Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photo Challenge - NUMBERS!

Here are my contributions to the most recent Brenda Photo Challenge, hosted by Karen M. The theme is "numbers". For my first picture, I went with the obvious choice, a picture of my Numb3rs DVDs: I love this show! The guy that plays Charlie Eppes, the math professor, is the actor who played Bernard the Head Elf in the first two Santa Clause movies. He's why I first tuned into the show. And Rob Morrow, who plays Don Eppes, reminds me a little bit of my nephew, Joseph. I think it's the mouth - the way his lips are always pursed. Yoda (my nickname for my nephew) always does that with his mouth, too. lol My second picture is this:

Don't you just love that song "The Twelve Days of Christmas"? Probably THE best song that features numbers. Makes me get all warm and fuzzy just singing it in my head..."On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...". Yessiree Bob. I could hear that every single day of the year and would love it each and every time. My third picture is definitely personal (Not that kind of personal, you pervs! Sheesh!). It's a picture of my keychain and charm that I've recently received from Weight Watchers. (Yes, me, the Queen of Complaining About Weight, broke down and joined Weight Watchers 10 weeks ago this past Wednesday. Yay me! lol) I received the copper colored keychain a couple of weeks ago when I reached my first goal of 10% body weight loss (I circled the little number "10" that's stamped into the metal) and I received the silver charm that has the number "25" as well as the abbreviation "lbs" stamped into the metal, 3 days ago when I officially lost (what I hope to be) my first 25 pounds. I'm very proud of both of those numbers. I honestly don't know which is a harder struggle...quitting the cigarettes or losing weight. But boy howdy, I'm sure glad I developed all these bad habits in my misspent youth. Trying to rid myself of them now that I'm in my 40's has really given me reasons for getting out of bed every morning. (She said with teeth gritted and eyes crossed.) LOL

Now for those of you who are just here to check out the Numbers Photo Challenge pictures, you might want to stop here. The rest of this post is a little bit of bragging, a little bit of self-pity and a whole lot of talk about dropping pounds. In other words, it might just bore you to tears! lol Okay...don't say I didn't warn you!

Anywho...has anybody else heard the phrase "Livin' Large"? It (normally) means:

Living Large: "a. U.S. slang"; to live large: to live in an extravagant manner; (hence) to be very successful, popular, or wealthy, esp. ostentatiously so.

Well that's not the meaning I had in mind when I named my blog. No, no, no... I named my blog "Just Livin' Large" because of the size of my arse, not the size of my wallet or my house. See, my arse is large. And well, it is definitely livin' - (don't think I'm not grateful for that, eh?). But I wasn't too happy with thegeneral state of my arse or the rest of me, for that matter, when I first started blogging. My very first post went like this:

Monday, June 11, 2007
So I stopped smoking. Now what? Okay, well I stopped smoking 16 weeks and 6 days ago (but who's counting, right?). What happens now? Will this almost uncontrollable urge to eat everything in sight stop soon? Will I continue to grow larger and larger and larger until one day I find the only thing that will fit me is a queen size bedsheet? I went clothes shopping the other day, mainly because I was down to one pair of pants that I could zip. I was shocked to discover that my clothes weren't suffering from an unexplained laundry mishap. They hadn't shrunk. I had grown. A lot. A whole lot. In my mind, I'm not fat. In my mirror, well let's not go there. Not only are my clothes not mysteriously altered to a smaller size as per my previous stated belief, but apparently my mirror isn't reflecting an inaccurate vision due to some glazing error. I'm just fat. When did this happen? When did I go from "fluffy" to "fat"? And is this condition permanent? And have I reached the fat boiling point that makes me actually take action to change this? Tune in tomorrow...

You might say I've been "fixated" on the subject for a while although only recently have I decided to actually do anything about it. It happened after that little "Mini-Moon" Randey and I took to OKC back in May. Remember, I'd bought new clothes for the trip. Really BIG new clothes. Even when I was buying those clothes, I still refused to believe how large I'd gotten. Until I saw the pictures of me in those clothes, that is. YOW-ZA! I mean really...YOW-ZA! It was awful. I was disgusted with myself and decided that enough was enough. That Monday, I got online, found the nearest Weight Watchers meeting and that Wednesday, I attended it and joined. As of this past Wednesday (10 weeks after my first meeting), I've lost a total of 25.4 pounds. I feel better, I act better, I'm more outgoing...(this is the bragging part I mentioned earlier, in case you couldn't tell! lol). Now for the pity dad, my step-mom, my step-sister and my nephew all came down from Oklahoma almost two weeks ago to drop said nephew off with us. I was all excited. After all, they hadn't seen me since the weekend before I'd joined Weight Watchers and here I'd lost 20, count 'em, 20 pounds! Oh I just knew I would be positively basking in the glory of that heady achievement, yessir. Only...nobody noticed. Not one person said anything. In fact, other than Randey, no one's said much of anything about my weight loss (although when I make a point of patting myself on the back after my meetings, the boys have been very nice about it and have at least acknowledged the effort. lol). Oh and Aunt Sandi said she thought I looked like I'd dropped a little weight when she saw the vacation pictures (thank you very much Aunt Sandi!) But for everyone else out there: Hello, people! I'm 25 pounds smaller than I was 2 1/2 months ago! Doesn't it show? Well.....apparently not. But that's okay for now. I'm still plugging along, watching what I eat, learning new things and ways to cook, moving my body more. And even if no one else ever, ever notices that I'm slowly shrinking right before their very eyes, I know it. I guess that'll have to do. Of course, I'm never one to suffer in silence (hence this post. lol) or to trudge along with no reward for myself, so to celebrate losing 20 pounds, which was the 10% of my body weight I mentioned earlier, I got this:Oooooh, aaaaahhhhh. A pretty new pink bike. Randey and I are going to start riding bikes in the evenings instead of just going for walks. Pretty cool looking, isn't it? I love it. Here's hoping I don't fall off and break something - it's been a while since I've tootled around on just 2 wheels! Hmmmm, now which handle did they say operates the brake???


