Thursday, May 8, 2008

We're Goin' on a Mini-Moon!

What's a Mini-Moon, you ask? It's a weekend honeymoon sort of thing. More accurately, it's a weekend away with no children. Yee-haw! Randey and I are going to Bricktown in Oklahoma City. I love Bricktown. It's just cool. Tomorrow afternoon we'll be driving to Midwest City to drop the boys off at my dad's and Randey and I are heading to OKC (yeah, well, it's only about 6 or 7 miles away, so it's not like we'll have a long drive ahead of us from there). We plan on going to the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum - Randey's never seen it and it is certainly worth seeing. It's so beautiful, the way they've created a place of peace out of something so horrific. And then, of course, we're going to be eating at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill Restaurant. I've been wanting to go since it opened, but we've never managed to get there. I'm actually not a fan of country music for the most part, but I do loves me some Tobe. We might also visit the OKC Museum of Art - don't know if I can talk Randey into that one yet. Odds are against it, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway. And - I'm happy to report - the Oklahoma Redhawks, a farm team for the Texas Rangers, just happen to be having a home game Saturday night so we're planning on attending that. I love going to those ballgames. It's a wonderful ballpark that has the most awesome statue of Johnny Bench, THE Greatest Catcher in Baseball History, outside the stadium on the 1st base side. I can't tell you the times I've had my picture taken with that statue. One of these days, I'm going to take a ladder with me so I can actually climb up on it and get a GREAT picture of me and J.B. together. lol ('d be so worth getting arrested for.....) On Sunday, we'll head back to Dad's, have brunch with them and then head on home. What a weekend! A mini-moon with Big Daddy (aka Randey!) and Mother's Day with my kids. Well, half of my kids. The only thing that could possibly make it any better would be to have all of my kids and my grandchildren with me on that day.
Anywho, since we're going on this little Mini-Moon and since I've recently cleaned out my closet like a madwoman, I decided I needed some new clothes! (I actually blame this on Brenda. I was reading her blog and she was showing some clothes and shoes she'd bought for her upcoming trip to Amish country and I lost all control of myself. Like I told her, I'm probably one of those people who could be hypnotized very easily because WOW, the slightest little hint of suggestion was all I needed to hit the stores!). Now remember, this is a casual weekend, so I bought casual clothes. First is this outfit:
I know, I know...I'm a sucker for bright colors. Can't help it. I showed my restraint when it came to the capri pants. They're dark chocolate brown (which sounds better than just saying "brown"). Then I got this outfit:
I'm actually not much of a fan of HOT pink, but what the heck. Randey's always loved me in pink (I have no idea why) so I'm going with it. Notice the blue jean capri pants have hot pink stitching, too. And then, because I'm a firm believer in "you can never have too many watches", I bought a new watch, too. It's pretty cool....has cross charms all thru it and it jangles. What more you ask for in a watch? (Besides that it tell time, you smart***es!)
I also bought this skirt. I don't know why. I have nothing to wear with it. I didn't need it for this weekend, but I tried it on and loved the way it fit and felt. I'll find a top for it, sooner or later. I hope.
And then, since I had two new outfits, I thought maybe I should look into shoes to go with them. Because of the 3 rows of shoes I have at home, not one single pair was THE perfect pair for either of these "casual" outfits. Although, come to think of it, just how "perfect" does a pair of sandals have to be before you can declare them "workable"? Ah well, the deed is done so it doesn't matter now. Here's what I found:
Cute, huh? Well. After all that fierce and frenzied shopping for little ol' me, I started to feel a tad bit guilty. So I bought Randey 2 shirts, too. The "official" name of the color for the one on the left is called "Lemon Sherbet". LOL Don't tell Randey. He'd have a stroke if he thought he was wearing something called that.
That's my shopping spree. This is what I have to show for my efforts of yesterday. Well, that and another PRIMO crock pot dinner that I cooked. By golly, I'll have you to know, I've cooked every single night this week! Not one dinner out. This is a record in our household. lol Of course, I did eat lunch out. But lunch doesn't count. (That's actually a rule in the Official Guidebook of Cooking, Eating and Spending Money on Food). Speaking of eating out though, I'd like to take this moment to pass on a little advice to any and all out there who work in the service industry for a living. Specifically those of you who work the counter at, say...Chick-fil-a (or anywhere else really) and those of you who wait tables for a living at maybe a Logan's Roadhouse, for instance. Should a robust and/or fluffier-sized woman happen to order a soft drink from you and you are unclear as to what she asked for, do yourself a favor and don't say "Did you say diet coke?". See that's just rude. It'd be better to say "Did you say regular coke?" or "I'm sorry, what was that drink?". This is twice within the last couple of weeks that this has happened to me. The first time, I ordered a coke and the waitress says "Was that a diet coke?" and the second time was yesterday, when I ordered a small lemonade. The chick behind the counter said, "Did you say diet lemonade?". You know guys, it may be your perception that I should be ordering the diet versions of those drinks, but I'm the paying customer. I have been kind enough to choose your place of business to spend my money, thereby helping to enable your continued employment. Try not to insult me, eh? That'd be great. Really. And by not insulting me, the life you save may be your own. I'm coming so close to succumbing to that almost overwhelming urge to pick up your little stick-figured selves and smack you around like the WWF Champion I apparently so closely resemble. Now remember, this advice is for your own good. I haven't gotten violent or loud about it yet....but it's comin'. (This has been a public service announcement brought to you by Kari on behalf of big-butted women everywhere. Thank you.)


