Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Roses

I was outside, fixing my Santa display yesterday, when this caught me eye. Are roses like this supposed to bloom so close to Christmas? I want to fuss about the warm weather we've been having....but then I see something like this and think "eh - warm temperatures aren't so bad".
Hope those of you who got caught in the ice storm have gotten your power restored by now - and remember! ~ If the ice and cold get to be too much for you, mosey on down my way and warm up a bit. There's always room at this inn. lol
Merry Christmas Ya'll!

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  1. How beautiful! Now I know Camelias bloom at Christmas time but I've rarely seen this...lucky girl!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Oh how beautiful!!

    I've been worried for everyone up there. My dad lives in Sapulpa, OK. He told his wife that this was it, they're gonna have to pack up and move back down here. I wish they would. But it really won't happen. She won't leave OK.

  3. How pretty! I wish I could grow roses, the purple ones are awesome!! Hope it get's cooler for you and me too!!

  4. Beautiful - all the raindrops add to it's beauty as well!
    Have a great day.
    Sandy ;)

  5. You gotta be kidding me! Look at that beautiful rose and all that lush green around it! We have no green - just brown and white everywhere.

  6. What a pretty surprise at this time of the year! We're getting ice now. Super! I think I'll stay right where I am - safe.


  7. The rose is beautiful...which brings me to ask did something from me make it yet?

  8. Did your roses make it past the heavy frost last night? I noticed a few days ago our roses were blooming nicely, despite the cold. After thawing out my car this morning, and seeing your recent posting, I'm wondering if the roses made it. I'll probably lose all the last vestiges of green left in my lawn.

  9. Lucky thing! "Nothing is as rare as a rose in December is what Laura Ingalls Wilder said after she named her baby Rose.

  10. What a beautiful photo! We have several plumeria trees ( a tropical tree from Hawaii) and the leaves are supposed to be gone by mid-November ...they still have flowering blooms!! (Dabbing at my glistening face) Welcome to Christmas in Central Florida...


  11. I love the color of those roses...I have some red knock-out roses that are still blooming along with some trailing roses...the trailers aren't blooming as much as the knock-outs...but with this crazy Texas weather...I expect my flox to sprout up like it is spring any day now...Actually, I have impatiens on my back porch (they're protected from harsh winds and such) and they look as good today as they did back in early summer...I can't make myself pull them up...b/c to me...if a flower is still flourishing, who am I to discard them; even though the nureseries are pushing the sale of pansies...


  12. Oh how pretty! We are still in the 40's here but they are talking snow for the weekend! Just took another look at your photo and you did a great job of taking it with the water on the rose and everything. That's really a cool photo.

  13. Beautiful!
    We have had crazy warm weather, yesterday it was 80! Nothing like christmas shopping with the convertible top down- and christmas songs blaring.

  14. Kari, you know you can do the mantle girl. Start picking up greenery sprigs half price. Hobby Lobby always markes them down. Pickup the flowers on sale. I got a larger bush half price and clipped them. I pickup berry picks to match and there you go. iI know you have candle sticks.If not rummage sale and spray gold for next year!
    I had a big Santa picture and put another in front of it during the year. I think I gave a picture away with my SANTA IN IT =(

  15. I love roses and to find one this time of the year would be heaven to me.
    Merry Christmas
    Margie at

  16. What a gorgeous color! I had some bloom in early November, but this is impressive!


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