Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Desiree'!

My only daughter, Desiree', turns 21 years old today. Happy Birthday, Des! Here she is when she was almost 3 years old. See those eyes? Deep, dark brown. Kinda sparkly. Great happy smile. Cute little button nose. Just such a sweet little face. Oh yeah. A sweet little face that was always, always, always full of mischief. (That's a mother's nice way of saying it has damn near killed me trying to get her raised! Whew!!) I'm telling you, this kid spent more minutes in timeout than the combined penalty time total of all the hockey players in the history of the National Hockey League. And that's saying something. But here we are, 2008, and she's now 21 years old. And I survived! Yippee! Happy Birthday, Des - I hope we have a great year together!

In other "children news"...I finally got to speak with my son, Nick! Yay!!! I haven't spoken to him since he deployed. He'd tried to call once before, but we weren't home and I didn't hear my cell phone ring either. Talk about crushed! I was sick about that. But he called last night and we got to speak for a pretty good bit of time. He was able to give me an address that I can send a care package for him to. And you know what he asked for? Canned boiled peanuts. How funny is that? I'm hoping to get some when I'm in Florida next week. I can't seem to find any around here in Texas. And if my beautiful son wants boiled peanuts, that my beautiful son shall have them. (I had to say it like that because Nick has requested that I not call him "beautiful" anymore. So, naturally, I feel compelled to call him "beautiful" every chance I get. lol)

Here's a picture of Nick from his survival school days. Nick, honey. Let's face it. You are a beautiful man. I know it, you know it, Jodie knows it, heck everybody knows it. Don't fight it, baby. Just go with it. :) And one more thing, son. I am so very proud of you. I know you don't like me saying that on my blog - you're not into the bragging aspect of your job, but I am. I know what you're sacrificing by serving in our armed forces and by being deployed. I know what you're missing out on in your children's lives. And I also know that you volunteered for this deployment and I know why. I am very, very sad to know how much your service costs you and your family, but I am so grateful that you and others like you are willing to make those sacrifices so that the rest of us can sit back and revel in our freedoms. (So yes, Nick, I'm grateful and I'm proud and no, son, I will not stop talking about it, even though you've asked me to. I love you. Stay safe. ~Mom)


  1. Beautiful post Sissy...I can't believe little Des is 21...I hope she has a fantastic year and you along with her! And of course Nick is beautiful...look at his mother and grandmother, lol! If you can't find any boiled peanuts, want I should can him some?
    Aunt Sandi

  2. oh and ps, if you look in the grocery store, in produce, they now come in sealed bags (which would be easier to pack and mail) and hold more than the cans! Just thought I'd throw that in!
    hugs again

  3. What a "beautiful" post!!!

    Kinda does something to you when your CHILD comes "of age"!!! She was a doll & I'm sure, seeing the boys, that she still is!!!

    My oldest turns 30 (gulp@#$) this year. Talk about a wake up call! Of course, I was only 10 when I had him---ha ha ha

    I too am proud of Nick. Having had my son in law in the service & in Iraq, I can kind of know what you are feeling---enormous pride and enormous fear. He has my heart's support.

    You're going to FLORIDA???? Without me?????

    Well, just be that way-and have a great time!!!!

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  5. Kari, I am so glad to hear Nick is safe and well. You all have been in my prayers. I have gotten to speak with Rian a few times and got his address as well.he wants muscidine jelly to cover the taste of breakfast hehe.
    Here the can green peanuts are on the nut isle at wal-mart. They are really good. if you can't find them let me know and I will send Nick a box.You will have to tell me what else he likes.

  6. I have an award for you at my place, I actually called you Kari so you best come pick it up!
    Aunt Sandi

  7. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Desiree!

    And yes, Nick is beautiful have every right to be proud of him (and not just for his beauty!)

    Boiled peanuts? I tried some when visiting in SC...blech! Nick can have my share!

  8. Happy Birthday Desiree!! 21 is a big one. Would Nick want strangers(like me) to send a card of thanks or encouragement? Hope you are doing well. I've been meaning to email you all week but somehow this week got away from me again. "sigh" Don't know how that keeps happening. LOL

  9. Happy Birthday Desiree!
    Hugs and Go's blessing to you! Mike g. said that. (its an A.A. thing)

  10. Happy birthday to your daughter! Yeah, that sweet little face has a bit of sass lurking behind it, LOL. You survived!

    God bless your son for serving his country. We have our freedoms because of BEAUTIFUL (inside and out) men like him!

  11. Joining you in wishing your dd a wonderful 21st birthday! So, raising a daughter was a piece of cake, eh? LOL!

    Will keep Nick in my thoughts and prayers, too. Thank you for speaking up, btw, we're counting on you!

  12. Happy Birthday to your daughter!! It's always such a good feeling when they turn 21 and we survived those 21 years! lol I do hope she has a wonderful day!!

    You have every reason to be proud of Nick and I'm so glad that you were able to talk with him. It always does a mother's heart good when we find out that our children are safe and sound. Would you believe I've never heard of "boiled" peanuts? Now you'll have me searching for them out of curiosity! lol My prayers are with Nick that he stays safe.

    Oh Kari, I just love how you display your childrens' artwork from when they were little, what a fabulous idea! I'm quite impressed how good they are, even Nick's turkey hand prints! hehe

    You would love coming to the weekly Estate Auction with me because they always have framed paintings up for bid...some vintage, some gorgeous, some not so gorgeous and some just plain bad! lol xoxo

  13. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter. What a beauty and yet I think I can spot some mischief in those eyes. LOL

    Nick is indeed a handsome guy...and a hero in my book. I am so humbled with gratitude when I think of him and so many others who serve our country and fight for our freedom.

    Can't wait to see you next Wednesday!! I'll check around here for peanuts.


  14. Happy Birthday wishes to your daughter, Kari! And to you too - I always wish the mama a happy day.

    Your son continues to be in my prayers.

  15. Happy Birthday to Desiree. What a lovely name!

    You keep right on being proud of your beautiful son!!!!!!! And I say Thank You to him and to his family... for their service.

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    When Twilight Embraces

  16. I love that pic of Des, she was such a cute little bug. I love the things you wrote to Nick what a beautiful dedication to him. He will love it even if you did refer to him as beautiful numerous times. You and I both know he looks in the mirror and says, "Now that is a beautiful man!" LOL

  17. Happy birthday to Desiree! Her picture is adorable. And Nick. Yep. He is a handsome man!

    And you just keep talking about him. That is your right as a proud momma!



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