Monday, October 15, 2007

Menopause Madness Mondays and Halloween Pictures...Practically a Match Made in Heaven!

It's Monday! I've been really bad the past two Mondays about the Menopause Madness post, but I think I'm back on track. I was trying to think of what to say in this post and started to wonder if maybe I wasn't running out of steam about the joys of menopause. I don't want to sound like a broken record. In fact, I'd like to come up with some positive things to write about menopause, but thus far, I'm drawing a blank on that one. Ain't nothin' makin' me happy about menopause, I gotta tell 'ya. So what's my current biggest gripe about this particular little wonder of nature? Well, I'll tell you. It's the weight gain. I've packed on a few pounds this year. Oh, who am I kidding? I've packed on a lot of pounds this year. I can't tell you exactly how many because I refuse to come within 30 feet of a scale. This is absolutely ridiculous, demoralizing and just plain humiliating. I've gone up 2, count 'em 2, pant sizes since this time last year! I can't even begin to explain the joys of being grossly overweight and having hot flashes at the same time. Talk about good times. Just last night, I slept with the ceiling fan on, the stand fan on (2 feet away from me and pointed directly at my torso) as well as the air turned down. And I still felt like I was baking alive. I'm about 3 degrees away from emptying my freezer and standing in it myself. (I'm kidding, of course. My fridge/freezer is a side by side. No way I'd fit in just the freezer section!). But I've got my eye on this jumbo size cooler at Wal-Mart that I think will do nicely....
How about you guys? Anybody else suffering from weight gain and horrific heat? Or am I all alone is this misery? Come on, peeps...tell me I'm not alone!

Moving on (before I get so worked up that I spontaneously combust!).... Since Halloween is creeping up on us, I thought I'd post a few pictures every now and then of my kids Halloween costumes over the years.

These three pictures were taken in 1991. Nicholas was Dracula, obviously. Yeah, we had a hard time convincing him that the Count actually wore jeans, but I think he turned out looking pretty flippin' cool!
This is Desiree' as a clown (duh, right?). She was adorable. I have to say, we made a lot of our kids' costumes. We had to. We couldn't afford to buy them all a store bought outfit every year. Back in 1991, Nick was the "lucky" one. We bought his cape. That was pretty much the extent of our Halloween Costume Budget for that year. lol This clown costume is one that we made. You guys already know I don't sew. Can anybody guess how this costume was held together? Good old hot glue, of course. lol We had a heck of a time getting her into it without tearing the "seams". By the end of the night, she had so many safety pins holding this thing together that she never could have made it through a metal detector. But man, she was cute, wasn't she?
And here's little Kaleb (I was pregnant with pictures of him this year!). It seems so clear to me, but maybe I should explain, just in case anyone out there can't tell...Kaleb was dressed as a bag of M&M's. (We thought we were so clever! ha) The sides of his costume were hot glued, too, but I did use fabric glue to hold on the lettering. I'm not a total moron, you know. lol

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  1., you are NOT alone. I got up at 3 a.m. to turn on the ceiling fan. I don't care if it was only 30 degrees last night. It wasn't cool enough!

    Off to check out your aunt's blog...

  2. I so enjoyed the Halloween pictures! I always ended up being a gypsy b/c all we had to do was wear hoop earrings, big blue eyeshadow, and wrap ourselves in wierd clothes. I would have KILLED for a Dorothy costume! :)

  3. So - are there such as thing as cold flashes? Last night I was FREEZING! I had to put on all of my winter jammies and socks just to keep warm while my hubby was kicking the blankets off of him.

  4. So cute!!! The M&M's costume is inspired Kari, you genius you lol!!! You have much more fun over Halloween in the States than we do over here!
    And I can't believe it is still so hot over there in Texas!! You won't be pleased to know that I'm wearing gloves cycling to work in the mornings....

  5. I refuse to even look at the scale at the doctors office.........................................

    If I could just leave the M&M's alone...and there you go posting a picture of some.....................................

    *big grins*

  6. Oh how cute they all look - I could just eat little "M&M's"!!

  7. Yes, I always sleep with the ceiling fan and a lovely box fan pointed directly at me. I wish I could decorate the bedroom without that box fan, but there's no way. Other than night hot flashes, they're not sweats, but more like the daytime hot flashes, I seem to be breezing through menopause. Oh, weight gain. I forgot. How could I forget that? 50 extra pounds on this just under 5' frame. Not a pretty site, let me tell ya. There's a website called Menopause Matters, I think, that's based in England. I visit their forum every now and then, when I get worried about the weird changes, to be sure I'm OK and not really dying. LOL

  8. Weight gain??? What weight gain??? I just thought ALL of my clothes had shrunk!!! I can gain by just typing a food word!!

    Ok, not to be outdone (hee hee), I must find the costumes I also MADE for my kids a hundred years ago. I hope I can get my hands on them before Halloween--especially the green dragon my son wore. He'd be so humiliated to know that I'm posting it--just another one of my mother duties--humiliate & embarass!!!

    Did your kids walk down Main St in a Spooks Parade? That's about the biggest event here in smallville!!!
    And then, joy of joys, the free hot dogs--you gotta know how good those are (after sitting wrapped for hours--)

  9. You are not alone. I haven't worn long sleeves in three years. I gain weight if I look at a donut. One good thing about menopause that I have found... no one messes with me. I guess I have a perfectly evil look when I want to use it. It was perfected during a hot flash when some young chick asked me if I needed help at Walmart one day.

  10. I guess we were both in the old photo mode today. I posted an old one also. I love the pics of your kids for Halloween. I have some ones my kids might pay me money not to post--hmmm, now there's an idea. Also what more can you say about menopause other than it just plain stinks. But I need to know I'm not the only one.......

  11. Too cute costumes. I am so glad to hear the good news about your cousin.

    I need to send you an email, and vent. Since you don't do phone calls. lol

    I am not doing so well. And I'm tired of me in this mood. I'll get back with you soon and give you the details.

    Thanks, friend,


  12. There's nothing better than a home made costume as everybody year we made Michael's costume out of egg cartons and a cardboard box...he was a calculator...pretty darned cute and as soon as your cousin gets me my pictures back on a cd, I'll share...Desiree looked so sweet...Maddy bears a striking resemblence to her...and yes, weight gain is the worst part of menopause...I was going through it hard the year Wallace and Charity got married...can't you tell from that picture? I was wearing a gown made by Omar the tent you guys...
    Aunt Sandi

  13. You are NOT alone. I repeat...You are NOT alone. Hot flashes. Check! Weight Gain. Check! Urrrr!!

    Cute, cute costumes!


  14. Kaleb was just adorable and so was Des. Now Nick that's another story. Okay so being that it was him he was cute too, geez, I just can't be mean.


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