Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm a Winner, I'm a Loser, I'm Thankful 4 Blog Help, I'm Showing Off my D-I-L's Autumn Tree & I'm Thanking my Sweet Friend, Carmen! (Whew! Busy Post!)

I'm still in shock! I actually won someone's giveaway! Me!! The person who hasn't won anything in over 30 years! And just what did I win? I won these beauties: How great is this!!!! Christmas stockings. Do I even have to say how thrilling this is for me? Not only did I win, but I won something Christmas-y. It feels so......perfect! And who was giving these away? Well, it was Jo over at Angel Jem's City Cottage. She made these stockings! Can you believe that? Thank you, Jo. I can't tell you how excited I am at the thought of hanging them up this year in my home. (I'm rubbing my hands together in glee right now, thinking of where exactly they'll go!). lol
Speaking of giveaways, here's two great ones that I didn't win: the flippin' awesome purse at Heather's blog, Splaneyo. Oh I lusted for that purse. I did. And lusting will always get you in trouble, right? Right. However, all was not lost as Heather and son Spencer gave us the recipe for some of Spencer's Super Easy Beer Bread. This recipe looks easy enough for even me to handle. But I hate to speak too soon. Me and kitchen spoken in the same sentence hardly ever results in anything good. But I'm feeling pretty brave so I might give it a try anyway. The other giveaway I didn't win? This awesome scarf over at Karolee's blog, My Montana Moments. That scarf would've looked great with my black winter coat. *Sigh* But alas, it wasn't to be. Still...I had visions dancing in my head of me twirling around at the local Christmas festival, wrapped in Karolee's scarf and carrying Heather's purse. I'd have been one Hot Mama, that's for sure. Guess I'll have to make due with my big honkin' pink purse (unless I can find a red one!) and my OU Sooner scarf. Not quite as hot, but thems the breaks. Oh yeah, congratulations to the winners Nadine (who won the lovely red scarf) and Kim (who won the purse)!
I want to take a moment to thank 3 bloggers who have gone way above and beyond the call of Blogger-helpfulness! Pea at Pea's Corner and Annie at My Life as Annie. Pea provided a website address for doing up a signature for blogs and Annie provided specific and easy to follow directions on how to load the code for it (not to mention actually doing my whole entire signature thingy-I'm still smiling over that)! Thanks to both of you for helping out like that! Because of you two, there's people all over Blogland with pretty signatures now. People like Karolee and Jayme. The other helpful blogger is Tammy at My Gentle Retreat. Without me begging, pleading or actually even asking, Tammy sent me codes and directions (great directions, too, by the way!) to change the background on my blog. How kind and generous is that? Thank you, Tammy! That was unexpected and much appreciated!
Do ya'll remember when I posted that picture of the Autumn tree that I saw in the foyer of my local Hobby Lobby? I said then that I wanted to do one myself. Naturally, I haven't gotten around to that yet (procrastination is my game, after all). But my daughter-in-law, Jodie, did do one. Click on her name to see it. She and my son, Nicholas, are currently stationed in Okinawa and I'm as amazed as she is that she was able to find enough stuff to decorate an Autumn tree over there. It is fairly tropical island, after all. But wow! She did it and it looks fantastic! Great job, Jodie!!
And last, but in no way least, I must say a heartfelt thank you to Carmen. Look at what she sent me for my birthday (I told you guys this was like a birthday "season" this year for me! Woo-hoo!):
Can you believe this? I was stunned, shocked, pleased, teary-eyed...the whole nine yards. She send a gift card for Bath & Body Works as well as one for Macy's! Am I the luckiest person on the planet or what? Such kindness from a friend I've never even met in real life. Thank you, Carmen! You're the greatest! Oh and hey - check out the purse on the cover of the card...looks kind of like one that Heather had in her giveaway. Maybe that's why I didn't win it - Carmen had already sent me one just like it! lol

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  1. Ooh Kari-you must have been so excited!! I hardly ever win anything either!! And aren't they fitting for the girl who loves Christmas!!! And how lovely to get an unexpected birthday present too!! Bet that made your week!xx

  2. Those Christmas stockings look adorable!

    Hey - I wouldn't want you going to a Christmas party all decked out in Sooner's colors - that would just be WRONG! So - I'll get started on a red scarf for you right away so you can have it in time for the party. :) - just what I need - another excuse to knit! Love it!

