Friday, June 13, 2008

Double take?

They say everybody's got a "double" in this world. A lookalike, a "twin". I don't know if I believe that about all of us, but I do believe it about some. I've posted these top two pictures before. This first one is, of course, Harry Potter. Well, actually, it's the actor, Daniel Radcliffe, who portrays Harry Potter in the movies (if you want to get technical about it). This second one is of Kaleb, taken last summer just after he stumbled out of bed. We used to tell him that if he had black hair, he'd look just like HP. (Oh, okay, so fine...maybe my love of J.K. Rowling's awesome character has colored my perception a bit. Maybe.)
I tried year after year to get him to dress up in a set of Hogwarts robes for Halloween, but he just wouldn't go for it. (sigh) I mean, geez, it's not like I planned on carving a lightning bolt scar in his forehead! You'd think the kid could have done this one little 'ol thing for his poor, sweet mama, eh? Hmph! Guess not, 'cause he wouldn't and he didn't.
This next picture is of my BFF Susan. (She's cussing me at this very minute because I've posted this picture). Hey Susan! Cuss all you want. You can't reach me from Florida! lol And, hopefully, you'll be calm by the time you can reach me. *grin* Anywho, I've always thought Susan looked like Princess Di in this picture.
Yeah, okay, so you have to ignore the cake in her mouth...but other than having her mouth full - what do you think?
Okay, I've got to run now. I mean, I've really got to run. I can hear Susan thundering after me as I type this. Not because I've compared her to Princess Diana, but because I posted her picture on my blog. Susan's worse than I am about having her picture taken. Uhhhhh, Susan....deep breaths, hon, deep breaths. At least your tan looked great in the pic, right? Well, it did in the original anyway. And if you'd been sweeter and just let me take a decent picture, I wouldn't have taken one with your face stuffed with birthday cake. Speaking of cake, remember this day? I think it was Desiree's birthday maybe? Back in '97? See? We've been friends for a long time now. Put that gun away! You're not going to shoot me for posting this. Help me! Help me! Somebody call 911...I think I see her pulling up in my driveway. (Wow! Who knew a person could cover 750 miles in under 10 minutes????)
P.S. Love 'ya, Susan! Remember, good friends are hard to come by so tossing me aside for posting one, little teenie weenie picture would be just plain foolish!


  1. I think you're right about both. Very definite likenesses.

    I'm sending a posse out your way to check on you and rustle up Susan if need be. You're too funny!

  2. You love living dangerously, don'tcha! :D

    Yes, I do see the resemblances.

  3. Oh great eye...I do see some resemblance on both! I have a twin...not anyone famous but everyone swears I look like someone named Michelle! People always swear they know me and one guy got really,really upset when I told him he had me mixed up with someone else!!! I'm sure your friend Susan will forgive you....eventually ;o)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. You are right! They do resemble them! What a FUN post!

  5. Okay that's scary. I'm looking at Susan's nose...and then Diana's and now the lord...then I'm looking at Harry Potter and then at Kaleb and that's almost more, maybe equally spooky...dopplegangers!
    love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  6. Absolutely! You are very right. J even looked at HP and Kaleb and said they look alike. He didn't see Susan. He's a busy man...has to go fishin'!!

    Have a great weekend, Kari!


  7. Someone could get mad about looking like Princess Di? I'm sure she ate cake sometimes too...
    And you're right-- the similarities are amazing.

  8. I do see the resemblance and I hope Susan sees the positiveness that you said she looks like one of the most beautiful women in the world.

  9. Kaleb does look like HP and Susan, yes you do look like Diana and oh, what a compliment - one of the most beautiful women in the world!! Kari, run for your life!!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  10. I am thinking your son could earn some money hmmmmm your friend hmmm i have one who looks like her too

  11. Kari, I think you enjoyed that just a little too much! bwwaaahahahaaa!

    btw, Susan, you do look just like the beautiful Princess Di, don't kill Kari!

  12. I never realized how much Susan looked like Princess Diana. I don't know why she would be angry about that, but you are right she might just kick your butt. LOL

  13. Harry Potter WISHES he was that good looking.

    You know, I was way behind with you! You've been traveling and hanging with the Irish twins and going through hail...I SWEAR when we get this move behind us, I won't get so out of touch.



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