  1. Your Pictures are Wonderful!!! And as MUCH as I Love Christmas...I Didn't Think of the Twelve days song!!!!! Darn!!!LOLOL... (Stop worrying about that'll do it!!!) hughugs

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss! I've done WW on my own before and lost about 50 pounds, but most of it has come back. I REALLY need to get back on track.

    I don't want to go to meetings - I'm just too cheap and really don't have the time right now. But I have all the info. I just need to make a BIG effort.

    Would you consider being my weight-loss buddy? Like, I could check in with you and you'd give me the encouragement that I need? I need to push the exercise part - I just don't have the get-up-and-go. Bowling 2x a week just doesn't do enough.

    I'm really proud of you!

  3. What creative pictures! Yeah!!! And high-five, girl, on the weight loss!

    I know exactly what you mean about how people don't say a darn thing about a BIG weight loss. They can see it; they are just keeping their mouths zipped. Gosh, I hate it when people play games like that! I've lost a lot of weight since the first of the year and virtually no one compliments my efforts. It is truly disheartening.

    But remember - you are doing it for YOU, not THEM! Feel good about yourself and give a sloppy ~pbbtttttt~ to those who aren't kind enough to notice and compliment your efforts!

  4. I love your photo's and especially NUMBERS - on of my very favorite shows!!!

    Hey, good for you on giving up the cigs and the incredible weight loss; what an accomplishment girl!!!!! After my recent "espisode" I know it's going to be tough going for a while; probably a longggg while, but I want to live!! This happening at my age of 66 was a huge wakeup call, and yes, dammit I think now I am truly awake!!

    Don't worry about those people who don't notice; pat yourself on the back, get on that purty bike and have FUN!!!!!!!

    Have a great day!!

  5. I KNEW IT! See, only a mother can tell when one of what she considers to be her chicks is losing weight! I tried not to say "here baby, you looking peaked have another biscuit and don't you want some butter and honey with that? Another egg?" You know how your Grandma was with Uncle Wally, always sure I was starving him to death! And of course he went right along with it...loved your numbers challenge you little nag, and I'm getting right along with it, don't you worry! Darn it lol...I have the coolest number 8 you've ever seen!
    hugs and love
    Aunt Sandi
    you want another biscuit?

  6. Your photos are great, but your personal challenge and response to it are even better! To give up cigarettes is hard enough, but to lose weight at the same time is even tougher. congrats to you and keep going. I know the weight challenge and I live it daily. You are an inspiration.

  7. Great numbers pictures! I'm proud of you for your weight lose progress. Hang in there! You'll reach your goal and people will notice even if they don't say so.

  8. LOVE your photos....and congratulations on you personal wonderful!!!! yeahhhh you!
    also love your new bike....i got a baby blue one for mother's day....and love it!
    here is to you....keep it up!

  9. Ok Skinny Minnie, mine is posted!
    Aunt Sandi

  10. All your pics are wonderful, but I love the last one. I stopped smoking almost three years ago, and right now I am trying to loose some weight......i understand the struggles and WAY TO GO!!! I also love the idea of having something engraved with the date and number of pounds lost....i may do that sometime.


  11. Kari, Wow! You know, I always thought "Livin' Large" referred to your joie de vivre :~)

    Congrats on 2 major accomplishments. I suppose it's different for everyone on which is harder (cigs or weight). But you've probably guaranteed yourself at least 30 years more of blogging by doing both, lol. Which is great for you AND all of us!

    I think sometimes people don't say anything about another's successful weight loss is because they need to do the same and are jealous you did it, they never noticed because you're such an amazing friend/relative, they just don't compliment people. Who knows. Anyway, I'm giving you a big pat on the back because I know how hard it is to lose weight at this time in life. This is a HUGE accomplishment!!!! Keep it up and I'm here to encourage you so anytime you feel the need for another pat, just say the word :~)

  12. great photos and congratulations on the personal'll be glad you quit smoking...

    have a great day ~

  13. I think the picture of your keychain is fantastic, because losing 25 pounds is amazing! Congratulations!

  14. Well Done on the weight loss, thats great!
    I've never seen those DVD's Numbers before, but what an appropriate title!

