Monday, May 26, 2008

Not Much Fizz to the Dr. Pepper Tour but Indiana Jones is Still the Man

Bright and early Saturday morning (if you consider 9:00 bright and early, that is) we headed to Dublin, Texas to check out the Dublin Dr. Pepper Bottling Company and Museum. We opted not to go to the Waco D.P. museum because it would have meant a total of 5 hours driving time to include both Dublin and Waco and we wanted to check out Indiana Jones 4 that afternoon, too. Anywho...I'm thinking that this will go down in our family history as a "been there, done that, don't need to do it again" sort of thing. The Famous "Old Doc's Soda Shop" wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Not much there at all, really. They sold t-shirts and other Dr. Pepper emblazoned items and the soda counter offered all manner of D.P. and even some sandwiches and stuff. The tour of the bottling plant, however, made the the soda shop look downright cool. Our 'tour guide' was a young, probably teen-aged, girl who used "um" and "like" in every single sentence she spoke, sometimes even several times within the same sentence, during the 20 minute tour thru the bottling facility and the three room "museum". And if she scraped her hair back behind her ears once, she did it a hundred times. Note to Dublin Dr. Pepper Management: Make sure tour guides can speak proper English, advise them to keep their hands out of their hair, especially when standing next to the bottling machinery and explain to them that stopping their schpeil in the middle of a sentence to explain to the tour how it is they always get confused when trying to pronounce so and so's name doesn't exactly convey a feeling of "ah...she knows what she's talking about!".
We bought the boys a t-shirt each, just so we wouldn't feel like the day was wasted (ha) and we bought Maddy Moose and Kara little Dr. Pepper shirts, too (see below). The coolest thing was this giant Dr. Pepper can that's located down at the end of the block from the museum. Here's Randey and I, poking each other in the ribs as Kaleb took our picture.
(How come he looks normal when I'm poking him, but I look like a stumbling drunk or something??). This next picture is of Kaleb and Jacob next to the "can". They first stood there about 2 feet apart until I told them to "act like they knew each other". This is the pose they gave me for my efforts:
And here's Randey and the boys. After we left Dublin, we drove up thru Granbury and had lunch at Babe's. Don't even get me started on the food at Babe's. Yum-O! Their smoked chicken is the best! Once we got lunch out of the way, we headed back home (had to drop off Randey's left-overs) and then on to the movie theater where we saw Indiana Jones 4.
I wish I hadn't of listened to the critics take on this movie...I spent too much time "thinking" about it instead of just enjoying it. I think I'm going to go see it again. I mean I liked it, I liked it a lot, I just think I missed too much of it because I was trying to see what the critics had pointed out in their reviews. Dumb critics. Don't know why I ever even bother to read a review from the likes of them.
Before I stop for today, I want to clarify why I asked if anyone knew the definition of "curmudgeon" in my last post. And no, people, it's not because someone called me one nor was it because I didn't have enough sense to look it up in a dictionary. I asked because I was surprised that my own teenage sons had never heard the word before. A couple of months ago, we were at a reception hosted by Texas Tech. It was one of those college recruitment things for Kaleb. While there, one of the speakers said something about not promising the students that they wouldn't run into the occasional "curmudgeon" within the ranks of the professors and then she said "Ah. Curmudgeon. Our vocabulary word of the day.". I sort of laughed and said "Like everyone in this room doesn't already know what a curmudgeon is" and Kaleb and Jacob both looked at me and said they'd never heard the word before. What the heck? I thought they would have learned that already, either through vocabulary testing and/or English lit. I know it's not a word we use here at home often (although if Randey's attitude keeps deteriorating, that could change. lololol). When I expressed my shock that my boys didn't know that word, I was informed (and I won't say who was doing the informing) that it wasn't a very "common" word and most people probably didn't know what it meant. Bull-hockey, I say! So I was asking you guys if you knew the meaning. (Wow. Talk about a long, drawn out story to explain something, huh?) Anyway, that's why the question was asked. So don't start sending me e-mail addressed to "Ms. Curmudgeon", thinking that's become my new nick-name, okie-dokie?
The rest of this post is for the scrapbookers out there. I wanted to show you my Mini-Moon booklet. It'll serve as a forever reminder of what goober pet owners Randey and I are. lol
And finally...may you all take the time to think about and remember those who have given their lives so that we may have our freedoms. Memorial Day is for them. May God Bless their souls.

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  1. The dr. pepper place looks fun and sounds fun too... sometimes the things that make it less appealing are the reasons you remember it forever. I am thinking about taking the kids to the braums plant sometime this summer, it's in Oklahoma and I've heard that others have enjoyed it.
    Your scrap booklet is beautiful!

  2. Hmmm...seems like just about everyone we know ignored the critics and went to see Indy sometime this weekend! Loved seeing Indy & Mary together again...and they really set it up for there to be another!