  3. YAY for you!!!
    winning and gift cards, it's a good day!

  4. Congrats on winning those awesome Christmas stockings...I would hang some but I don't have a mantle in this house.

    Congrats to all who won the prizes it is always a great thing to win.

    Blogging is all about helping each other out! I could not do anything until a blogger took me under her wing and others have shown me this and that, here and there and I vowed a long time ago to return the favor when I could!

    Jodie's tree is awesome and very much like the one I've seen before and some I saw done up in a gift shop yesterday...great work and such a pretty gal too!

    Great gifties you got from Carmen...and since it is "still" your birthday....

    Happy Birthday to YOU
    Happy Birthday to YOU
    Happy Birthday dear Kari!!
    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

  5. WOW!!!! Look at all that great stufff!!!! Love those stockings, although I can't get myself quite believing that Christmas isn't too far away!!!!

  6. hi!can i have ur e-mail plz?i would like to send u something but don't worry..i'm not a spammer...

  7. Very cute signature. I didn't even know there was such a thing. I'm still trying to figure out all this technical blog stuff..I'm pretty much lost actually, LOL! Now, i'll definately have to look into the signature-thing;o)

  8. You lucky girl, the stockings are gorgeous!! I discovered Bath and Body Works this summer on a trip to Washington. We don't have then in Canada. I stocked up on the foamy soap, they were having a great sale. Love it.

  9. And you said you never win...HA! lol I'm so excited for you and that was my first thought when I saw what you won...how perfect for you to win Christmas stockings!!! They really are gorgeous! Awww, you're more than welcome for the little bitty help I gave you..just wish I was some computer nerd that knew how to do everything! lol Such lovely gifts from Carmen as well...she is such a darling, I love her to bits. xox

  10. You lucky girl. Im so proud of you.You deserve all you get doll.

  11. Congratulations on the win, Kari!

    I went over and had a look at Jodi's tree! It's great!! Thanks for steering me in that direction!


  12. I'm gonna do it...I swear I will!
    Kari's in the kitchen! Seee nothing bad happened?

  13. I'm so glad you won something. I just love your signature...so Christmasy and all! I received a lovely package from Jayne today with sachets, will post a picture soon...anyway, you a very lucky girl, yes you are...

  14. Congratulations on your win. With your love of all things Christmas, I think it was meant to be. :)

  15. Thanks for stopping by to congratulate me and say Happy Birthday. I'm happy for you.

  16. hey ilove all the new look you are quite the blog queen:> and yes a red purse you do need

  17. Yay!! YOU WON!!! ::Jumping up and down for you!!::

    I do love what you have done to your blog, and the siggy is perfect...it almost makes me what to switch back to blogger as I don't know that I can do that in WP. I need to find a techie person to help me!!

  18. Great post! Glad you won a giveaway. How sweet to receive a gift from someone you don't know!
    SHARE with me the signature thingy please -email me so that mine can look as pretty as yours!

    have a fabulous day.
    Sandy :)

  19. Congrats on your win. Isn't it fun? And you're right about how wonderful everyone here in "The Tiny Kingdom of Blog" is to help us when we have questions, etc. I love it!


  20. WooHoooooo, you WON!! How about that?!?!? :) I think you were destined to win those Christmas Stockings for sure!! They have your name all over'em. lol ;)

    I'm so glad to see someone has decorated a fall tree. I saw that tree too at Hobby Lobby and thought about dragging my tree out and Falling it all up for the season. LOL ;) But, like you, I'm the queen of procrastination and never had done it.

  21. You have always been a winner in my book! And you deserve every single
    good thing that comes your way.
    You are a joy to me and to all of us who visit here with you. Nothing absurd about that! *smile*
    Carmen surely is a sweetie...

    Hugs to you dear friend,

  22. You winning Christmas stuff? Sounds like a fix to me! ;-)

    Congrats on winning such cute stockings!

  23. Aww thank you for thinking of my tree, now when are you putting one up??


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