Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Open Club Season at the High School

My boys brought home a paper the other day, listing the different clubs they, as students at their high school, are eligible to join. Some make perfect know, the Future Business Leaders Club, the National Honor Society, the French Club, the Spanish Club, Student Council, Future Farmers of America and even the Physics Club. And then there are these:

  • the Divergent Thinking Students Club (Say what? Sure wish it specified what the students would be diverging from.)

  • the Interact Club (Again, looking for a little bit more information on this one. I'm hoping the alternate name isn't the "Let's Make a Baby Club".)

  • the Anime' Club (I'm amazed that this genre' - which pertains to a type of Japanese cartoon - actually rates a club at the high school, but whatever.)

  • the Knit Wits Club (Okay, so this actually does make some sense to me. It's for kids who like to knit, etc. But the name! The name cracks me up!)

  • the Hacky Sack Club (I can just imagine those meetings! I mean, really, what do they do besides...well, play with their Hacky Sacks? And do they take formal minutes at these meetings or do they just call the meeting to order and then start kicking their little balls?)

  • the Fashion Club (Is there a particular dress code you must adhere to in order to be a member? I bet there is.)

  • the ASL Choir Club (Okay, I don't mean to be snarky and I am not making fun of these people. But a choir consisting entirely of people using nothing but sign language? It just strikes me as kind of funny. Maybe because when I think "choir", I think of voices singing. Or maybe it's because my kids tortured me with one too many viewings of that asinine movie Napoleon Dynamite. Who knows? Please don't leave comments telling me I'm going to a dark, hot place for making fun of deaf people because that is not my intention. I promise! And I will even concede that a "concert" by this club and its members would probably be a very beautiful sight to behold! I just don't know if choir is the word I would have used in the club name, that's all I'm saying.)

  • and here is my all time personal favorite: the Ping-Pong Club (Come on! A Ping-Pong Club??? In high school? What's up with that? I can't even begin to express how goofy I find this club to be. For real. And my adorable sons said they were joining. Why? Just because. I've requested that they rethink their choice of club and get back to me with another option. Can you see Ping-Pong Club Treasurer on a college application? Yeah. Makes my heart swell with pride just thinking of the little darlin's running for office against their fellow pingers...or is that pongers?)

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  1. Kari, you make me laugh every time I visit your marvelous blog. What a talented writer you are! Are you working on a book? If you aren't, you should be!

  2. Sweetie, of all these Ping Pong is the only one that DOES make sense to is after all an Olympic Sport...SPORT you say? Well, while I wouldn't exactly call it a sport, they do and since I played ping pong in High School (along with Basketball) I have to stand up for to the side for it...jump up at the table for it...serve high for it...serve low for dirty for it...never mind, you have to play ping pong to

  3. Haha Kari-your boys are funny! They are showing signs of being true individuals which is much better than following the crowd!! I'm lying in bed, supposedly sleeping off my infection, but then I read your aunt Sandi's comments about your visit to England and got all excited and had to comment!! I must be addicted to blogging! But wouldn't a visit be great one day!! You could master driving round our roundabouts lol!!!xx

  4. I agree you should be writing all of this or you know what add the copyright sign here because your blog is worth alot with all of the talent of your brain and heart, specially your heart.
    God bless you dear Kari and your family!

  5. YOU, my deah, really are a hoot and a hollah.
    You make me laugh even when I didn't feel like it!

    Now, I myself am quite the divergent thinker...I have so many things running through my head at any given time that I should be their club mentor. Of course, this is because I am always going in 275 different directions at once and have no short term memory and my hormones are out of control. Hmmm...maybe I could just mentor the Knit Wits. Not that I knit or anything but I refered to as a huge *nit wit* from time to time...does that count?
    Okay, I am rambling as usual...

    Your boys would look cute in any club that is lucky enough to have them.

    Hugs aplenty,

  6. Heeeyyyyyyyyyy there! I love ping pong. It's crazy relaxing. And they have it in the Olympics, let's not forget. lol.

  7. Ha! And where is the Square Dance Club? I was in the Square Dance club in college for a month (my roomie dragged me there).

    Go to YouTube and enter Matrix PingPong for a funny video.

  8. Oh my - I think this is one of those times I should do "my personal" best to just be an "active listener" so I do not say anything that might offend someone. I will say that this is VERY funny! By the way, what is up with schools? What ever happened to learning in school (I posted on this one yesterday) and detention as the after school activity? (I wouldn't know too much about the whole detention thing because I, of course, was an angel) =)

  9. Too funny! Seems there's a club for everybody.


  10. I'm not going to say, nothing at all about boys playing with little balls...nope - not saying a thing....

  11. How funny! Can't imagine joining some of those clubs! Takes me back to some of the ones we had in the ice age. French clug, junior statesmen of America- we got to go to Sacramento and use the state capital legislative chambers and PARTY)!

  12. You are so funny! I always get such a kick out of reading your blog. Handsome fellas you got there.

  13. If you ever get a notice that the Sign Choir is performing, check it out. Most of them are Amazing!! They usually sing, sign, and "dance". Wonderful.

    And from experience...anime clubs are booming! The library even has one.


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