    Your "Mini Moon" scrapbook is too cute...hey...what about that haircut we were talkin' 'bout, Willis?? ;)


  3. First I love the book. Aren't you good having it all done so quickly too! i still haven't finished one layout from my Boston trip the end of March(I do have one I worked on some today but it's not quite finished yet). Anywho, the trip to the Dr. Pepper museum. Very cool even if it didn't live up to expectation. And critics, never listen to them. Everyone has their own taste.

  4. Happy memorial day and thank the special men in your life for me!That grandbaby is soooo beautiful.Monkey hair and all hehe.

  5. I felt like I was reading your gave me a cheap thrill, so don't knock it. How you could listen to a critic is beyond me...I know I taught you better! I always figured that if the know it all critics hated it, I'd be sure to love it...can't wait to see Indy4...Wally and Charity have seen it and loved it...I just saw Charlie Wilson's War and give it 2 big thumbs up...but I'm not a critic so who cares where my thumbs are right? Loved this post, you kill me...
    love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  6. That mini moon book is adorable! You are so creative dangit! Me? Not so much!

    That doggie door is so darned cool. Kipper says to tell Sydney that he is major-ly jealous. BIG time. We just watched Ferris Bueller again and Sydney may want to see what happens with THAT doggie door! : )

    Bill and I went to see Indiana and what fun. I just wanted to experience it as I did the other 3...thrill rides and witty remarks..and I was not disappointed.

    The ending was something I had waited on since 1981!!! Go Marion!!!

    And I love that picture of that ever so cute couple next to the Dr. Pepper can. Can't be you and Randey...much too young for that! I think you look a-door-ee-bull!!


  7. Looks like a good day. I can't wait to see the movie myself. You did a great job with your mini-moon scrapbook.

    I hope your Memorial Day was a good one. I'm so proud to be an American. I'm thankful to all of the men and women who defend our country.

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog and see the video at the end of my post. It's worth watching.


  8. Calm down there Kari!!! Those who questioned your inquiry of the word obviously doesn't "get" your sarcasim!!! I totally got the question. Like, has anyone out there "pondered" lately?? Love that word.

    Now, on to important questions---I am totally out of the loop as far as new scrapbooking items---haven't had much time to go & shop. So, I was pondering---where did you find that awesome shaped book??? That is totally rad dude! (Those are some words we should forget!! ha ha ha)

  9. Hi Kari,

    It looks like a fun time at the Dr. Pepper place. I love the tee's and the photos of you and your hubby and boys. And girl you are good with the scrapbooking. I've been getting into digital scrapbooking and it's really fun but I'm still a little confused on the tech stuff. Maybe I'll take a class.

  10. never occurred to me that there would be a Dr. Pepper museum. Who knew???

    Great book, and I never,not once, ever thought you were a grumpy ol' curmudgeon. So there! (not that I thought you thought that I was thinking that, but just sayin')

  11. I really enjoyed seeing the do wonderful work!

    At least that giant can of Dr. Pepper made a great photo opportunity. Loved the pics.

    So Harrison's still got it, eh? Well, now that I've found out that Prince Caspian doesn't, perhaps For will do.

  12. Sorry the Dr. Pepper museum sucked. Thats not cool. Cute pic of you and Randey. Might have to copy that one. I adore the album, love the cross made with brads. Too cute. You are so good about documenting things. I however need to work on that. I just put an order in to Joann's today. I got Kara's scrapbook. You will love it cause it's pink stripes with three windows for pics. Too cute. I also found some pink/brown brads. I can't wait to get them. Well, I best go work on some blogging. Talk to you later. Love ya!

  13. Hi Kari
    The best Dr Pepper I ever tasted was from a 1950's cooler, at a trailer park, in Waco Texas! I have been trying to find that delicious taste again, for over 50 years, without success!!! Just ain't the same as it used to be!

    We haven't seen the new Indiana Jones. I did read a few of the critics, but I never listen to them!!!! What do they know, anyway...just call me a curmudgeon;-)!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  14. I love your little scrapbook! It really makes me miss scrappin'. I just can't bring myself to do it right now because of lack of time and space and energy (poor excuses I know;o) Glad to see you enjoyed a nice family outing. We definately need to do that more. We are going to see Indiana soon, I'm so excited. Not only am I a huge Indiana Jones fan, but, I also love Shia LeBouf. That kid is great! Did you see Transformers? Love it!

    And, from your comment on my blog...yes, I have seen that pitiful, sad, homeless pet commercial. I can't watch it, I have to turn it over or I cry.

    Have a nice week!

  15. I love me some Diet Dr. Pepper. I will take your word for visiting the plant though. At least you got some really cute clothes for the little ones. Love the scrapbook thanks for sharing it.
    Thanks for stopping by and wising me a happy birthday.

  16. Kari!

    I LOVE your mini-moon album! You did so much journaling! It's AWESOME! I wish I journaled like that! It's something I need to work on!

    We want to see the new Indiana Jones movie too! Knowing me, I will wait until it comes out on DVD. I am so cheap when it comes to going to the movies!


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