Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Remember...

***Please know that the following post is a statement of my feelings about The War on Terror. I am not looking to get into a heated debate with anyone. I am simply stating my opinion. Both my husband and my oldest son have served in the Middle East during this war, my son on multiple occasions. I am an American and as such, I have the freedom (thanks to my husband and son and their fellow military men and women) to write this post. You have the freedom (also thanks to my husband and son and their fellow military men and women) to not read it.***
Six years ago today, America was attacked. Randey (my husband) was in Australia on a training mission with his Air Force unit. We were actually speaking to each other on the phone when the first plane hit. I remember thinking that either a traffic controller sent the wrong coordinates to that plane or something was seriously wrong with the pilot. Randey understood what was happening long before I did. Long before. I didn't want to believe those planes were deliberately, and with malice of forethought, flown directly into those crowded buildings. The sheer evilness of it just didn't compute with me. As the minutes and hours crawled by, I realized the enormity of these heinous acts against humanity, for that is exactly what they were. Every good person on the planet lost something on that day...either their innocence, their trust, their faith or their hearts. We all sustained damage. But what the terrorists didn't count on was that we also found something that day, too. We found solidarity, we found hope, we found courage, we found love, we found each other. Today, six years later, however, I fear we've lost much of what we had gained. We've forgotten why our men and women are overseas fighting for us. Much of the war has been turned into political fodder. I'm so tired of seeing and hearing Democrats and Republicans bickering over whether or not we ever should have gone to Iraq. I'm just sick of it. And I'm going to state my opinion of if we should have gone there. We are America, the last so called "Superpower" in the world. We have freedom, democracy and might. Don't we, as Americans, have some sort of responsibility to help those that are downtrodden? I've heard many a person say "Saddam Hussein may have been evil, but he hadn't done anything to us". Oh. Well, guess that means we should have let him continue on with his evil ways...just as long as we weren't bothered, inconvenienced or harmed. After all, it's not like we became Americans by the sheer Grace of God. No, no, no...we earned this privilege and if the rest of those losers out there who are being murdered, imprisoned, raped, etc. simply for sport don't like it, maybe they should work as hard as we did for the right to be like us. Right? Well that's just not the way it is. We are so blessed to be in this country. I don't know why my soul was born into this body, in this country. I just don't know why that happened. But I am grateful for it. I am grateful that I have food to eat, a roof over my head, vehicles to drive. You know, while I - the American - sit around the house and wonder just what fall decorations I should put up and where - there are people all around the world who are wondering if they'll see another sunrise. Or if their child will. I am lucky. I am grateful. And I know in my heart of hearts that I should be doing more to help my fellow man in this world. What I shouldn't be doing, is saying that evil is okay, as long as it doesn't directly affect me. Because there's just no such thing as "contained evil". All evil affects all people. It's just a matter of how we react. I take this following quote to heart. Do you?
No One Left To Speak Up For Me
First they came for the Communists, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.
Rev. Martin Niemoller, 1945


  1. Kari, that was so beautifully put-you are so good at putting eloquently into words what you are feeling and thinking! I read that twice, it was so heartfelt and touching! I've been thinking of you all today in the States at work, and it's important that we don't simply foget like you say-well said!

    Onto the second matter, I am very excited by your intriguing comment on my blog! The tiniest things get me excited, especially something small and flat.....(as long as it's not a squashed fly) can't wait!!

  2. We will all remember where we were when this happened..just like (and here goes my age give away--again) I remember exactly where I was when JFK was assassinated. It has forever changed the people of this country...thank you for sharing this small, but important piece of yourself!


  3. I think it's one of those moments where people always remember where they were or what they were doing.

    My husband worked in the UK for an American company at the time & fortunately his colleague were able to get out of the building before it collapsed but one of their directors was on board one of the planes that crashed.

    Thinking about all the family & friends of all those who lost their lives.

  4. A lovely post that says so much about a day that we as americans will never forget. A day to reflect on all the people that lost there life on that day and the familys that will never forget.

  5. I so totally agree with you. I think every man and woman who has served is a hero. I expect Americans to support them. There is no question...the rest of the world owes them a debt of gratitude. I admire your son and husband for serving. Thank God they are well. We, as loyal Americans, should speak out more in our support of the men and women who serve. God Bless America!

  6. I read your words and I felt so proud. Then I felt like I would be ill...then I cried. Lucky? That is probably the most understated word in the whole of it. Then I think God puts us where he needs us. He uses us how He needs to, and He calls us home when the time is right...Luck? The Grace of God may not be pretty, it may be painful, but Grace it still is. I hope that we will continue to have the courage to speak up for all those unable to speak up for themselves. And I am so proud to be an American.

  7. Today I have a strange & eerie feeling haunting me, a sadness deep within. Thank your husband & son for fighting for our freedom. I have a nephew who has been to Iraq twice, God Bless all of the service men & women.

    Your post was extremely well written. I got goosebumps reading it. We take our freedom for granted & we really shouldn't....

