Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Pride and Joy

As most of you who read my blog know, my oldest son, Nicholas, is a member of the United States Air Force. During a deployment in 2003, he and his crew flew this flag from their aircraft and Nick subsequently presented it to Randey and me with a certificate. The certificate says this:
The accompanying American Flag was proudly flown aboard MC-130E Combat Talon I during Operation Enduring Freedom on 7 June 2003, in support of US Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan. Commitment
I am the American Flag. I have flown over every conflict since my inception into this world. I have seen the grassy fields of Gettysburg, the waters in the Pacific, the sands of Iraq, the skies over Yugoslavia , and the mountains of Afghanistan. The mere site of me invokes tears of joy, pride, and dedication in those who believe in what I stand for. I also provoke fear into the heart of nations of those who oppose me. I know no gender or race and accept all who will accept me. I am no God, but hold a bond over men and women who serve under me that is equal. I have no voice, but people listen. I cover a nation with hope and vision, and sadly blanket those who have given us the same. Of all the nations and all the flags, none makes its presence known as I. I am a leader among leaders. I encompass the lives of friends and family, brothers and sisters, the living and the dead. I will continue to give hope to those who do not understand, and meaning to those who do. In return for all I can give, I ask for but one thing. This I cannot tell you, it is something that only you will come to know. I do ask that you be patient for I am young, and stern for I am old. Proudly display me for all the world to see, and look to me, and I will show you the past, the present and the future. I am committed to you, the children of my country. I am the American Flag.
In memory of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

I finally got this wonderful flag and certificate framed in a shadow box. It will be proudly displayed in our living room.

To Nick:

Thanks, baby. Randey and I both love and appreciate the gift of this flag. It means the world to us. Sorry it took so long to get it displayed.


  1. That is so cool!
    It's a great heirloom.

  2. What a treasure that is!

    Your son is a dear for gifting you with it. It looks great in its display and you will enjoy and honor it forever.

  3. What a VERY cool gift!
    Congratulations on having such a son.
    God bless.

  4. Just catching up a bit.... I am in love with rose rocks. I found one in the "wild" when I visited OKC once. I thought I had done something special but my hotel lady said they were pretty common. Of course, I didn't find any after that.

    I am so busy with summer school. I can't wait til July.

    Our boy won American Idol. Meant to write you but well, just never had time!

  5. Wow...what a wonderful gift from a wonderful son. It's really beautiful and a great reminder of just how lucky we are to be Americans. Thanks to the sacrifices of our military and their families. Thank YOU!


  6. That was really great of your son to do this for you. Yes I sahll always Honor those who lost their lives in an unprovoked attack on our country.Just as I honr those who lost their lives in an unprovoked attack on Pearl harbor.

  7. As usual, the men of our family do us proud...Now the next generation takes the helm...wonderful gift...and a wonderful son!
    All our love
    Aunt Sandi and Uncle Wallace

  8. The shadowbox looks great! Nice looking young man you have there.

  9. How special that he was able to give you that flag! and the display in the shadow box is beautiful!

  10. That is an awesome gift! Please thank your son for us, for his service and commitment. (if he flies, there's a very good chance your son and my Hubby have talked to each other-- how cool!)

  11. What a really great gift Kari! I love what it says and a big thank you to your son for his service.

  12. I love that neat neat deal i love the flag but that makes it so much cooler

  13. Kari - the flad and certificate is just beautiful and I love the way you have it framed - what a treasure!!
    It looks like you are really jumping out there and making that camera work for ya!! Keep it up!!
    thanks for the precious comments about my girls - they are precious girls - we had such a good time Sat. night - turning 50 is not so bad!!! My actual birthday is tomorrow the 3rd - thanks for the special wishes!!!!

  14. A gift from the heart is always so special...I've said it before and I'll say it again...the people that give of themselves to allow me to do whatever I want to do are angels on earth. And, the families that support their loved ones have their own special wings. Thank you Nicholas...and family.


  15. Since I'm new here, I don't know of your son Nicholas. But you certainly have every right to consider him, your Pride and Joy.

    I am so grateful to all our Warriors, who have and are and will protect us. So proud of them and grateful to them.

    And I'm equally grateful to their families. Not only our Warriors serve. Their families do too! But supporting them and by having brought them up, to be of service to their country and their fellow citizens.


  16. Hey Kari! Or, because you live in TX (why do most of my favorite bloggers live down thar?) 'howdy!'. Up here, it's howdy doody, lol. Loved your thoughts about the (ahem...can't say it, sorry, it's too controversial to say his name, not even sure I should be keying this comment, please don't take it wrong, okay?)....

    You be sure and tell your son thank you for doing what he does, fantastic! Please drop in anytime, I enjoyed having you! ~Stacey

  17. Hello Kari,

    You have won Mum's prize draw for naming the cat! pop over to her blog and have a look

  18. What a lovely thing for him to do! And what a wonderful thing to keep in the family.

  19. What a special gift! You will always treasure that!

    Great post!!

  20. An absolutely thought provoking and lovely post! My thanks to your son and others in your family who bravely serve our country.


  21. You have a wonderful son.


  22. How awesome!! Please tell Nick THANK YOU for all he does serving our country in the USAF!
    Have a wonderful day.
    Sandy :)

  23. That is a wonderful son...and a wonderful man.
    A family heirloom for sure.
    You are all so amazing...



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