Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hillary: An International Candidate?

I read today that Elton John raised $2.5 million for Hillary's presidential campaign. Elton says that he is amazed at the misogynistic (woman hating) attitudes of some people in our country. Elton says he's always been a supporter of Hillary's and feels there's nobody better qualified to lead this country. Ummmmm....he is British, right? I mean, Elton, while having a home in Atlanta (I think), is still a citizen of the United Kingdom, is that not correct? So why is he raising money for a U.S. Presidential candidate? I get how what happens in American politics can and does affect the rest of the world, but it feels a little strange to have a non-American involve himself so heavily in American politics. Now don't start thinking I'm a xenophobe! I'm a lot of things, but I don't believe that's one of them. I love learning about different cultures and customs. I love how we can have so many differences across the globe and yet be so much alike in other aspects. That totally fascinates me. And I certainly love the British people and culture. I truly, truly do. Sophie, Mary, Jayne and all the rest of my British blogging buddies hold a special place in my heart and mind. You guys are great, you're fun, you're intelligent, you're're all just wonderful people to know. However, no matter how much I love interacting with my fine British friends, I, quite frankly, think I should leave the election of their leaders to them. I would never presume to know more about what direction their country should go in than they do. The absolute only thing I care about when it comes to anybody's elections is that they are free and democratic and without fear or intimidation. Am I wrong to feel like that? Do all of you think it's okay for a person of a different nationality to raise money for a particular American candidate? Would it be as acceptable for an American to endorse and raise money for a candidate in another country? Has that happened? Do Americans campaign for certain candidates in other countries? I must admit, I'm a bit cloistered here in the states and don't know about what goes on in your countries during elections. Fill me in! Tell me if this sort of thing actually does happen. I'd be very interested in knowing. I'd also be very embarrassed and outraged to think of a George Clooney hanging out in Europe somewhere trying to convince people of another country to vote for this guy or that. As you all know, I'm not a big fan of "Hollywood" endorsements anyway. I'm constantly amazed at how much credence we give to people who earn a living entertaining us, with music or acting or athletic ability. I know, I know. I harp on this. But it simply boggles the mind how much weight modern society gives to the opinions of the pretenders and the players. I don't believe they are "less" than us mere mortals or that their opinions are of less value than ours. I just sure as hell don't think they're more valuable, that's all.
Hey, one other thing...anybody else find that picture of Elton and Hillary looking like they're on the verge of a lover's kiss ever so slightly disturbing? (okay, okay...that was a cheap shot. But look at the picture, for Pete's sake! It's ookey!)


  1. I don't know aunt Kari, considering the US has stock in every other country in this world. Why not???

  2. My first thought was that he wasn't campaigning as a Brit but as a gay man. And you are right - eeeewwww picture! When was the last time she was that close to Bill?

  3. Ha...Ha...I never really looked at the picture LIKE THAT until you pointed it out...yes oookey...would be one word I would certainly use! I'm still laughing...I don't know if it's as much from the picture (which is a bit ummmm....strange...amazing what they can do with a nano second in digital form)...or the use of the word...ookey!!! love it!!


  4. How does he figure America hates women? I think that's the countries who force women to wear all that ugly black crap, cover their faces, can't drive or leave the house alone and murder their daughters for being RAPED for God's sake...or even for being alone with a man...Poor Elton...tho I love him dearly...great dinner, and happy Anniversary! I'm so proud of you belong together...I love you
    Aunt Sandi

  5. Kari, I just found your blog on Lynne's. Thanks for the laugh (Elton & Hillary pic). I need 'em these days (the laugh NOT E & H). I'll bookmark your blog.

    Oh, Happy Anniversary. How many years?

  6. It's not only Elton John who opens his wallet for an American election. Lots of open wallets around the world...scary!

    And, yes, the picture is "ookey."

  7. I wonder if Elton had bad breath or if she did. LOL Love that you are back in action her. Love that line about their opinions are more valuable then ours. It does seem that many of them think it is.


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