn't even have winter. Jeez.

  10. Girl, that PC stuff was good but holey moley, when I hit the recipes I hit the jack pot. I am not eating breakfast yet but when I do, you can be sure that I will give this one a try. By the way, I'll bet you those eggs would taste mighty fine with a big scoop of salsa!

    I am trying the chicken parmesan this week and I'll get back to you on it.

    Thanks for posting those recipes. It will make week 3 better!

  11. I guess I have a mea culpa of my own to say...
    Aunt Sandi


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