Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Way Over My Head

Last summer, I fussed and fussed about wanting a nicer camera. I wanted to be able to take pictures like a pro. My little point and shoot camera just wasn't up to the task. Actually, in retrospect, I think the operator of my little point and shoot camera wasn't up to the task but hindsight ain't helping me now. 'Cause now, thanks to my big mouth, I have a much bigger problem. Almost a year ago - yes! One. Whole. Year. Ago. - Randey bought me this: Isn't it something? A Nikon D80 - a truly magnificent piece of machinery. And that's not all. He also bought me this:
Lenses and gadgets galore. Woo-hoo! Unfortunately, Randey forgot that he's married to a technologically challenged individual who can't even program a microwave or TiVo with any degree of accuracy. I've had this entire set up all this time and I still don't know how to use this darn camera. I was overjoyed when I saw that our local community education office was offering a 6 week digital photography class for beginners. And then I found out that the class starts the week we leave for vacation. Ugh! However, my wonderful neighbor, Brian, loaned me a few books on photography so all is not lost. Sure, he loaned them to me months ago, but my procastination has prevented me from taking advantage of them until now (so it's not my fault, see?). But now the time has come. Our vacation is fast approaching so I can't put this off any longer...I'm going to have to break down and crack open those books. And hope Kaleb's around to interpret the tech-y stuff for me. (You don't suppose it's possible to actually electrocute yourself with a honkin' camera like this, do 'ya?)


  1. Awww what a sweet hubby you have to buy you all that! Whew,you had better get crackin and fast! LOL...Don't worry, I'm right there with ya! I'm technically challenged too and still haven't figured out all the buttons on my camera!!! Good luck :o)

  2. Wiping the drool off my chin from your pics. What a sweetie to do that. Just use your instincts. The beauty is if it doesn't come out you hit delete and try again.

  3. When you figure out how to use all that - let me know - I am still trying to figure out a Kodak Easy Share - I hope I get to "graduate" one day and get something like that!!
    And yes, I knew what a curmudgeon was!!
    The other day I was laughing about something and said "My tickled box got turn over" and my daughters looked at me like I had lost my mind - they had never heard of that - have you?

  4. lucky lucky girl! "Put on your big girl panties" and get busy learning. So, then you can teach me. LOL

    There are so many bloggers out there that take the most incredible photos. I'm envious for sure. I'm just a "point and shoot" kind of girl myself.


  5. That is such a cool camera!!!

  6. Like the saying goes,If first you donot suceed,try,try again.Or fake it untill you make it.

  7. wow that was so nice of Randey! He really went all out didn't he! :) Good luck on trying to figure it all out :)

  8. Even if you can't work the camera, you'll look so talented just carrying around all that stuff!

    Carry the camera bag and all the stuff, then pull out your little point-and-shoot when no one's looking!

  9. Wow! Get thee busy practicing, my dear. That's really where it's at. I'm still practicing...I think it'll take a lifetime. Hope that you'll share any wonderful tips that you learn.

  10. Oh Hon, I feel your pain! Me too, to all of it. Other than the camera make, and all the do-dads and attachments. ,-) Me toooo! Still don't have mine figured all out!

    And thank you soooo much for leaving a comment for me, under my entry, showing the *Interesting* threatening email which I received.

    Of course I have my side to all of this saga. But to go through all that, would only be boring. Anyway, I think just posting the threatening email itself, is enough. ,-) "Pretty Blog Land" can read it, for themselves. And... come to their own conclusions. ,-)

    Thank you for being the first one to say... that you admire me for not letting this person intimidate me. {Sad to say, not everyone is thus. Even though I am the only one, who got such an email} And thank you for saying you admire the posting of his email, for all to see. Thank you much!!! You are the first and only one, to say that! And I think you can see, that it means a lot to me.

    Again, I'm so happy to have found your blog. And I do hope you will stop by my blogs, again. Well, the most active are the 'Smilnsigh' one. And the 'Photos-City-Mine,' the link to which, is on the sidebar of 'Smilnsigh.'


  11. Was that ever sweet of him to get you the camera, I too have a similar problem on my BD my son bought me a huge HP camera similar to yours, and its got gadgets and dodads and lots of stuff, but oh my poor little head trying to figure that stuff out, slowly bit by bit I am understanding it a tad more.But the pictures it takes are so worth the headache!

  12. Oh Kari, my dear friend... you suck!!! hehe Look at that gorgeous camera!!! I LOOOVE and want it! ;) Yep, I'm jealous. Will you loan Randey to me so he'll buy me one?? HEHE ;)


    I can't wait to see what you learn from the books. Once you get it all figured out, you're going to LOOOOVE your camera.

  13. Kari,

    You lucky bum!! I've always wanted a really cool camera. I always get the smallest one they have. But now that I have these grandbabies I would love a really cool one. I'm not much of a photographer, I just have fun with it. Hey why don't you join the next photo challenge. The girls are all nice and way better then I am but they are all so encouraging.

  14. Hi Kari,
    I can't figure out how to really use my new Christmas camera either! Just play with it, ask your sons and I've even thought about taking mine to a camera shop for some quick pointers!

  15. Holy Cow. Can I send the link to this post to my Hubby? Wow.
    When I upgraded to my D70, I was stumped with the additional features from the 50-- you must be overwhelmed going straight into an 80-- but what a ride it'll be! Take good care of your lenses and have professional cleanings and this thing will make you look like a pro. And your Christmas photos? I think they're lovely. I LOVED the feel from the snowman one.


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