Friday, October 19, 2007

Joey Through the Years

I thought ya'll might want to see some pictures of the fella you've been praying for and sending your wonderful, kind and precious good thoughts to. He always was a cute kid, you know it? (Not that I'm swayed by the fact we're related. No, sir. That's not how I roll. lol). Can you dig those plaid pants? Even with those bad boys on, Joey still managed to look adorable! That's just got to be "natural beauty", folks.
And here's a picture of Joey looking somewhat less than thrilled. That little chin looks so stubborn (that's because it is stubborn, but I don't want to be telling tales out of school so won't say anymore about that!).
And here's another picture of Joey looking thrill-less. Typical boy, eh?
Now here's Joey (on the left) with 2 of his childhood friends. These boys were always together, all the time. You gotta love their tuxedos, huh? They. Were. Stylin'!
Now this picture is just pure "Joey". Big smile, sparkle in his eyes, and probably a smart comment coming out of that mouth!
I can't thank you guys enough for all the prayers and good thoughts you've sent to Joey and Karen and their boys. I'm so very humbled to know you all. The way you have responded to them has left me in awe of your kind hearts and generous spirits. Many of you have opted to receive the daily updates from Joey's website so you already know of the great progress he has made from where this ordeal began. Joey has an amazing will to live and Karen is, quite simply, a tower of strength for him. I hope and pray that she takes care of herself because her presence is so obviously needed to bring Joey back to health. Her faith in God and her belief in Joey's spirit are an unbeatable combination!
Thanks again you wonderful, wonderful people for sending your prayers and for thinking of Joey, Karen and the boys during this time. I know they have a long, long road ahead of them but when so many people are pulling together and expressing their love, I firmly believe it must surely help to ease the burden and the pain, at least a little bit.

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  1. Kari,
    I do get updates via email. And I respond to them as often as I can. I know the power of prayer. Thanking you for thinking of us during this time though and posting pictures of him. He's got gorgeous eyes. Italian?? Yes, no?? I would pray no matter what. But it's nice to have some pictures.


  2. I am happy to write to them, hopefully taking their minds off their troubles for a bit. And you, what a sweet cousin, for posting about Joey and for allowing us to be a part of his healing.

  3. Hi Kari
    Just read Karens update on Joey.She seems so strong. Its very difficult as you so want people to get better quickly and some days when theres not much change its easy to get to low in spirits. I will keep up the positive thoughts and prayers that are winging their way to you across the pond. Mary

  4. What a cute kid! I wrote Karen that "there is strength in numbers" and if that old saying is true, there is so much force pulling for Joey nothing should be able to stand in our way! Love ya...

  5. It's been a pleasure to write notes to Karen and to pray for Joey and his entire family. Thanks for sharing photos. What a cutie pie he is!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. I'm still praying - and getting updates on Joey. It's great to see God working in all of this.

  7. What great pictures!!! Hey we all did the plaid pants back in the 70s--at least I did!! :-)

    I went to the site yesterday and will continue to go and check up on him!

    have agreat weekend!

  8. Great pictures, and I love getting the updates. It reminds me to stop and pray, and encourage. Hope you have a great weekend, too!


  9. Hi kari,

    I've been reading Karen's journal and I've got to tell you I am amazed at her strength and faith. The pictures are great. It's nice to see pictures of him through the years.

  10. I get updates...thank you for sharing those photos. I am praying for your family.

  11. You wrote:
    "That little chin looks so stubborn (that's because it is stubborn"

    It may be that this stubborn streak will stand in his favor...that and the love and support of his good wife.

    I lift them up nightly in my prayers and also subscribe to the newsletter which is so helpful to be able to keep up with. I'm sure the extended family find it a real blessing!

    Love & Hugs to YOU!

  12. And he was always but ALWAYS up to some devilment...but that too would be telling tales out of school! And besides, he's kin, we gotta love him...devilment and all...

  13. Adorable pictures! Will of course keep him in my thoughts.

    Even if you are a Sooner. Hook 'em!

  14. Kari Joey is a beautiful person and just by seeing the picture of Karen god sure knew what he was doing when he joined them together. I look forward to my updates.I also thank you for being such an awsome person to care so much!

  15. That guy was born handsome:-) I so enjoyed getting to know Joey through the years. My prayers are continuing for him and I just know that he'll pull through can he not with the love of his wife and all the prayers from his family and friends!! xox

  16. What super pictures! I hope all the continued good wishes & prayers are contributing to a good recovery for Joey.

  17. Hi Kari, I've just read the latest update about Joey, and just wanted to say I'll be praying for him while I'm away, and hope his condition improves xxx

  18. Hello Kari

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

    I get updates, through my e-mail. I just went by and left a note for Karen.



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