Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Christmas Spirit Award

The lovely Tammy over at My Gentle Retreat passed on the Spirit of Christmas Award to me the other day. Naturally, given my love of all things Christmas, I was thrilled to get this! (I've just been a little slow to pass it on. Sorry about that.) This award is for those who talk about and show the spirit of Christmas in their blogs. What is the Spirit of Christmas you ask? Quite simply it is those that have a generous and giving nature. Those who care about others. Those who have a kind word to say or a broad shoulder to lean on in the times that others need that. Those, indeed, are the ones who display the "Spirit of Christmas". (Given that particular definition, I am doubly flattered to receive this.) I'm supposed to pass it on to five others who also display these qualities. Talk about a tough choice...I think everyone on my blogroll qualifies so narrowing it down to five is somewhat of a challenge! But here goes...
My Aunt Sandi over at Holding Patterns. I chose her because I know that she has a generous and giving nature. And she also loves Christmas like I do. Who would be better qualified, right? And then I chose Jayne at Country Cottage Chic. She's a Christmas nut, too! And while she may be a little "competitive", shall we say, when it comes to Christmas Queen titles, I know that she's really a sweetheart and an all around wonderful person. Next is Sophie at Sophie Honeysuckle's English Decor What a great person! She embodies what all of us want to be - sweet, kind hearted, generous, lovely and kind. Most of you know her so I probably don't even need to say another word, do I? Then I have Jodie, my daughter-in-law. She's a Christmas lover as well and also has a sweet and generous nature that makes me grateful that Nicholas found her. My fifth choice is Brenda at Country Romance. Brenda is so kind-hearted and blogs for pretty much the same reasons I do. I enjoy my visits to her blog so much and think you will, too. And you know what? I'm not real good at following rules so I'm going to have to pass this on to at least four more people. I mean, really! If I go by the reasons for the award, then how can I leave these four out? I simply cannot. So I'd also like to pass it on to Annie at My Life as Annie, to Kat at Just a Beach Kat, Joan at Joan's Journeys and Karolee at My Montana Moments . These are four of the nicest, most helpful, tender-hearted people I've met here in Blogland and they absolutely deserve this wonderful award. Okay...I'd better stop before I end up passing this on to another 30 people or so. lol
By the way, Aunt Sandi, Jayne, Sophie, Jodie, Brenda, Annie, Kat, Joan and Karolee, click here for the code to the graphic so that you can post it on your blog and pass it on to 5 (or you know, however many you feel the need to) others yourself!

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  1. Kari

    Congrats on your award! YOU most definitely deserve this award. Thank you so much for your very sweet comments about me and for passing it on to me. I am so flattered and I'm very appreciative.


  2. Girl you sure deserve this. I was sweating in 110 dgree waether when you were blogging Christmas lol. thank you for your kind heart and for the award.

  3. YAY!! Another well deserved award!! Congratulations Dear Kari...

    Come on over...Alaska pix are up!

  4. Kari I know im not suppposed to do this,but you broke the rules hehe. i have to give it right back to you! You are the Spirit of Christmas! You don't have to pass it out again.I just had to do it.

  5. You have just made my day! I'm going to dig out my favorite Christmas CD and crank it up in celebration of winning this award!

    And I KNOW you deserve this award! There is no one I know in bloggy land more Christmassy than you!

  6. Ho! Ho! Ho! Everyone.

    I'm glad you like the award. It gives me so much happiness to travel around and see who has been presented next. It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many wonderful people out here in Blog world that we never get to meet and this is my way of doing that. Congratulations ! ☺

  7. You are getting ready early for the season!
    I love the picture of Sandi~ that was precious.

  8. Congratulations on your award! Truly you deserve it. Brenda was sweet enough to name as a recipient as well so I'm pleased to share this award with you!!


  9. Congratulations to you dear Kari...and to all whom you passed it.

    Blessing to you all...Joey and Karen remain in my thoughts and prayers.


  10. Congratulation Kari - a most appropriate award for you! And thank you for giving it to me too - I'm very honoured!

  11. Kari-this award was made for you!! You truly deserve it!! Whenever I think of Christmas now, I think immediately of you lol!!
    And thank-you so much for giving it to me-I'm blushing after reading the lovely things you wrote!!
    Yay-we can officially get excited about Christmas decorating now.....

  12. Congratulations on this well deserved award, Kari!!


  13. Sophie's right, this award was made just for you! Thanks so much for passing it on to me and all of you nice comments but those comments also apply to you! You are one of the nicest people in blogland also.

  14. Wow...Santa showed! I wonder why he didn't show at my place...maybe I've been naughty and didn't know it *pout*

  15. You are too kind, I will be blogging it soon. I love the graphics.

  16. Congrats on the award. Love Christmas and all things Christmas!


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