Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And the Winner Is.....

Okay, I don't know if I'll ever do another giveaway because, as I was putting everybody's name in the hat (or the Superman basket, as the case may be), I kept saying "oh, I hope she wins" and then on the very next one, "oh, I hope she wins" and so on and so on. Basically, preparing to draw a "winner" made me feel like I was actually preparing to slight too many other people. lol Hmmm....I guess we're back to that whole "Kari needs a therapist" thing, huh? But that's for another day. Right now, let's pretend I'm sane and get on with the drawing. I had my youngest son, Jacob, do the honors. How funny that he was wearing that shirt! Never let it be said that my kids don't dress appropriately. lol (OH.MY.GOSH. My 15 year old son is wearing a shirt that says "Your Lucky Day" and I'm so flaky I think he's dressed appropriately! Would you believe me if I said he only wore this to do the drawing? Yes? No? Fine. So I'm a lousy Mom. At least he's not wearing his autographed Hooters shirt). We used Jake's Superman basket (mainly because I couldn't find the Darth Vader bucket that I know is around here somewhere!). Jake took his drawing duties very seriously. Or maybe he was still half asleep. Whatever. He dug around in there, finally let his fingers decide on a winner, and the winner is........................................
Carmen! Carmen, since I already have your address (not because this was rigged, o' ye' of the suspicious mind, but because we're preparing for our Christmas card lists!), I will get your package wrapped and off into the mail as soon as possible! Congratulations and thank you all for entering! It warms the heart to know that so many of you love Christmas stuff as much as I do. And now - I'm off to Granbury again! (Yeah, I'm pretty excited about that!). I've got my camera all ready to take some more pictures - I'm so hoping the stores have their Autumn decorations out in full force! Congratulations again, Carmen!


  1. Congrats Carmen! Thanks for doing this Kari! It really was a nice giveaway. Also is today your birthday? I am kind of confused which is not unusual for me but if it is Happy Birthday.:-)

  2. Dear Kari, What a nice idea. It's also nice to start looking ahead to the holidays after the sadness of yesterday. Stephanie

  3. Woohoo, you go Carmen!! Congrats!

    And btw....Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Little Girl...we have a littel something we are preparing to pop into the mail, and won't need that damned UPS for this one, gonna have to depend on the good old US of A Pony Express Rider...I have all the faith in the world in his horsemanship. Note I said preparing, Uncle Wally is actually preparing it and you know how slow he can be, so don't hold your breath, k? Let's say it'll be there by Thanksgiving lol
    Congrats to that Lucky Girl Carmen who stole my prize...oh well, I'll win one of these things someday...when I least expect it lol
    Love to everyone, even the boys who showed their true honesty by not rigging the drawing.
    Aunt Sandi

  5. Hmm, I know, little is spelled little, not littel...what was I thinking?

  6. Congratulations to me!!!!!!



    P.S. Sorry ladies ;-)
    well kind of, LOL

  7. happy real birthday today Kari best wishes from a beautiful sunny UK Mary

  8. Congratulations Carmen & happy birthday Kari!

    UKQOC was a fix..that USQOC is just getting her own back on me for the Christmas lights I found...wait until I show her my 1950's roses set that I found a while ago...hahaha!

  9. Congratulations to Carmen!

    Your Jake is a 'cutie' btw. And I have a Grand named Jacob and he's a 'cutie' too. Although a much younger version, at only 7. ,-)

    Don't know what/where Granbury is, but it sounds like fun. Hope you have a great time.


  10. Since I didn't win, then I'm glad it was Carmen!! hehe I'm soooo happy for her, she is one of my all time favourite bloggers:-) Congratulations to her!! Is today your birthday???? People are supposed to tell me these things!!! Happy Birthday:-) xox

  11. Congrats to Carment and Happy Birthday to you!


  12. Congrats to Carmen!! She is gonna be getting a buncha super treasures for sure!!

    Jacob is a hottie!! Now that is a seriousuly cute guy! Forget Troy in HSM1 and 2!! Jacob is waaay better!!

    Is he blushing yet???


  13. Happy Birthday!!!! (I've still got 24 minutes to say it in my time zone!) I hope you had a wonderful day.

  14. Hope you had a great birthday and feel good Mary

  15. Ah Congrats to Carmen! What a fab prize to have won!
    Kari, I loved your list of things that make you smile you left on my blog, it made me smile reading it! Your blog always makes me smile! And I so know how you felt when you said you felt bad for people that didn't win your giveaway! That's how I feel about passing on the Blogger awards! I'd like to give them to everyone!
    It's lovely and sunny here, and soon I MUST try and catch up on the dreaded housework (but of course no cooking!)Hope you have a good day, how many hours behind me are you by the way? x

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you have (had?-am confusing myself with the time difference here!) an amazing Birthday!!!! I wonder what you will be doing on your special day?
    Anyway, here's a HUGE birthday greeting from England (your adopted, spiritual home) xxxxxxxxxx

  17. Congrats to Carmen, and many 'appy returns on your birthday, Kari! Hope it was a plummy one!

    Hugs from Ohio ~ save it for when you're not having a hot flash, so it'll be a more comfortable hug for you!

  18. Whew. All caught up around here. I saw the sparkly things, the trees, the cute son, the breakfast (so I'm not the only one with a mean streak hehe...)and the chastity belt...and the birthday prizes!
    I didn't get you anything! There's some Star Wars something or other out in the garage...


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