  15. You started blogging a few weeks ahead of me? How is THAT even possible?

    Hearty congratulations on the weight loss! It's not easy and you must be looking like a million bucks. Hope that you'll post photos of your progress. You can leave your "arse" out of it, but, you know, we'd all like to keep track, too. ;>

  16. how will I recognize you on Wednesday? I don't think there's anyway I can lose any between now. sigh! Congrats! You go girl!

    Good for you on getting the bike. You KNOW we love ours.


  17. I thought you looked like you had lost weight in those last pictures! You are doing great!!!!

    I lost 29 pounds over the last several months and some people have yet to notice while others seem to really notice. I guess some people just aren't very observant.

    I'm really excited about Monday!

  18. Great photos ~ they are very good. Well done on the weight loss ~ I am dieting too ~ have lost 43 pounds so far and still lots to go yet!!
    love and hugs XXXX

  19. Great pics, and great job on losing weight. It is difficult to do, no matter if you need to lose a little or a lot. I found after 35 it was near impossible to make a change to my body!!! Yikes!

  20. I love all your numbers, what fun, creative choices and the last is such an accomplishment. YaY Kari, 25 lbs is a lot don't kid yourself.

  21. oh my gosh! way to go! I got my key ring too and I've reached my goal! I'm a lifetime member now and can attend for free! I'm so happy for you, I certainly know how good you feel, both inside and out!

  22. You know I am so very PROUD of you for your dedication to losing weight. You are doing great with it. Don't let people not noticing get you down. Like I said before they probably were scared to say something. I love your bike, it's too cute. I felt so sad when I read the reason behind your blog name. I had no idea. You know I believe you are a beautiful woman and have never seen you as being fat or large. I hope your confidence keeps building. When we come in December, I know you are going to look great. Oh and good job on your challenge pics. I love that song too! Love ya!

  23. Hi Kari,

    Finally, blogger will let me post a comment on your site. Has anyone else had any problems with posting comments. Anywho, first I lvoe your numbers photos. You know I've never seen that show, I'll have to check it out one of these days and I love your Christmas reference. Okay now for the weight los part, yay for you. I'm so happy for ya, you know I am. But there's two things, first WW never gave me a any keys chain or a charm. LOL And I must have that bike, I need that pink bike, it's the prettiest thing. You keep going girl!

  24. great numbers and SUPER KUDDOS for all of your accomplishments! Keep up the great work!

  25. Excellent challenge choices! You know I'll have "The 12 Days of Christmas" running through my head for days now, doncha?

    Congrats on your weight loss efforts! It takes so much strength and will power to make life changes and you're accomplishing two of the most difficult.

  26. Congratulations. You should be proud of yourself. The photos are great too.


  27. I enjoyed your numbers photos. Somehow I've missed that show. I love Christmas books too. And. . . CONGRATULATIONS!!! Quitting smoking is so hard and you did it! And 25 pounds is awesome. Keep it up. You are definitely on a roll here. I love your bike too. It's so pretty! Have fun.

  28. I forgot. I was going to comment on your comment of my Nikon camera. I don't think I ever figured out how to use it properly either. It's a really tricky camera isnt' it? So many gadgets and things. For such a fancy camera, my pictures turned out blurry alot. How about yours?

  29. Kari
    Well done on the weight loss I,m still trying but seem stuck at the moment Must have something to do with the chocalate I ate yesterday!!!! take care on that great looking bike

  30. I just had to stop and say congrats on the weight loss! One piece of advice - once you get your lifetime status - DON'T stop going to meetings. Even if you only go once a month. I did WW and lost 60 lbs but over the course of about 5 years they have all found their way back, and most of them brought a friend. Lots of issues but one big thing was that when I started putting it back on, I stopped going to meetings. BIG mistake. I even put my keychain away about a year ago because it was just depressing.
    One of these days I'll get my brain where it has to be to lose at least some of it again, it just isn't there at the moment. I'm sure the doc will have a few words to say next week - he told me last year to do something about it but I don't think he meant ADD!
    Congrats again!

  31. I love what you chose to do your numbers challenge on. I have only watched Numbers a couple of times, and I kept wondering where I knew Charlie from.

    And the numbers representing your weight loss! That is AWESOME! You GO girlie!

    I have been trying to get back on WW, but I keep falling off the wagon. The last time I was on it, and successful, was two years ago.

    I always weighed in on Wednesdays too. I really liked that it was in the middle of the week. It gave me time to regroup from the weekends. LOL I always tried to save my flex points, and activity points because I knew we would eat out at least one of those days.

    Congrats to you my friend! You are doing GREAT!

  32. Oh Kari. Congratulations. This may be an affirmation for me. There is a Weight Watchers meeting just down the road from our house and I was thinking about joining. Tuesday night meetings so maybe next Tuesday I will? I need to lose 30 to 35 pounds. I would love to have that silver circle on my keychain.




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