  1. Well just have a blast, you cute thing in your new outfits. And thanks for getting the psa out there for us (though I've never had this happen to me and not because it isn't within the realm of possibility).

    And why is my typing score slipping?

  2. Good for you guys for getting away for a little trip. It sounds so FUN!! And I love all your cute clothes!!

  3. I would die before I drank anything diet - Blech!

    Love the new clothes. You're giving me a bug now.... stop it.... it's not in my budget for a new summer wardrobe!

    Enjoy your mini-moon. I should put a bug in Bob's ear for a little mini-moon of our own. :)

  4. I,ll take the blame. You are gonna be sooo hot! Love the bright colors .

  5. Have fun on your mini-moon. Love that term.

  6. Wait 'till they ask you if you want the senior discount...
    'Why yes.I would!..and could you insert that horizontally where it's least likely to fit?'

  7. Mini Moon...LOVE it!
    Have a fantastic HOT, well dressed lady you! What fun you will have.

    I laughed so hard at your Diet Cole musings...I can SO relate to this and have wanted to slap a few servers myself. "Yes, I KNOW I need to lose weight smart *** but if I wanted to drink something with no calories I would ask for water and you could not charge me a dang thing for it. But I LOVE Coke. Pure, fully calorie-d and caffeine powered Coke. Bring me the *&%^$#%* Coke and do it fast with that smile wiped off your skinny face!"

    YOU never fail to make me smile. I think you are amazing.\

    HAVE FUN!!!


  8. I know, I know...I'm saying it yet again...I'm playing "catch up" with my blog reading. It happens more often than I ever thought possible. But I'm not complaining though. My life is full and happy, so sometimes I get behind. But wouldn't you know're MIA for awhile and then when I'm MIA, you come and write a bunch of posts. LOL

    It's always fun to visit you. You make me laugh. You've been a busy girl. I LOVE all your new clothes and shoes. Thanks for the recipes. The Apricot Glazed Pork Road sounds yummy. I copied the recipe and will give it a try. What's not to like though. I actually cooked a pork road tonight so I have some leftover pulled pork. Hmmmmm...I might just add the barbecue sauce, etc. and voila dinner will be served tomorrow night. I want to see Made of Honor...maybe this weekend. Have a great time on your mini-moon.


  9. Wow...pork road??? oh Lord, I must be tired tonight. You know I meant pork roast, right? Right?


  10. Hey, I saw that you were over at Joan's Journeys wondering what the fruit is and I am here to tell you what it is.

    But first ... let me just say that I loved this post and learned a new term. Mini Moon. Cute! I'm working on getting along well enough with my hubby to WANT to go on one. ha.

    And I loved the bit about the servers and the diet cracks. Don't these teens/young adults get skinnier by the year? Holy cow! The little bean poles.

    And the fruit is called.... wait. ..

    just kidding. Just thought I'd string it out for ... what's it called? dramatic effect? (seeing Kari come my way to bi^&% slap me)




  11. Ohh, happy Moon you two...have a great time and enjoy being w/o/kids for a couple of days!
    I love that skirt...go for something really really green....or really really blue...I like the blue jean capris, and you found them where?
    Aunt Sandi

  12. Cute clothes! You'll be in my neck of the woods. If you ever want to meet and drink a coke call me! I would love to meet you IRL!

  13. Hi Kari,

    Love the idea of a mini moon! I hope you have lots of fun. And how many times do I have to tell you, you should come to Cincy and we will stalked JB. I just know he wouldn't mind. LOL And I love your clothes. The pink one with the pink trim pants, just what I love. I used to be such a watch person too. Have you ever loooked at the Brighton ones, cause I know you love Brighton. Have a good weekend Kari and a great Mother's Day!

  14. Have a wonderful time. And please come back with some pictures of you and Johnny. He's my favorite catcher too! Got an autographed picture of him back in the day.

  15. Hi now you are enjoying your beautiful mini-moon! What a great idea!

    I love your new "casual" outfits and Randey's new shirts are pretty nifty too..lemon sherbet and all!! I have a thing about that colorful Candies! I'll have to look for a pair!

    Have a delightful weekend and a happy happy Mothers Day!

  16. Coming back when I can take time to read. I just hate to scan - not fair to you, not fair to me.


    I would like to invite you to stop by my site. I am having a Baby Shower for Jana. Bring your stunning witt!

    I found Jodie's site and saw pictures of the most gorgeous baby girl.....

    Be blessed.


  17. You are going to look amazing. I have been trying to go to this place for years. I can't wait to hear how you like it!

  18. Hope the mini-moon went well!
    Wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Mother's Day
    Sandy :)

  19. A weekend getaway with no kids - how fun! :) Hope you had a great time and happy mother's day!

  20. Hey! Did you decide to make the mini-moon into a "we're-never-coming-back-moon"? Where are you? We want details, photos and the whole "kit and kaboodle"!

    AND - Stop by my place when you get a chance...there's a special award waiting for you to pick up. You are deserving of this one for sure!


  21. As a big butted woman (hips, thighs, gut... too) I am glad to have you as my Warrior Princess!

    Diet Lemonade. Pish.



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