Monday, August 25, 2008

And they're off!

Today was the boys' first day of school! At long last. I've been waiting on this day for what seems like WEEKS! So why am I so bummed about it now? lol This is their idea of together time with Mom before the first day of school...lounged out on the couch, basically counting the minutes until they could leave (ha!). And here's where I made them "pose" for me before they left (although Jake's thumbs up thingy was his own idea. I think he was mocking me....). Now I ask you, does Kaleb look excited to be going to the very first day of his senior year of high school?? Not so much, does he?
I miss 'em already. It's gonna be a long year.

My blogging is still a bit sporadic. We have out of town company this week. My very best friend in the whole wide world (Susan) and her husband are here for a week (her husband, who is also in the Air Force reserves along with Randey, is here for work). Naturally, I feel morally obligated to take Susan around to every shoe store within a 50 mile radius, as well as any and all book stores we can manage to locate. I know, I know, it's a pain in the butt to look at all those shoes and find all those books, but somebody's got to do it and I'm willing to make the sacrifice because, well, she's my best bud and I know she'd do it for me (and has, actually!). Wish me luck and good shoe hunting, eh?


  1. Shoe shopping and book hunting! You are a brave person! Sounds like a blast. I was happy when the kids all went to school... but also a little sad. Now I'm enjoying the routine and the silence :)...

    Yes! You have to come back soon!

  2. Any time any school starts before Labor Day, I feel that pang for the kids. It's not fair! It's not!

    Hope that both of they guys have a good schoolyear and that they'll get into the groove before too long.

    Have fun with Susan. Don't buy out the stores!

  3. It'll be summer again before you know it and they'll be home with you again.

    You and Susan have fun!

  4. Oh don't they look all enthused ;) Looks like my bunch. Ryan never smiles hardly, especially for his first day of school pics. LOL And he's only 8. Gesh Ya'll have fun on the shoe and book shopping. :)

  5. I wanna go too!!! - shopping, not to school :~)

    Hope the boys have a great year. My baby graduated college in May so no more 'back to school' days for us. Talk about a new phase...

  6. Great pictures!! Boys are the so funny. My grandson started his first day of Senior Year today also. Yes, it's going to be very interesting.

    Have fun shopping!!

  7. I remember those first day of school days. Sweet and sad at the same time. And I always posed my daughter in the same spot every year. hehe Enjoy your visit with your friend.

  8. Bless your heart. "Having" to shop...and for shoes, no less! The things we have to do for our friends! Enjoy!

    Cute photos of the boys.


  9. Why is it that they still look like babies to me? No, Kaleb doesn't look excited to be a senior in high school because I doubt sincerely he's old enough to BE a senior in high school! What is he, 14? Jake is all of 12, right? Please don't do this to me, you know I'm having difficulties with the aging ya tho
    Aunt Sandi

  10. I always hated when school started back. I felt so alone. I always wanted to home school,but Brian wouldn't let me =(

  11. Oh - enjoy your time with your best friend...and do something extra to make it special!

  12. Have fun shoe and book shopping! I think I'm going to have to come down to your house to check out your bookshelves!

    Senior year is going to be fun! (And expensive - we just went through it with Shelby!)

    Have fun with Susan!

  13. I hope they had a great first day! Have fun with your best friend!

  14. Hi Kari,

    The boys look like they are so excited! LOL Have fun shoe shopping and book shopping. Glad your best buddy is there to hang with ya. Have fun!

  15. Kari, I made the Honey Balsamic glazed chicken breast recipe tonight. Hubby and I both thought it was delish. I served it with red potatoes and steamed broccoli. Yum. Thanks!

  16. I hope the school year has begun well for those great lookin' guys.

    Have a great time with your friends. It is always fun to be with people who know you well isn't it?


  17. I had a moment yesterday. I saw a mother waiting outside for her kids to get off of the bus. It hit me that Maddy was here last year and would be getting home soon (if she was still here) It made me sad.

    Here lately all the pics of Jake remind me of The 70's Show, he looks like he belongs with the cast. I think it's his hair and the clothes he wears. Do you see it?

    I hope you guys had too much fun! Love ya!

  18. Well, geez, and here I am thinking I might be your best friend in the whole wide world. Hmphh.

    Just kidding... good shoe hunting!

  19. Shoe shopping oh fun!
    That sounds and looks like my boys!!
    Have fun with your company and have a fabulous week.

  20. My Boy goes back to school on Thursday - he wears a school uniform & of course he had to have all new stuff again as he'd outgrown last year's clothing (sigh).

    Sorry I haven't visited lately but the summer is always a hectic time!

  21. You are a great friend - shoe shopping and bookstore hopping. Sounds fun!


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