Friday, May 30, 2008

Picture Taking 101: Next Attempt

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, but the pictures seem to be getting better. lol Here's a close up of a rose rock. Are ya'll familiar with these? Growing up in Oklahoma, we'd find them everywhere. Nowadays they sell them in stores. This one looks like a rose from certain angles, but I've seen some that look like an actual rose dipped in red/brown paint. Anyway, moving on...I was able to get a close up shot of these glass items on one of the book shelves. That's a glass doorknob there in the middle. I have no idea why it's lying there on it's "head" like that...
Here's another one of our "Believe" signs. Annie's a big fan of the "believe" concept!! I can never look at that word without thinking of her and Izzy.
Here's a shot of my mister (and I'm not talkin' about Randey). I love this thing. Well, I love Randey, too, but this is about the mist making mister, not Big Daddy. *smile* I know these mist makers are "so last year", but I still enjoy mine...the way the mist rolls over the side is just cool.
Here's my Oklahoma paver. This isn't one of my better pictures, I just wanted to show off my paver. lol
Here's a picture of our confetti lantana. I love lantana. Randey? Not so much. I love the way it spills out of the flowerbeds onto the walkway or the grass. Randey thinks I should allow him to trim it up even with the edge of the bed. Goob.
Here's my Esperanza. I absolutely LOVE this plant. It's a perennial and every year, I look forward to seeing it bloom like this. It will bloom even more profusely as the year progresses and will continue to bloom until the weather cools down and stays cooled down. Don't you love these flowers? They're so bright and happy!
These next two are Randey's favorites of today's batch of pictures. I'm pretty proud of them myself. (Okay, so my standards are fairly low at this point, bear with me!)
The purple blooms are on our Rose of Sharon tree (also known as an Althea tree).
I was trying to get fancy with this next shot. It might have worked if I'd gotten lower with my perspective. I wanted the foreground lily to be out of focus with the back bloom being sharply in focus. I think if I had been at a lower angle, it might have turned out better.
So what do you think? Am I improving? Or is this just wishful thinking? lol


  1. I think you are improving :)

  2. Girl I don't know what you're worrying about you're good. Love the mist effect! And the flowers are beauteous.

  3. The photos are perfect...not a thing wrong with them! :D

    Now tell me about those rose rocks. I've seen them for sale and always thought they were man made. Ya'll just keep them laying around all over the place? Really? Now I'm really curious about how they are formed. (now you can't say I never gave you a blog topic to post about!)

  4. I think you are doing great. I love the last photo and I like your mist maker. My theory on this taking photos thing is if you like the photo then it's good. You have a nice garden.

  5. Oh yeah your improving!!
    Good for you!!

  6. I think they look wonderful...I'm a big Lantana fan, too...Uncle Wallace says we have so many we should call our place Lantana...I even have two in the garden to entice the total I think we have about 15...I love Dallas Red and Fiesta and Rhett Butler most of all...your Althea looks wonderful...mine got it by the frost but it's coming back from the root...I didn't know you had a glass doorknob! I had one as a kid and used it as my Crytal Ball to tell this post
    Aunt Sandi

  7. Annie Lebowitz should just hang up her camera--you're on a roll!

    Looking good! Wish I had that camera (envy, envy!), but I'll just enjoy your pics!!

  8. I REALLY like the picture with the word BELIEVE!

    And the flower pictures are BEAUTIFUL! My favorite it the last one.

    I keep telling myself "Kathy! Don't forget to take pictures of what's blooming in your garden now!" But, of course I haven't taken the camera out there yet!

    I want a mister now! LOL

  9. You're getting the hang of it - they're looking good!

  10. Oh yes, dear, you're improving by leaps and bounds. Love the OK paver, and the handle sitting on its head, and the flowers and the lantana is darling and, well, I'm going to quit posting pics if the pipsqueaks who just opened the camera box this week are putting out this kind of quality. Harummpphhh!

  11. I've never seen a rose rock, but I love it! I assume these are natural rock formations that you can just find? What are they made of? Looks a bit like soapstone?

    The lantana - is that the shrub that attracts hummingbirds?

    And thank you for posting the althea! I was looking at a pink one the other day wondering what it was, and if I'd remembered 'tree hollyhock' right. Now you've said 'althea' I know that's right! I like the lilac one better though. Very beautiful.

  12. Yeah baby...better and better!


  13.'re making it hard to REALLY like you...first you show us this die for camera (that you didn't have to beg for...a gift no less from the hubbin!!)...a camera that I have secretly been wanting for a while now...and then you just keep getting better with each picture you's official...I'm ticked! LOL!

    Your pictures will only improve with every one you take...the last one will be the one you love most...until you take the next! It's addicting...ask my daughter...she's the photographer...REALLY drives me crazy how GREAT she is...but hey...she did get a degree in art/art history/ I should be pleased that our hard earned money was put to good use...some people really do have the "gift" eye for beholding beautiful things...and then there are folks like me...that are still trying to focus, get the red-eye reduction to work and then download and edit...geez...I'll never be great! You are doing GREAT!!

    Blessings...and keep shooting...YOUR camera...that is!


  14. I think your pix are terrific!
    It's all about grabbing a piece of the moment.

  15. I think these are wonderful-- and I like the angle you used on the "fancy shot"-- it adds mystery, and makes me go into the photo. and I want a mister. I'm so last year myself, and I've never heard of them!

  16. Super! You are doing super!

    Never seen a 'rose rock,' but now, I love them!

    And that back-lit Believe, wow!

    And your last one of the different focus points.... I can't do this either. When you learn how to know what you are going to really put the focus on, plllleeeeeeezzzzze do a tutorial posting on it! I love the effect... either way. I mean, close-up clear or far back clear. Love it. But... how to do it???

    See how great you are doing?!? I'm asking you for advice! Now, if that doesn't perk you up, about your photography abilities, what will> :-)


  17. I think you are doing really well! Looks great to me! And have fun playing with IS fun!!

    I am so envious of that camera!! I so want one like that. If it goes missing, do NOT look in my closet. Nope.

    Sue, who may also swipe that mister off ya.


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