  8. Thinking of you all this day in America, thinking of us all across the world x

  9. What a wonderful post!!! I TOTALLY agree with you.

  10. You go girl! I agree so much. You know this has been on my heart. I tell you what im sick of is the news that keeps bringing up the pictures and news.They seem to be giving Glory to the ones that cause our problems. Lets give the good news of what we are doing! show pictures of all our loved ones and give praise instead of rehashing the same old crap!

  11. You said:
    "Today, six years later, however, I fear we've lost much of what we had gained. We've forgotten why our men and women are overseas fighting for us. Much of the war has been turned into political fodder."

    Amen!!! I've just spent the afternoon watching the History channel sort this all out...finger pointing...who is really to blame??

    It doesn't matter...it happened...we are making sure others know not to mess with us in the future!!

    Thank you for your thoughts!!

  12. Thank you sweetie...thank you to your husband and son. Thank you for your eloquent post.

    All I can say is thank you...and send a huge hug!

    The quote you posted is a favorite of mine...


  13. Kari
    I am remembering everyone who has suffered at the hands of cruel evil people tonight

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I totally agree with your post. And I wish I could have reasoned my feelings out so well. I'm just going to "steal" your words and use them as mine when I refer to this event.
    My son-in-law has served 2 tours of duty in Iraq as a Lt in the field of intelligence with the Marines. He has seen the atrocity of war, he has felt the fear of death. And I thank him, your husband, your son, and all of our wonderful troops who continue to fight for our right to live with such awesome freedom.
    I also agree with a previous reader that God places us where we are for a reason--and if you will look back into the Old Testament, you will be able to track the sons of Ishmael to these foreign lands who terrorize others. They have done so since the beginning of time, and I don't believe they will stop. Still, those of us who believe in peace, love, and the grace of God will continue to fight not just for ourselves, but for all of humanity. After all, the greatest example to man, Jesus, did the same.

  15. Hey.. I was just laying here thinking.Kari can't stop in Bossier. If she comes threw Hattiesburg she has to wait and stop here! We could meet and have a meal.Anytime you come this way you always have a friend.

  16. The day our world changed will never be forgotten. Many Canadians had family and friends working in the Twin Towers so we truly shared the fear and horror our fellow American compatriots were going through. I called my son in Toronto...he works near the CN Tower and they had been evacuated because they had deemed that area one of the spots most likely for terrorists to strike if the carnage continued. I agree with everything you said in your post...there is NO SUCH THING as contained evil. It affects all of us. You truly hit the nail on the head when you said we are LUCKY to be where we are because of the men and women who fought for us and will continue to fight terrorism. xox

  17. Thank you for this entry! And thank you for commenting in someone else's blog, so I could read your comment there, and come here and find a kindred spirit. Wow! Thank you.

    Who am I? A 'Nana' who shows her soft side in what I call "Pretty Blog Land." But I have another side also. One that's been dubbed my 'G.I.Nanci' side. {You can read my blog entry here, which sort-of shows it, in an infrequent not-soft-blog-entry, in 'Pretty Blog Land'. -smile-}

    I take this opportunity to thank your husband and son, for their service to our country. And I thank you too! Not only the Warriors serve. Their loved ones do too. Thank you.


  18. Kari~ you above all earned the right to speak up when you kissed your husband and your son goodby. I agree... you said it all so well.
    This is a day that the world remembers!
    Pss~ Bill comes home from work and says 'you won't believe this email I got today'.... You are a mess!
    I love it ((hugs))

  19. Well said. I don't think any of us will forget where and how we felt that day. And Sandi was right, you did earn the right to speak with your husband and son in the military. And so good about all we have to be grateful for living here in the USA.

  20. You go girl! I agree with you 100%. Your post was beautifully written and so truthful.

    I am very proud of our military. I appreciate so much all they do for all of us.

    You must be so proud of your husband and son. I am.


  21. Well I am w/you dear. my post has the same title

  22. what a day, what a post.

    Well said!

    I was stopping by to say thanks for entering the contest and good luck...now I will say you are right! Thank God and those men and women (including your guys!) for our freedoms. I pray we do NOT need ANOTHER wake up call to get any of it back!


  23. I also have been so thankful to have been born in a free country and within that country, have a roof and food and safety. I wish so much that everyone could have those things, everywhere...in every country. What a world that would be then.


  24. I agree with everything said here. God Bless your husband and son they are heros. God Bless all of our troops and all effecte by this war. It was raw , sad but true when you said while we here in America are planning our deorateing and the Holidays ahead I bow my head in gratitude to God for granting me all this peace and joy I live in here in America. I agree with you, I don,t know why my soul was born into this body into this land but I thank God for it and ask him to never let me take it for granted. God Bless all our troops. God Bless the USA! sherry



  26. No one better than you to do this beautiful heartful honest post.
    Please tell your son and husband how proud we are of them, too.
    Ok, I am so confused you said that it wasn't your birthday the other day and now everyone keep saying it, so just in case:
    Happy Birthday!!! LOL

  27. what a beautifully written post on your thoughts and feelings! I appreciated reading them!


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